Effects of boron pollution on male reproductive health

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The human body health problems caused by environmental pollution, more and more attention, especially those of toxic and harmful pollutants, through the various environmental media and the food chain and eventually enter the human body, not only has the "three letter" (teratogenic, carcinogenic, mutagenic) toxicity, and reproductive toxicity and immune toxicity. Research in this area in China is relatively weak, needs to be strengthened. Boron pollution and male reproductive health relationships have been studied in foreign countries, the results contradict each other. In America national occupation safety health research funded by the University of California at Los Angeles, USA cooperation and Chinese environmental monitoring station to carry out the "study of boron pollution effects on the" male reproductive health. The two sides experts sincerelyCooperation, complementary advantages, sharing of results. The study in domestic and foreign academic journals published more than 20 papers, there are some papers to be published. Through this study, the two sides trained 5 ph.d..

"B" pollution effects on male reproductive health comprehensive scientific data the main outcome of the study team and a large number of authors, completed the first draft, and made a number of changes. In 2007 November submitted "abbreviation" boron pollution effects on male reproductive health of this, through the appraisal expert. Especially the academician Wang Wenxing, academician Cai Daoji, academician Ren Zhenhai, Jiang Guibin, Li Guogang, He Xingzhou, Zhang Jinliang, Qiu Changchun, Li Fasheng, Li Hongjun and other researchers put forward many valuable suggestions. In order to give researchers provide a detailed study for reference, the authors again to modify and improve, written "boron pollution effects on male reproductive health". The leaders and experts on the work of the care, guidance and help, to express our heartfelt thanks! "Boron pollution on male reproductive health effects" reflects the design plan, research methodology and carry out substantive international cooperation, if there is some reference to the researchers involved, our aim is to publish "boron pollution effects on male reproductive health.". Through years of research and practice, especially some important research topic, to my great scientific research is also an art of regret. Beginning the subject design sought to be perfect, but in the implementation process will find a lot of ideas are inconsistent with the actual, need to constantly adjust and modify; in summary, will find the study has some defects and omissions, due to time and financial constraints, can not be supplemented or redo, leaving regret. But the research work for the future more lessons and experience. Due to our professional background and level of restrictions, "B" pollution effects on male reproductive health exist many inadequacies, and even wrong, ask you gentlemen and reader criticism. Hope to have the cross and integration, more disciplines to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, joint research, joint effort, to make a better achievement in the research of environment and health.
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The first chapter the research background, progress and objectives of the 1.1 project research background at home and abroad in 1.2 boron pollution, biological effects on the 1.3 research objectives and expected results of the second chapter of research design and investigation, measurement methods 2.1 research project is designed 2.2 environmental and industrial survey and sample collection 2.3 study area and object 2.4 epidemiological survey of 2.5 individual exposure and biological samples sampling plan 2.6 individual exposure sample collection and processing 2.7 individual biological sample collection and processing of the 2.8 male reproductive system health of 2.9 environmental and biological samples in laboratory detection of the third chapter is the analysis of the quality assurance and quality control and database building 3.1 questionnaire survey of 3.2 quality control samples and transport in the process of quality control of 3.3 male reproductive system in medical quality control laboratory test and analysis of 3.4 samples of 3.5 quality control database and check the fourth chapter analysis method of statistical data of 4.1 descriptive statistics 4.2 abnormal value elimination of 4.3 single factor analysis and 4.4 factors analysis of 4.5 cluster analysis on male reproductive health effects of the fifth chapter environment medium of boron in the monitoring and results analysis of 5.1 The distribution of boron in 5.2 soil and food distribution of boron in 5.3 air particles of boron content in the sixth chapter 5.4 summary of individual boron exposure level survey and evaluation of the 6.1 pre research of two measurement comparability of data to test 6.2 boron intake evaluation of 6.3 human body fluid concentration of boron boron 6.4 enters the human body after excretion of 6.5 boron intake and individual factors on biological samples of boron level influence 6.6 bovine material samples and daily boron intake the quantitative relationship between the seventh chapter 6.7 summary of boron exposure