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In life, each person every day to encounter a lot of things, solve a lot of things, life is down, really a lot have to experience things. These things can be big or small, some people a lifetime, some easily forgotten. However, some things, everyone must know, can not be forgotten, it's about my body that thing. Do not say anything else, just taller, fatter, long hair, long acne...... The physical growth and development of the things, you count? You do know is how one thing? Is the so-called "know yourself as well as the enemy, know yourself", whether man or woman, need to know your own body, care of their body, so, in order to achieve "win in diseases". The woman's life, it is difficult bumpy, maintenance, size, growth...... Are all things, and from the girl to the mother, and then to "upgrade" for the grandchildren grandma, each age has troubles; man is the same, only men usually because thought strong body or ignored pressure, psychological factors, neglect of prevention, to turn a deaf ear to the body of the thing, the time of small things ignore, which lead to big things, small things become disease illness outcome. So, in fact, everyone can be a "prime minister" -- your body "prime minister". Every day, listening to the body of the report, the body was up those things to be concerned about, analysis, make timely strategic plan, formulate "national policy" -- conditioning diet, sleep, exercise, a good "foreign" -- quit alcohol limit, select the appropriate skin care products, accessories, clothing, help the body from diseases, protecting the health of the body, ensure that a happy life! So, from now on, in order to healthy living, more concerned about those things the body!
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The first chapter care about women in 1 women with vaginitis, take care of your body "boobs" trouble giving himself a pair of bodybuilding breast care baby's "golden rice bowl" -- or "scrub" breast vaginal medication every day, different not suppress urine -- alert adult incontinence who incur -- love me with all the time request of uterine pelvic uterine you, female second life let a woman be confused in mind the 2 cervical erosion women grew up the only way which must be passed troubled "woman" special day, selected the sanitary towel of the beginning for gynecological diseases, bitter woman, to her husband and accountability in desperation, abortion or a drug? Contraception, afraid of Kung Fu frequent urination, constipation, backache...... Come and help the pregnant mother mother, as clear as noonday do B ultrasound delivery or cesarean section postpartum diet, think twice "Zuxun" menopause live young flavor second chapter caring man thing 1 men, please take care of your body to the hospital to give up smoking to protect Mimi, men have the responsibility of "hero" is about "short foreskin small, a lot of problems to the vas deferens: I cut the testis, sperm production" factory "readme chronic prostatitis prostate, the sperm to me 2 men adored notes inside the semen sperm when seen through Ziqiang three asked men. Masturbation is excessive, no end of trouble for the future is not old first decline, the original is menopause play men's ED trouble" seeder "to cease abruptly! "Lifeblood" for men in sexual intercourse "," new version, pretty bad science fun activities, play and He Fangdi the three chapter body beautiful things 1 little face wash -- not everyone will hate acne skin, can tolerate "pores" shine for people too eyelashes team to wrinkles said "not" lipstick and Lip Lipstick, lip or hurt the lips? Charming smile, from perfect teeth, 2 perfect figure clever movement liposuction lose weight, want to thin thin? "Gold armor" breast beauty is not the General belly smaller waist 3 carefully maintained milk story, beautiful legends men can also be "tender" sunscreen, whether you be busy every day shampoo, hair qualitative difference? Take care of yourself and don't let the beautiful shoes ugly leg tattoo beauty, beauty is not early treatment deodorization: let you no longer smell
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-- a lifetime love I request the womb? Modern women's uterine health worrying. Women in the different period of growth and development, protect the uterus emphasis are different, but there is a little different: each period must pay attention to hygiene. Uterine said dear female friends, Hello, I'm the uterus. As your body is an important organ, I silently, bears a heavy responsibility for life. But, you are usually only focus on the external appearance is beautiful, the body is healthy, often ignore me, which made me very sad. In fact, I also need your care! Some statistics and reports of human beings, let my future more and more concerns -- women over the age of 30 about 30% patients with uterine fibroids, about 20% patients with functional uterine bleeding. Cervical cancer is one of China's ten major cancers in women, all kinds of malignant tumors, second only to