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Date of publication:2008-1   Press: Guangdong science and Technology Publishing House Limited   Author:Deng Yubin   Pages:266  

Deng Yubin was born in 1962 in Beijing, graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University in 1994, received a doctorate in Department of internal medicine. Under the tutelage of Chen Shunle, Professor Huang Mingxin mentor to study medicine, in the clinical disease diagnosis and treatment on benefit. From 1994 to 1996 in Zhongshan Medical University postdoctoral researchers, 1998 ~ 2000 to study French at University of Paris 7 in St. • Lu Yi Medical College, academician of the French Academy of Sciences Division, blood disease specialist
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1 female white-collar life situation and improvement suggestion -- bitter female white-collar beautiful understand urban overwork a middle-aged women's physiological characteristics such as heavy woman care of different ages lady skincare points the natural balance of the five concept of health care body from yourself right chronic fatigue 2 female white-collar workers, the best way of life reasonable diet -- "three high and three low" and "bean" sport and happy aerobic exercise for office several women's movement as a "Sleeping Beauty" self-confidence and tolerance carved beauty temperament best way of life keep good mood and mentality 3 hate obesity postpartum obesity -- female beautiful natural enemies of middle-aged women, can not be ignored in obesity in the multiple is fat to eat more, exercise less obese root physiological changes of middle-aged obese middle-aged women lose weight, difficult and not difficult to take what to treat you, recurrent obesity diet ≠ hunger therapy 4 modern diseases -- diabetes diabetes awareness you have diabetes mellitus, yellow index where is what middle aged women with glucose metabolic disorder caused by diabetes to break the most important treatment in vivo balanced and reasonable medicine soup treatment 5 eat out Fatty liver office "sit" improper diet on fatty liver fatty liver fatty liver is how to form who induced fatty liver which women are most likely to suffer from fatty liver middle-aged women's physiological characteristics of natural health balance concept of scientific diet 6 visit imperial high Lithemia "Royal disease" patronize "white-collar women know the emperor" disease "disease prevention" analysis of emperor "emperor" disease gout diet recommendation 7 silent killer hyperlipidemia hyperlipidemia is what caused the understanding of middle-aged women suffering from hyperlipidemia in high-risk groups have misunderstanding expert weapon hyperlipidemia dietetic therapy of traditional Chinese medicine 8 lead to die young coronary heart disease recognition of coronary heart disease who suffer from coronary heart disease is coronary heart disease coronary heart disease in middle-aged women what triggered the behavior patterns of the patients for the treatment of coronary heart disease coronary disease Chinese medicine therapy practice 9 weight loss caused by improper nutritional anemia improper diet = = what is poor nutrition anemia anemia and iron deficiency anemia is "rich man's disease" anemia -- female bodybuilding. Early prevention of anemia, have beauty of health prevention and treatment of anemia, "osteoporosis osteoporosis classic therapeutic side iron" fixed an important dietary treatment of women anemia 10 popular, soundless and stirless flow for disease. What is osteoporosis which are easy to suffer from osteoporosis. You are the patients with osteoporosis osteoporosis A thing for it. potential of osteoporosis, "" shadow of death "for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in the" three steps "Youth" save "more calcium osteoporosis, calcium to be the first to bear the brunt of reasonable cooking, clever collocation, promoting the absorption of calcium to sit out 11 the strain of lumbar muscles bad work habits lead to lumbar muscle strain, lumbar muscle strain of middle-aged women know what susceptible strain of lumbar muscles in prevention and treatment of lumbar muscle strain method dietotherapy in adjuvant treatment of lumbago party women trapped in rheumatoid arthritis is eventful autumn female what is rheumatoid arthritis is what triggers a middle-aged women with rheumatoid how to determine the arthritis rheumatoid arthritis arthritis prevention countermeasure method of treating arthritis dietetic therapy of traditional Chinese medicine 13 depression in my side depression from the elite has far middle-aged woman's psychological characteristics of second adolescent depression -- you do what caused the depression why women are more vulnerable to depression prevention health food to coordinate your emotions depression of the dietetic therapy of traditional Chinese medicine 14 on female climacteric menopausal women -- autumn of change what is more years in Syndrome change multiterminal climacteric syndrome why "crippling" symptoms you entered menopause yet alert early menopause or hidden menopause menopause common psychological state of climacteric behavior changes of the self adjustment and self care pay attention to nutrition and health care in medical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine 15 tell your body to the system natural health fatigue syndrome at the female white-collar middle-aged systematic physiological changes in the investment of health quit six middle-aged healthy ten standards experts recommend the concept of health sports conditioning your stick body systems diet conditioning regimen pay special attention to prolong life beautiful you 16 traditional Chinese medicine regimen of traditional seasons four seasons health using TCM theory to regulate the circadian clock to a year. Or cultivate body and spirit (Li Chun spring to summer summer (summer) and liver to Xiaoshu) Yangxin long summer season (it to Li Qiu (Li Qiu Li Dong) to raise spleen autumn to winter (to) raise lung Li Dong Li Chun) "nourishing yang in spring and summer, the benefits of exercise prescription of nourishing yin in autumn and winter four seasons health master" -- the 17 suitable for middle-aged women health movement of sports for middle-aged women's health movement 255@ ##@ China to the comprehensive construction well-off society, people pay more attention to the health, the pursuit of health, to enjoy a healthy. A loving person lives tend to health, to maintain the sustained and healthy is to oneself life the lofty responsibility. Only the vitality, can resist various diseases, difficulties in life, strive for the success of the business, to meet the challenges of life. Some people who have one's wish the pain, is because of his health problems, a great pity in life. To be the best doctor, first of all to have a scientific knowledge. "Man forty", "forty more healthy women more beautiful" is to teach you how to self care, how to early detection of abnormal body of scientific knowledge. Compared with general health books, this book has two distinct characteristics: first, the content is not demand perfection, but to seize the middle-aged are the most common health problems, such as hypertension, metabolic disease, occupation disease, anxiety, in-depth study; second is through the motherland medicine to the middle-aged health unique knowledge, including diet and Chinese medicine treatment etc.. Book through the concrete example, clinical first-line expert by the pathophysiology of Medical College of Zhongshan University, Department of internal medicine, Chinese medicine, psychology, nutrition, kinematics and other aspects of the explanation. Through expert review, expert advice, for the modern urban white-collar workers from the multiple perspectives on the most important middle-aged health care knowledge and the new concept of health "woman flower heavy care", "men such as weight maintenance", detailed a secret to keep a healthy middle-aged. A good book can change aThe fate of the individual; a new health concept can guarantee a person's life and health. Good health is the greatest wealth you have. You will receive important facts and good advice from the book, keep your body healthy, you will learn some countermeasures to prevent some sub health and chronic disease, change unhealthy factors affecting your health. Provides a simple and comprehensive plan of the book for you, also recommend a healthy diet and lifestyle can improve quality of life for you.
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