biomarker screening and application of 7.1 human boron exposure biomarker preferably 7.2 with biomarker to evaluate the whetstone exposure level 7.3 summary chapter eighth epidemiological survey the analysis and evaluation of 8.1 Logistic regression model the covariate distribution 8.2 boron exposure on the spontaneous abortion rate 8.3 effect of boron exposure on male sterility rate 8.4 effect of boron exposure on ectopic pregnancy, fetal death and stillbirth and fetal 8.5 effect of boron exposure on adverse reproductive health event index of 8.6 boron exposure on female gender ratio effects of 8.7 studied the efficacy of 8.8 summary chapter ninth semen indexes and evaluation of 9.1 semen parameters measurement than And select 9.2 boron exposure and semen parameters of 9.3 boron exposure on semen comprehensive index of 9.4 exposure effect changes with time of 9.5 sperm morphological test results of 9.6 of the tenth chapter chromosome aneuploidy, DNA damage and serum reproductive hormone analysis of 10.1 sperm chromosome aneuploidy analysis results of the 10.2 SCSA test results of 10.3 TUNEL test results of 10.4 comet assay results and evaluation of 10.5 serum reproductive hormone analysis and evaluation of the eleventh chapter 10.6 summary of human body the other 12 elements intake and metabolism of 11.1 human serum and semen of 12 kinds of element content of 11.2 elements in human semen and semen quality indexes 11.3 summary twelfth chapter conclusion and suggestion of 12.1 main research results 12.2 conclusion: 12.3 the research innovation 12.4 appendix I questionnaire appendix II in environmental and biological samples of laboratory testing method of appendix III male scientific examination table
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To design this study summarizes the research achievements abroad and the problems existing in the design of the overall second chapter research design and investigation, measurement methods 2.1 research program. The results of animal experiments show that, boric acid and borax has acute toxicity, chronic toxicity and reproductive toxicity to the animal. On the one hand, that the boron compounds is a sensitive animal's reproductive toxicants have been studied; on the other hand, also report animal reproductive toxicity, such as testicular atrophy, no refined disease, the exposure dosage of boron are very high. Human and animal have very big difference again, cannot simply be extrapolated to human animal test results. Reproductive toxicity of Boron on the human only three studies, research data is very little, but the three studies are conflicting results, of which two study suggests that boron exposure had no effect on human reproductive health, while the third study that boron exposure can make male testicular atrophy, leading to azoospermia and infertility. Their studies are lack of epidemiological investigation of normative, lack of scientific data and boron exposure concentration of boron exposure dose effect relationship, no more routine, sperm chromosome abnormality rate of change, and the ratio of DNA chain integrity and serum genital hormone sperm aliquots of biology measurement data to illustrate how no toxicity and boron reproductive toxicity of germ size. The overall design of us, is to think through the environmental investigation, sampling, analysis, investigation of epidemiology and body fluid sampling and some molecular cell biology index measurement, boron compounds Is it right? Human reproductive toxicant and the influence degree of scientific data. The content and characteristics of the 2.1.1 study (1) through the epidemiological investigation standard, find the boron exposure group and control group on male reproductive health reproductive health problems and their spouses some clues and data, investigation of boron exposure group have significant difference with the control group. (2) through the sampling and analysis of various environmental media and individual boron exposure, quantitative assessment of environmental exposure concentrations of boron various people, quantitative detection of individual particles by daily boron intake air, food and water, the daily boron intake of certain effects on male reproductive health. (3) metabolism study of boron in vivo, concentration level sampling and quantitative determination and other elements in blood, urine, semen boron, screening and determine the best biomarker of boron exposure, to find out the quantitative relationship between individual biomarkers and daily boron intake, biological marker and male reproductive health of some index contact. (4) the method of cell and molecular biology for the study of effect of boron pollution on male reproductive health, through the acquisition of the volunteers' blood, semen samples, determination of boron in body fluids and other elements in the quantitative study of some elements, whether in the body fluid accumulation, concentration and measured a variety of reproductive hormone in human serum, intake study of boron will affect the secretion of hormones in reproductive endocrine system; measurement of sperm density, semen volume, sperm count, sperm motility, sperm rate of fast motion, intake of Boron on sperm routine index has no negative effects, measurement of sperm x, Y staining.
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