the incidence of breast cancer in second. At present, China's women each year due to uterine diseases need to do surgery more than 1000000 people. Uterine diseases has become one of the biggest killer of female health. So, I ask you: to each other's health, for the next generation, will you love me for a lifetime! Children: when you are in the two months to 12 years old children, the body is the rapid growth stage, reproductive system also gradually to mature, but the slow development of I, still infantilism. Therefore, you should pay attention to nutrition, work and rest. Plenty of sleep and exercise, can not only improve immunity, enhance the body resistance to disease, but also an important means to promote the growth and development, is to ensure the normal development of the material basis of me. Don't think you are still in the juvenile period, will not suffer from the disease of Department of gynaecology invasion, children also suffer from vulvitis, vaginitis, such as. Ill treatment must be timely, otherwise, because I'm an outward opening, bacteria seizes the opportunity to invade, cause uterine inflammation. Adolescence: menarche,Means that you have entered the growth of adolescent. Puberty you, like a bud just ready to burst bud. Estrogen secretion is very strong, can reach 8-10 times of childhood, the rapid development of body and reproductive organ. But now I still have not fully mature, is relatively weak, still need to be careful. This requires you to pay attention to hygiene especially menstrual health, prevent inflammation of vulva, vagina, the normal development of the I and the reproductive system, is very important. The girl feelings is always a poem, first awakening interest in the opposite sex can be understood, but I strongly opposed premature relates to your sex life, it will bring immeasurable has not yet fully reproductive system development mature damage. Trauma, bleeding and infection, especially after a pregnancy by artificial abortion operation, easy cause I and annex inflammation, makes you suffering from infertility greatly increases the probability of future. In recent years, nonmarital teenage pregnancy rate increased significantly, resulting in increased abortion, especially short-term repeatedly performed induced abortion or drug abortion, privately, to my hurt more. In addition, the immature I, at this time also can't bear ability of life, if delivery you during this period, dystocia and lead to rupture of the very high probability. Please be careful. Sexual maturity (growth period): then you like flowers in full bloom, reproductive system has been mature. Of course I also mature. However, at this time to disease invasion opportunities also increased significantly, the protection of my not have the slightest bit of slack. It is advisable to perform regular gynecological examination, found problems in a timely manner. First of all, when you get along swimmingly with each other and the beloved person when sexual life, should pay attention to hygiene, don't bitter in the sweet moment for! Because feculent sexual behavior will make various pathogens enter, except as may be caused by a variety of related diseases, can also cause cervicitis, endometritis, and pelvic inflammatory disease. Secondly, mention "abortion", I am afraid with. Stream of people to me, means severe trauma, even though I have matured, repeated abortion, it could lead to infection and injury, which occurred after the probability of infertility is greatly improved. Drug abortion prone to incomplete abortion, causing massive bleeding. This is a serious threat to my life. When the egg and the sperm meet, I also ushered in the most glorious mission -- one of pregnancy and childbirth. Three months in the first three months of pregnancy and after, you should avoid sexual intercourse, otherwise damage not only me, and your baby. Antenatal care, is an important measure to ensure the safety of the mother of the regular prenatal care. Once the vaginal fluid or hemorrhage and abnormal situation, go to hospital for examination and treatment at any time. Fetus and fetal prone to giving birth, so, even if there is no abnormal situation, regular prenatal care is also very necessary. In order to ensure delivery smoothly, please go to regular hospital delivery. If the health condition is not good, easily lead to postpartum uterine infection, when delivery is difficult or prolonged labor, do not abuse of oxytocin, this is very dangerous, often can cause uterine rupture. In October, the baby to be born, I was relieved. But, after all, under the load after ten months, to return to pre pregnancy state, not only need time, need your cooperation. Scientific confinement, reasonable diet, to ensure adequate rest and moderate exercise, these are useful measures of maternal. Breast feeding, because the baby sucking breast movement is conducive to the promotion of postpartum uterine contraction, help the restoration of pelvic ligament, to avoid recurrence of prolapse of the uterus and other sequelae. Menopause