30 women shall be detoxification

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30 years old woman, beautiful inside and show on the outside! The 30 year old woman, must learn to grasp not old fairy! The 30 year old woman, mature charm and beautiful as charming yan! Toxin not just from your body, they are environment, eating habits in your life. Also the toxin of every hue in various forms around you, is harmful to your health and beauty. So, only to understand the sources and characteristics of toxins, and careful to avoid, to protect themselves, and the disease of insulation, the first step purification, physical fitness. Because there are numerous toxins in our bodies, but also because the drug itself is the source of the toxin, so we should find a most reliable, safe detoxification of medicine, it is food.
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Peixin: Beijing, graduated from Renmin University of China, bachelor's degree.
now engaged in financial management. The work, attention, research China female problems. For women, women feel hard, life Confidante much easy old, time in a hurry, research and practice and obsessed with the female beauty, beauty, fitness, nutrition and other aspects of the @##@, once in a variety of domestic female fashion, lifestyle magazine Nowadays, a fresh wind became popular, the urban fashion nobles tired of the noise of the city and crowded, tired of table greasy fish seafood, they hope to find a wisp of fragrance, from a healthy vegetarian diet. In their view, vegetarian and environmental protection, animal protection column, has represented a "no pollution" cultural taste and modern consciousness. They respected the natural health drink and wind, not the pursuit of strong taste food, the "simple and indifferent" as the basic principle of diet. This is because in the carnivorous animal fat containing large amounts of saturated fatty acids, long-term consumption of easily lead to high cholesterol and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, increasing the possibility of cancer. The vegetarian can purify the blood, is conducive to the balanced development of the function of the human body, enhance immunity. Eat less meat, eat meal, keep the nutrition of the "three low and one high" (low salt, low sugar, low fat, high protein) they become a way of keeping good health. Beautiful is the relentless pursuit of every fashion aristocratic, vegetarian is their most effective beauty jiapin. It makes the human blood lactic acid decreased, harmful contaminants can be removed. The long-term vegetarian, whole body will be full of life, lively organs organ function, skin naturally white tender smooth, so from the inside and outside revealed the health and beauty. At the same time, with the vegetarian approach to weight loss is also quite effective, because in the vegetarian diet fiber, can reduce the absorption of fat digestion process, to achieve the effect of weight loss. A "book of Rites" cloud: "brave and fierce predators, food Valley wisdom and skillful." Vegetarians often give a person a kind of air refreshing, intelligent clever feeling. In fact, this is not just a feeling, but based on scientific fact. Because the main let human brain cells active nutrient is glutamic acid, followed by vitamin B, cereal, beans and vegetable dish is glutamic acid and vitamin B "bonanza", three meals a day to draw energy from the "rich", can enhance people's wisdom and judgement, make people easy to relax and improve concentration. So, food also let mainly mental work among the urban aristocracy is intelligent, keep a sharp mind and accurate decision-making power. Vegetarian, but also represents a return to the nature, health, protect the ecological environment of the earth's cultural philosophy. It lost in the modern city life pressure, confusion fashion upstart to experience a break from the hustle and desires after the cheerful, practice with them a simple, safe, clean, tough attitude to life. Today, vegetarianism has faded the religious flavor, and embodies the progress of human civilization and morality in modern sense of sublimation. Modern people and efficiency, with a healthy well-balanced diet at the same time, also let the glory of human nature all creatures bath, to fulfill the responsibility and mission of human existence as protection of the planet may be, such a way to satisfy both sides of life -- a vegetarian diet, is our most fashion and perfect behavior! P10-11
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