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Date of publication:2007-7   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Xu Xiaoyang editor  

Medicine is an important part of the modern medical system. For medical students, to establish a complete system of medical knowledge, health education and medical knowledge training, system science is essential. At present, many in the clinical work of the medical staff have sexual problems in patients, often feel responsibility and pressure. There are two main reasons: one is the traditional ethics and deliberately avoided because of their own, two had not received the education of sexual knowledge and helpless, incapable of action. Therefore, the medical college students knowledge of medical education and training system is imminent, is not only their own physical and mental health needs, but also the need of future occupation. Therefore, teaching office of the Ministry of health from the actual medical education of our country, some medical experts domestic organizations jointly developed a "medical" planning materials. The book by the editor in chief is responsible for the preparation of outline and co-ordination, and the editorial collective discussion teaching structure and contents, is divided into thirteen chapters, describes the medical history, biology, psychology foundation, foundation of social foundation, each stage of the life cycle of sex and sexual dysfunction, psychological disorder, sexual counseling and therapy practice, and disease, and drug and sexually transmitted diseases, the same sex also gave special attention. The use of teaching materials for the main medical college clinical reproductive medicine, also can be used as the population and family planning work, clinical medical treatment and reference data for health education of colleges and universities.
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The first chapter is the introduction section of medical concepts, the concept of a "sex" two, science and medicine three, about the "system" concept second Western medical history, science foundation and psychology two, science development and behavior, learning stage three mature and therapy of stage third day Chinese medical development, outline a China ancient medicine two, China medical development status of fourth medical research object and the research content, medical research object two, medical research contents of the second chapter of the biological basis of the first day the anatomy and physiology of an organ male sexual organs, anatomy and physiology, two of the female sex organs anatomy and physiology second day response and sexual behavior, sexual arousal response in two, the sexual response cycle three, hormone and sex psychology basis third chapter first human psychological concepts and the basic components of a psychological concept, nature, two the basic components of second day human psychological psychological essence third day human sexual behavior, two, a summary of the human sexual behavior classification and characteristics of three, human sexual behavior is four, five, loving caresses masturbation Six, sexual fantasy and dream fourth health, two, a concept of health standards three, promote human health the fourth chapter of the sociological foundation section of a concept, the social factors of two, in social activities in the second quarter performance of culture, cultural connotation, two China ancient cultural festival third morality and ethics, morality, ethics section fourth two illegal behavior and illegal behavior, illegal behavior two, illegal behavior of the fifth chapter of each stage in the life cycle of the first section of a childhood, infants, preschool and school two early in three, preschool children's sex education in four, early school-age children education section second adolescent sex a concept of adolescence, adolescence, two features three, adolescent sexual behavior of third birth age, contraception and a two, pregnancy and sex...... The sixth chapter seventh chapter ninth same sex sexual dysfunction in the eighth chapter the psychological barriers chapter consulting tenth chapters for Chapter eleventh drugs and sexual function in Chapter twelfth English nouns of common diseases and sexual function in the thirteenth chapter of sexually transmitted diseases control
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