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Date of publication:2004-4   Press: Higher Education Press   Author:Xu Shitong  

Illustration: sexually transmitted diseases, the harm is very great, is very wide! First of all, sexually transmitted diseases, serious harm to human body, not only causes the reproductive organ disease, also can invade other organs and tissues, causing a variety of complications and sequelae, result in disability or life threatening. Sexually transmitted diseases, viral may also induce cancer, loss of fertility and involving the next generation. AIDS is a highly fatal disease, and so far, there is no ideal treatment method, the greater harm to human. Secondly, sexually transmitted diseases not only harm the patient's physical health, but also harm the mental health. In the clinical cases, the vast majority of patients after illness, as nervous, anxiety, irritability, restlessness, insomnia, inferiority, heavy-hearted and cynicism, and some are even afraid to go home, afraid to face his family, to be a dead. Thus, the venereal disease is obvious on mental harm to the patient. Furthermore, sexually transmitted diseases, not only for the patient, but also poses a serious harm to family, society. Disease often cause a couple of affection between husband and wife, sincere, love will no longer exist; estranged family, social intercourse decreased sharply, influence people's work, study and life; no mood and energy to maintain family and social atmosphere of harmony. Personality,The idea of jade and stone burned together, is not conducive to the stability and unity of the society. For example, some AIDS patients "in evildoing" and even the social revenge behavior is not uncommon. Can say, appear sexually transmitted diseases and popular, not only pollute the environment and endanger the society, the national thriving and prosperous, we must attach great importance to. Four, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases against sexually transmitted diseases, as the prevention of other infectious diseases, is mainly directed against the three necessary conditions for its popular process happened -- the source of infection, transmission and susceptible population, take comprehensive measures. As for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, it should be combined with its different characteristics, respectively, to take targeted measures. Comprehensive measures to prevent sexually transmitted diseases are: (a) to strengthen the management of infectious sources prohibition of prostitution, drug. To strengthen the management, public places of entertainment.

This book since its publication in 1995, the teachers and students in the normal universities must; besides, Peking University is a comprehensive university, and other colleges and universities, the book of elective courses, widely to college students, sexual health education, that we are much inspired by this, I wish to express our heartfelt, thanks! This revision, remain the first edition of the writing purpose and principles. According to our teaching practice and comprehensive views of all parties, revision of the book arrangement made some important adjustment. Is mainly about the physiological structure and function of the original content of the first chapter of part organ, and the third chapter of life and health and the fourth chapter of sexual dysfunction, integrated into a chapter "new sexual physiology and sexual health", so that more tightly between each problem, to make the system more, helps the students understand and master the. Considering that the book is mainly to teach the basic knowledge about the science of college students, the new progress of scientific processing, focuses only on some reflection. Because of China's "marriage law" and "criminal law" have been modified, so the "revised crime" and other content accordingly rewritten. Some of the content of non book shall focus on problems, such as stem cells, cloning, according to the views of all parties, in order to meet the requirements of non biological majors, especially combined with the brief narration or the fine print to print. As for the basic knowledge about pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, the original non Book requirements, but because the students they will soon be facing fertility problems, urge to understand, we in the "developmental" chapter, the fine print to briefly the basic knowledge of the field. In order to meet the requirement of teaching reform, the revision of key terms of book attached English. All of these, the appropriateness of teachers and students, please enlighten. The revised book, invited Professor Xiao Peng cooperation. Our division is responsible for: Xu Shitong the revised plan and the draft, and the revised introduction, second chapters, the sixth chapter and the three chapter second, section three; Ying Qi is responsible for revising the first chapter and the seventh chapter; Xiao Peng is responsible for the revision of fourth chapter, fifth chapter and the three chapter of first.
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The introduction section and a biological, biological reproduction way development two, sexual reproduction of the biological significance of human three, second section of learning science, learning science, meaning two of the scientific content and learning objective three, learning science guiding ideology the first chapter of the first section of the male sex organs organ one, two, second in the external genital genital female sex organs, genitalia of two, three, second chapter of breast inside genital sexual physiology and health in the first section of the endocrine glands function and the menstrual cycle, male gonadal endocrine function two, female gonadal endocrine function three, gonadal function four, menstrual regulation the second day cycle life, activity two, capacity third sexual dysfunction, male sexual dysfunction two, female sexual dysfunction fourth sexual health, sexual life mental health two, the frequency of sexual life, sexual life three control four, sexual life and sexual organ health section fifth fertility with aging, the fertility of a two The third chapter, aging development section fetal organ development, pregnancy, pregnancy and childbirth, sex determination and sex differentiation of two three, abnormal sexual differentiation and sexual deformity in four, students second adolescent sexual development, sexual development in a male two, female sexual development three, the onset of puberty, the mechanism of the four adolescent problems related section third abnormal sexual development, developmental delay, the fourth chapter two precocious sexual transmitted diseases fifth chapter of sixth chapter of moral and psychological education of crime seventh chapter main reference books @##@ appendix "Science and education" (Second Edition) includes sexual organs, sexual physiology and sexual health, sexual development. Sexually transmitted diseases, sexual psychology, sexual morality and sexual crime, education, and introduces the health, family planning and other knowledge of eugenics. This book focuses on the aspects of education about sexual health of adolescents, in the first edition of the content arrangement made an important adjustment, the progress of science and the students were eager to know about family planning and other aspects of knowledge as the key or brief description, data as material in our country, to make the book more in line with China's national conditions, the system is stronger, more convenient for teachers' teaching and students' understanding. This book can be used as all kinds of high school students sex education and health education in teaching. Teachers and education workers, can also be used as a primary and secondary school training materials and reference books, and self-study books with above average levels of youth culture.
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"Science and education" this revision, invited Professor Xiao Peng cooperation. Our division is responsible for: Xu Shitong the revised plan and the draft, and the revised introduction, second chapters, the sixth chapter and the three chapter second, section three; Ying Qi is responsible for revising the first chapter and the seventh chapter; Xiao Peng is responsible for the revision of fourth chapter, fifth chapter and the three chapter of first.
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