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"The sex life of Yue health (popular version)" pointed out: the omnipresent in life. Different peopleThere are different views on the nature of. The mathematics department said: don't turn off the light, otherwise I can't find your three point coordinates. Economics department person said: you are my supply, I am your demand. Department of civil engineering, say: I can filling up? Sex, bring you should be completely happy, it is a kind of instinct, communication, love asked balance. Ken, fork, "the sex life of Yue health (popular version)" by a professional medical team do you know the most healthy sex life.
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of male to male
the male reproductive system of
the reproductive system of male physiological characteristics of
testicular endocrine function
testicular exocrine function: the production of sperm
the anatomy of the
sex hormones in female sexual development in the role of
fertilization and pregnancy
sexual development and identity of
sexual development in female
the female reproductive system: the baby to adolescent
Development: the mature
the mature
change our habits.
Development: with our old
menopausal changes
sexual identity and sexual orientation of
sexual identity and sexual development in the abnormal
intersexuality state

changing attitudes towards gay sexual stimulation and the expression of
reaction and sensitive
reaction and sensitive erogenous zones with

. Arousal and orgasm.
sexual desire and arousal stimulus

sustained orgasm < br > Extinction
caress -- non coital sexual behaviors of
male and female and masturbation masturbation

first coitus.
oral sex and anal sex

anal oral sex venereal position
make more sexual relationship of

the importance of
and drug drug interaction

drug and sex
safety behavior and unsafe sexual behavior of
safe sex behavior of
unsafe sexual behavior of

common important suggestions safe sex and unsafe sexual behavior of

gonorrhea Chlamydia candidiasis.
what is clap?
oral and genital herpes simplex type and respective characteristics of

human immunodeficiency virus, and AIDS (HIV / AIDS)

AIDS human papilloma virus (HPV)

molluscum contagiosum biological characteristics of
pelvic inflammatory disease

crab crab louse biological characteristics of
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syphilis family planning contraceptive
natural contraception and contraceptive contraceptive methods cycle

vaginal barrier method
hormonal contraceptive: oral contraceptives, contraceptive patch, injectable contraceptives, subcutaneous implants and intrauterine contraceptive ring

contraceptive contraceptive patch of skin implant

condom contraceptive ring emergency contraception: the morning after pill
permanent contraceptive

tubal ligation vasectomy
sexual dysfunction and its treatment of sexual dysfunction induced by

sexual dysfunction erectile dysfunction

ejaculation premature ejaculation ejaculation types and reasons
aversion and sexual addiction /
> aversion addiction
asexuality of different forms of
vaginismus and dyspareunia.
vaginal spasm
no climax in
men no climax
women no climax
special cases of
special population problem in
restricted behavior of
child abuse and sexual abuse
minor sexual abuse
bias or allergic
allergic causes
allergic manifestations of type
> sexual assault sexual assault in the form of
for victims of sexual abuse to help
: culture and education
Education: school, family, society and the progress of the society and education of

