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Date of publication:2011-12   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Edited by Zhou Jihai   Pages´╝Ü222  

In order to let will marry young men and women have a physiological and psychological preparation, expected the couple through the book learning, can make life more happy marriage; "eugenics" is each couple are very concerned about the issue, this book provides a eugenic aspects of systematic science knowledge to the reader; "contraception" is based on the principle and conditions of conception was married not prepared to immediately to the children of the couple, with the drug, tools or methods of operation, so that they reach the temporary or permanent not conceive method.
Catalogue of books

One, getting ready for marriage.
(a) before marriage should be psychosomatic communicated with
(two) to understand the structure and function of
reproductive organ structure and function of
2 female 1 male genital organs of their reproductive organs (three)
the premarital examination should be consciously row of each pair of lovers of the dynamic
1 pre marital check the significance of
2 premarital check the contents of the
(four) incest affected offspring
(five) how to determine the
1 holiday wedding There are both advantages and disadvantages.
2 wedding should be negotiated
3 marriage preparation time to determine the full
4 married should avoid the menstrual period
5 chance to determine the factors considered eugenic
6 wedding and determination of the seasonal
7 travel time to get married to select
(six) all the pros and cons of wedding ceremony and
2 collective wedding banquet wedding
3 Tourism wedding
4 "double one" wedding
5 tea wedding
(seven) marital health guidance
1 premarital physical examination
2. marriage moral education
3. male and female reproductive organ anatomical and physiological knowledge learning
4 sexual physiology and sexual health knowledge learning
5 new education guide
two, newly married honeymoon health
(a) sexuality and sexual behavior is the human instinct of
(two) the wedding night life
(three) male and female sexual response characteristics and differences between the
1 sexual excitement "male Happy girl slowly"
2 reaching orgasm "male to female"
between male and female 3 sexy area also has similarities and differences between
4 orgasm and ejaculation with men and women is not the same
(four) a harmonious sex life
1 strong feelings, love and caring each other is the harmonious sex based
2 correct understanding of the nature, to eliminate the influence of feudal ideology.
3 according to the characteristics and differences between male and female sexual response, master the art of harmonious sexual life of
hymen sex positions of various
1 male female slave
2 female on male slave
3 face side
4 facing the back on the
six, sexually transmitted diseases
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Will marry young men and women and couples need to know before and after marriage related health problems and health care knowledge related to marriage, family life more happy, happy. The reading of Zhou Jihai's health "(Fourth Edition)" the main contents include getting ready for marriage, the wedding honeymoon in health, sexual dysfunction, a healthy and clever child, the couple's contraception and sexually transmitted disease prevention. A comprehensive introduction to the before and after marriage related health problems and related health knowledge, "getting ready for marriage" put forward many useful suggestions from the aspects of hygiene and health science.
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