Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine health essence 35 strokes

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The homology of medicine and food health wisdom, analysis of Chinese medicine "medicine food homology regimen, the homology of medicine and food, the important position of homology of medicine and food -- diet, directly reflects the homology of medicine and food regimen magical effect.
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One, "Huang Di Nei Jing" said the balance of yin and Yang is beautiful the cornerstone of what is the Yin and Yang and the imbalance of yin and Yang affect women / female Yang Health Solutions / women nourishing health care plan two, "Huangdi Neijing" advocate blood filling is beautiful, beware of Qi and blood deficiency affect women's health and beauty / Qi Qi health plan / nourishing blood health plan of three, Huang Di Nei Jing "was first proposed and emotional" Huangdi Neijing "emotional health concept / 4 common emotional health law / experts recommend the regulation of emotion massage exercises four," Huangdi Neijing "teach you to use traditional Chinese Medicine beauty understanding" Huangdi Neijing "in Chinese medicine knowledge of commonly used traditional Chinese medicine / recommended / beauty beauty diet five," Huangdi Neijing "teach you the best diet beauty law delicious porridge meal, eat a woman look good / nourishing soup to drink, let the woman tea cure more beautiful / aging / fresh Vegetable & Fruit, Paiduyangyan assistant six," Huangdi Neijing "advocate health and beauty sex followed the way of" seven impairments and eight supplements "sex health code / sexual health seven points," Huangdi Neijing "based on different physical interpretation of scientific beauty" Huangdi Neijing " In view of the physical health / 9 physical health mang cane act eight, "Huangdi Neijing" teach you the spring beauty -- toxins, wake up skin moisturizing / spreading poison illnesses / allergy prevention nine, "Huangdi Neijing" teach you to summer beauty -- sunstroke prevention acne, make skin refreshing summer health plan / summer skin care points......
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Without tasting medicine, healthy in their own hands.
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