some education project results in different periods of

sex education should run through every day life
culture and
Chapter excerpt

Education is the only way which must be passed in different periods of the child's personality and emotional relationship is established, the original purpose of education is the application in accordance with the infant psychological term education children call genital with appropriate name, but not how profound education. Today's children to accept every kind of knowledge, especially receives a large amount of information through the media. When they encounter problems, to parents verification at the same time often have started their own in search of answers and reference, to compare their answer is correct. So deceive children often get the opposite of what one wants. Sex education should run through every day life in real life, every hour and moment is not in the parents about their children with education. Could this idea may sound will feel very strange, but the fact is that since the birth of the moment, education has begun. It is through the parents teach by precept and example, play in the family role, in daily life, the attitudes and values to achieve. So the parents more attention to their exemplary role to the challenges and opportunities, the children more in the future they will face showed better coping ability. The children decided their future can have the love, emotion and healthy, positive attitude and outlook from birth through the family environment and change. Everything appears daily in family life can be parents caught and as education of children such as the knowledge of anatomy, about reproductive knowledge and how they are born and other aspects of the material. By the way of education, children can not only get knowledge, and this will make them see their parents are willing to talk with them and have a discussion about the topic. It can not only help children build self-confidence, is conducive to the cultivation of personality, but also can let children feel they can openly about sex knowledge to the parents. For children, these knowledge is very necessary for their future. When teaching children to please the appropriate use of noun many studies have shown that the correct name to teach children to physical and sexual organs is very valuable. Parents use a false name to name the body organs will deliver a wrong message "this part is different from other things for children, but it is very bad things, is not talking about not discussed". The results will lead to the children feel ashamed for their sex organs. Help the children understand the sexual organs and give the correct naming can help children establish a positive state of men, for those who had suffered sexual abuse of children, know the name of the right of organ is more important. Masturbation is a process of growing up is natural life experience, which has been proved not to affect other normal behavior of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Most experts agree that masturbation is a kind of healthy sexual way to vent at any age. When children play with their genitals, parents reaction is particularly important for children. Immediately on the criticism of the child or yell, or simply rude children will hand out will deliver a wrong message to children: genital is a very bad thing, contact with them is a very dirty behavior. Doing so will strengthen children's sense of shame and guilt. If the parents because of religious beliefs or what other reasons against masturbation words, then they should be full of love and calmly told the children, masturbation this behavior is not allowed. Adolescent sex education in adolescence appear more unexpected pregnancy, abortion and sexually transmitted disease problem reminds us that has been running for 30 years every kind of education mode should be re considered. For a long time, many of the education mode have not achieved the desired and expected results, so the problem is no longer the debate about sex education, but we should teach what kind of content, application skills, how application what resources to education. Protection should have sex education for young people need the right knowledge to help them better myself. In many developed countries, there are young girls more than a million pregnant every year. Young people and other people of all ages compared to a higher prevalence rate of sexually transmitted diseases, nearly 1/4 young people infected with sexually transmitted diseases before the age of 21. These sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS can damage the young people's health and their fertility, and there is no effective treatment for aids. The advantages and disadvantages of different education models and has not been an independent, proper sex education mode. In many countries, such as USA, more dependent on the prohibition and repression on all related behaviors of the young people. Sexual behavior in this to young people's attitude (many in the American states are very popular, but in the capital were resisted) as an effective way to protect the young people of chastity, and well implemented and religion related requirements will virginity until the wedding night principle. It is the opposite of some of the Nordic countries prevailed from 1970 Scandinavia people's education mode. The progress of this mode of education is more, the educational content covers the preventive actions and encourage, from infancy to teach their children to know your own body, and to promote the wide application of contraceptive measures. However, there are still lots of work for us to do, because in some places, the rate of sexually transmitted diseases is still very high in some customs, will "chastity until the wedding night" idea can be accepted, but in some other places, this concept has been abandoned. People. Adolescent sex education should be more energyPut in place above, how to deal with the behavior in emergency situations in other words, is to pay more attention to teach young people how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and accidental pregnancy. Because many different organisations and suggestions have been found, there are about masturbation, pregnancy, contraception, first sexual intercourse, gay, bisexual and how to cause you love people attention and was rejected after concerns questions to ask questions of the highest frequency in the growth of young people in the process of. The parents' suggestions although every family all have different values, different scientific point of view, all the parents should follow in their puberty children behind, give children the proper sex education, suggestions are as follows: to create a good family atmosphere, when small children do answer all the questions to them. When your children are put forward about sexual issues to you, try to give them to the correct answer, to let them know that you support them. When answering questions, important is not how much you answer, but when you answer the question attitude. Don't worry that you may not answer some questions raised by children, tell them you don't know the answer. This is better than to avoid these problems much better. Normal and natural face and handle relevant issues, not on a contemptuous disregard don't take it too seriously. Spread your personal to the boy's family, whether conservative or liberal. But don't some wrong concept inclusion to, such as "masturbation is a very bad thing" and so on. Accept children in self behavior of adolescent (masturbation), it is a very natural and ordinary things. At the same time, but also need to accept the infant children playing with their genitals while playing a game, this is a very natural thing. With the consent of the consent based on children, parents and children between the two sides make restrictions and clear rules about sex. P196-198
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Ken, fork, "the sex life of Yue health (popular edition)" introduces the problems in biology, development and sexual identity, expression, sexual excitement and sexual dysfunction and treatment, education is closely related with the life of the masses, to explain the knowledge from marriage, family, health, let readers have a comprehensive understanding of the correct.
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