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Date of publication:2007-6   Press: China PLA General Logistics Department of the Golden Shield Press   Author:Ye Jinxian  

This book describes the sexual dysfunction, such as impotence, premature ejaculation, seminal emission, pure, strong, Koro, infertility, infertility and menopause syndrome and other diseases of the conditioning diet. Each diet according to the formula, manufacturing, use, efficacy, indications are expounded. The diet formula is simple, convenient, and can be used for the patients to choose, also can be used under the guidance of a doctor. The book is rich in content, easy to understand, the maneuverability is strong, suitable for patients and medical staff to read.
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Ye Jinxian, male, Professor, chief physician. In 1960, Fujian medical college graduate of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1968, "the two western school" graduation. Served as president of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, director of Chinese food science of TCM psychology, medical qigong research department, director of rehabilitation department, tutor of master of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine clinical. Senior research fellow Dr., natural medicine research and the Royal New Zealand Institute Students
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An overview of (a), syndrome differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine on sexual dysfunction (two) the relationship between the motherland medical theory of sexual function and Yang, fine, gas, blood (three) discusses the motherland medicine on sexual dysfunction causes (four) understanding of traditional Chinese medicine on sexual dysfunction and pathological (five) and tonifying the kidney is the main method of Chinese medicine treatment of sexual dysfunction (six) Yang therapy should follow the dialectical principle (seven) making method of medicinal and edible method Yang therapy (eight) Yang diet taboo (nine) modern studies of impotence therapy (ten) choose the suitable health food (eleven) to avoid unfavorable on sexual function food (twelve), 1 of kidney yin deficiency fire disturbance essence room card medicinal Cordyceps red dates stewed turtle steamed Cordyceps white pigeon Cordyceps stew turtle soup wild duck red Qi Wu and pigeon eggs 2 kidney essence deficiency, Qi deficiency and cold syndrome diet Pearl Sea Cucumber terrestris dodder turtle soup wolfberry stew cooked eggs from placenta Eucommia chicken dew cucumber soup 3 kidney yang weakness, exhaustion of the medicinal mushroom yuan card cervi Ganoderma lucidum twin whip Qi impotence whip soup Fried Sparrow walnutmeat fries leek flower Ruyi intoxicated spring choose meals from the certificate...... Two, male sterility, conditioning diet three impotence, spermatorrhea, produce four conditioning diet conditioning diet five, premature ejaculation, do not ejaculate disease six conditioning diet conditioning diet seven, blood conditioning diet eight, Koro conditioning Yao Shanjiu, strong in ten, finishing and cold conditioning diet conditioning diet eleven male climacteric syndrome, conditioning diet twelve, female climacteric syndrome conditioning diet thirteen, female infertility conditioning diet fourteen, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea fifteen conditioning diet conditioning diet
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