Take care of five, do healthy women

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"Protect five, healthy woman" mainly includes: menstrual period -- "old friends" as promised, pregnancy, "mother" and self-knowledge, childbirth, -- a birth, breast-feeding a baby -- gradually grown, menopause - out of the "insomnia" and "suspicious", combining prevention with control -- often to the health of the "charge" of five parts.
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Why, the menstrual period, "old friends" came 1 women have menstruation? 2 what is the ovulation period? 3 oviposit period haemorrhage is how to return a responsibility? What is the significance of the 4 measurement of basal body temperature? 5 dysmenorrhea caused by what are the reasons? 6 often dysmenorrhoea that suffer from endometriosis 77 what method can alleviate dysmenorrhoea? 8 what causes of amenorrhea? The difference between the 9 amenorrhea and early pregnancy in where? What are the changes in 10 different age of the female menstrual cycle? 11 how to judge the menstruation normal? What is the relation between the 12 estrogen, ovarian and menstruation? 13 what is the premenstrual syndrome? The 14 period is why would advance 715 factors which lead to delay menstruation? 16 menstrual ago breast distending pain is how to return a responsibility? 17 Why do women in the menstrual period emotional instability? 18 menstrual period how to care? 19 menstruation why easy appear alvine object painful? 20 menstrual period pain is caused by what? Taboo 21 menstrual period? 22 why in the menstrual period prone to acne? 23 menstrual headache how to alleviate? The 24 period is why easy flow nosebleed? 25 the sleepiness, how to do? The 26 period can shampoo? The 27 period is really not again? 28 menstrual period can donate blood? 29 menstrual period swimming really can't? 30 menstrual period can tooth? 31 chocolate really can ease menstrual discomfort? 32 abnormal menstruation will not affect future fertility? Two, pregnancy -- "mother" joy knowing 33 When is the best child-bearing age? 34 pre pregnancy should be prepared to do what? 35 how to detect whether the pregnancy? 36 what is the high-risk pregnancy? 37 what would cause abortion? 38 ectopic pregnancy what performance? How to judge? 39 uterine fibroids will affect the normal pregnancy?...... Three, delivery, a birth four, lactation, at home with the baby gradually grow into five, the menopause - out of the "insomnia" and "suspicious" six, combining prevention with control, to the health of the "charge"
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First of all to do pre pregnancy check. The pre inspection refers to couples before giving birth to the hospital for physical examination, in order to ensure a healthy baby, so as to realize the eugenics. Men and women as important pre pregnancy check. Both men and women need to do pre pregnancy check, in order to ensure the normal pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby. Female inspection items including blood routine examination, serological test for syphilis and HIV testing, measles antibody check, hepatitis B examination, cervical scraping smear. Check the project mainly includes the male semen examination, urinary and reproductive system check, check the hepatitis, syphilis, AIDS and other infectious diseases, chronic health conditions. Secondly, to do a good job in pregnant physiological preparation, mainly do the following: (1) of folic acid, folic acid deficiency and fetal neural tube defects are closely related. The best time is early pregnancy folic acid supplementation for 3 months before pregnancy to the whole. (2) stop taking the pill to decide the first 6 months of pregnancy to stop taking contraceptive drugs, or at least in the first 3 months of pregnancy to stop taking the reproductive function, sufficient time to recover. (3) careful medication: in plan 3 months before pregnancy medication should be careful. Antihistamines, antipyretic and analgesic effects of aspirin and so on, are not suitable for long-term use. (4) exercise: planning a pregnancy, can carry out jogging, swimming, Yu Ga, mountain climbing, dancing exercise. Only 15 minutes a day, persist for more than 2 months, can achieve the purpose of enhancing the physical quality. (5) couples avoid alcohol.......
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