and menopause: 45 ~ 55 years old you, are in the menopause. You sigh looks old, my health is also a year than a year. Menopause, because of ovarian function recession, will become irregular menstrual bleeding, less time, duration and length, until the complete cessation of menstruation, then called the menopause. During this period, I experienced many groundless talk, tired, tired, with the decline of ovarian function, reduce the content of estrogen in the body, I am more vulnerable. This period is also a high stage of malignant tumor, good living habits such as a reasonable diet, increase of protein, vitamin and mineral intake, adequate sleep, appropriate exercise is very important. Regular gynecological examination, is conducive to the early detection of malignant tumor. Many of the symptoms of estrogen supplementation slows the menopause, estrogen can make the probability of occurrence of malignant tumor increased, so, estrogen replacement therapy could not be applied. When necessary, under the guidance of a doctor and regular monitoring, strictly in accordance with the provisions of the use of. After menopause, into the old stage gradually, the body gradually occurs age-related changes. The reproductive organs gradually atrophic, I inevitably atrophy -- cervical and uterine atrophy, endocervical endometrial atrophy, no mucus plug protection, endometrial thinning, easy to infection and the formation of endometritis, and even the formation of pyometra. Therefore, you should pay special attention to genital health during this period. The abnormal situation, such as vaginal unexplained fluid or bleeding, should be timely to the hospital for check processing. After listening to the uterus, believe the female friends to care for the uterus each time a certain understanding, to sum up, you need to pay attention to in the process of care of uterus: 1 children: nutrition, health is very important 2 adolescence: No 3 sexual maturity to life (stage): regular gynecological check 4 menopause and menopause: not abuse hormone.
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"The body those things: sexual health knowledge," men, women and skin care beauty together, forming a "bisexual body those things" series, volume, aims to help people to correctly understand the male, the female body in each stage of easy problems and coping style and daily skin care, beauty knowledge. For health, even if "it, too late", but you should to the loss of "sheep" and "with the patch sheepfold" pay the price. As the saying goes "know yourself as well as the enemy, know yourself", only to see their own health, disease, see see, those things always pay attention, careful treatment of the body, you can in a field of health in the war to defend and disease cure disease, victory. The development of human society today, material civilization and spiritual civilization has reached an unprecedented height, increase of quality of life at the same time, the pace of life is becoming more and more quickly, the various pressure came, time to test people's ability to withstand. However, we can create a variety of prosperity, but still can not change the objective law of life and death, disease and death can never be completely eliminated. In life, if you can have a healthy most of the time, is one of the most powerful competitive strength, after all, a healthy body is the prerequisite for success. ? listen to our body's cry! When your body in the taste of bitter sour, feeling the passions, it may have been overloaded; when your body is trying to maintain a day in and day out of operation, but also from viruses, bacteria attack, but also eliminate smoke, automobile exhaust, chemical fertilizer and pesticide the birth of the cancer cells, but also resist the alcohol, high fat diet caused the hardening of the arteries, cirrhosis of the liver, but also to restore the overworked hard work brings...... Its final in which it would be awkward to disclose? On the rack one's brains, rather than early care for the body, prevent disease that makes you difficult to talk. ? body development is a part of life development indispensable, but it is often in people's ignorance of youth, it has passed. ? Neiwaijianxiu health beauty, can let a man as powerful as Schwarzenegger, a woman beautiful match Marilyn Monroe. Don't let the noise of the city? Cover your body's voice, don't let the life and career of transaction delay things your body. Reading this? "The body those things carefully not: gender roll", really do not know how many parts of the body; the body read "those things carefully not: gender roll", really do not know the body will experience so much in a healthy way. ? each page has a health message, short, very practical. If you really know the truth, if you face a variety of not speak in detail, the health information appear wrong not know what course to take, please turn to the next page, "the body those things" will bring you into a new, scientific and healthy life.
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