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The first chapter to find the young girl, "if I don't go to the gym at the gym, on the way to the gym." This seems to be a modern urban women -- a fashion statement. And go to the gym to "lose weight" is not a word. Communication field heavy traffic on the street street, the smoke of the workplace, beautiful, can not tolerate the slightest bit of burnout and lazy. We live in a high speed, the fast pace of the times, in order to better integrate into the era, in addition to our spirits up to meet the challenge, no choice. So, more and more women to join the ranks of sports, some go to the fitness center aerobics, yoga, Taekwondo; some to the nearby stadium to play badminton, tennis; be lazy point, simply in the home to follow in the TV program password do aerobics. In sports, self perfection, beyond the self, make internal and external manner charm to eternal unity. Often go to the gym is the most beautiful woman the most beautiful what kind of woman? The answers are numerous. The beautiful and nice is a difference, a woman is beautiful, perhaps not all see face beauty and ugliness. Real beauty, is a kind of glory, is come very naturally revealing, is a rush of feeling. The fitness of women always exudes the flavor of beauty. Are 人妻 mother Liu Gu, looks so beautiful, wears factor to health. I like sport she, the weekly aerobics is seen as an essential part of our daily life. Outfit in the upper part of the body, the line was perfect. On a stretch of the elegant music rise and dance in a happy mood, large mirror at the gym, Liu Jie says she feels like back fourteen five year old youth blooming age. In this world, vivid color is created, rather than natural. Therefore fitness a woman always exudes the flavor of beauty. The reason just because -- I exercise, my beautiful. All day long, wrapped in a rigid occupation, holding meetings, work overtime, entertainment when three meals a day, sleep less time to almost in overdraft life. The fast pace of life, work pressure, as well as the fierce social competition, faster to white-collar beauties lashing into only a non-stop spinning gyroscope. "Have a career woman really happy, who knows how hard running career woman", but busy, can not ill treated in their own, may wish to relax in a hurry for fitness pamper yourself. Yes, I exercise, I am happy. Chen Bing daily office sits after 8 hours, every upset gas impatient, on the face of the small bag also took the opportunity to come out the insurrection. At a friend's suggestion, Chen Bing tried to go to the gym every day. Didn't think it two months, life gradually towards a benign direction, become regular and vigorous. "The gym atmosphere is very appealing, all in all practice be in full swing environment, you will also have to sweat." She said. "Because it feels very comfortable perspiration time, like a week of pressure and difficult also came out from the body." Then carefully watched the body lines visible, this happy, not elaborate also bare exhaustive. How to choose a suitable for your gym now women, for their own health and body is more and more attention, they not only pay attention to diet, but also pay attention to exercise. Therefore, in their many consumer Cary, often have a fitness card: yoga, swimming, badminton, dance, body...... All kinds of. While many gyms is aimed at the allocation of consumer groups, often playing card discount advertising, many women could not resist the temptation of low, an impulse to buy a. However, to exercise a few times, but often feel regret, did not insist on down. You know, pick the gym is not the cheaper the better, the low price of the gym even facilities good, also because the members too much, have bath queuing, storage is not convenient etc.. Therefore, we must carefully examine, don't be fooled. Specifically, gym should pay attention to the following points. One is the geographical position. Try to choose a point near the gym. For single female white-collar, can choose to work units near the gym, and has been married may choose not far from home gym. In addition, if you drive a car to go to the gym, don't forget to pay attention to whether there is adequate parking spaces, parking is convenient. In addition, pay attention to the number of fitness equipment is abundant. Power equipment: include press rack, squat stand, Longmen frame, weight ranging from the size of the dumbbells and barbells, each muscle is equipped with at least 2 to 3 different training apparatus. Aerobic instruments: there are oxygen cycle, treadmill, elliptical machine can normal use. Pay attention to basic equipment treadmill existence queuing phenomenon serious, the basic can be concluded. It is best to take the time to carry out field visits, to have a look the various facilities and services of fitness, make sure it is what you want. Check the best time, is 6 to 8 at night. Because this time is the time most people a day in the gym, choose this time to watch the shop for the gym, the flow of people, ventilation, site clean degree, space is sufficient details will have a more intuitive understanding of the. Finally, misunderstandings have two choices need to remind everybody to notice the gym. One is not easily believe, choose friends strongly recommended to you. Because the different preferences of each person, friend love place is not necessarily suitable for you, you like the most important thing. If someone loves rough and passionate American fitness decoration style, there are people who think too messy; some people love the clean and bright the gym, while others are doesn't like it too bright lights. So be sure to experience the experience to know whether for yourself. Two is not the more expensive fitness centers. "Don't buy the expensive, only to buy the right" -- this shopping law is also suitable for you in the gym on the choice of. You should act according to your love, to the projects, to choose the most suitable for their own fitness venues. About the price is the priority among priorities. The fitness club is divided into three kinds, the first kind is in the hotel gym, usually with a swimming pool, but the area is not large, the price is relatively expensive, but the lack of popularity, mainly for the hotel guests. Another is the upper income groups membership gym, there are advanced equipment, comprehensive curriculum and strong team coaches, general interest quite wang. The third is the mass fitness club, the hardware and software level is relatively low, but is very popular in the foot. Have a look yourself to what kind of club, run a few more fitness club, to understand the range of fees, this will help you choose a reasonable price, and other conditions and make you satisfactory or acceptable. Gym membership card trick when you hit the gym, of course, the most appropriate is a member card. "We are making membership of 70% do not often come the fitness of people's money", a sales manager said. "Circle of people movement" can be carried out smoothly, it is business use a lot of inert, "after the card, exercise two times without the use of." Therefore, to do card before, should make clear oneself to the fitness of the "loyalty" how high, or from the monthly, quarterly cards do, reduce risk, reduce unnecessary waste. After the experience, the understanding of the gym coach, quality of service, the credibility of the degree, to buy long-term card is not late. "Even if not free fitness, to take a shower is also cost-effective", many to do a fitness card women have this idea. In fact, not free fitness person, probably didn't have time to take a shower at the gym. Gym membership prices are for reference only, the fitness center in the prices will have a certain degree of floating and preferential. You can ask the membership consultant or sales staff is preferential promotion period, whether free people, whether giving time dues. If the fitness club for members to give 1 months of vacation, in order to arrange the vacation, travel, namely card for 13 months. The general gym sales staff to master the 3 prices for a supply of sth., have a little patience. When the price is not fall down, you can request some additional concessions, such as sending a month or send some need to charge service. If there is a condition, can choose lovers card, double card or non peak card in order to reduce the cost of. General do double Kirby single personal card cheap 10% ~ 20%. While the non peak card cannot be used on the weekends and evenings, for not nine to five SOHO. Can request a trial before a membership. At present, most fitness venues can arrange the trial, but generally require advance telephone booking. If you do not provide the opportunity to try, I suggest you buy a card, try to make a decision after. Some businesses will play means small, making membership card looks like the price is very low, but the exercise, drink, towels, shower (or no) is to the other charges, doing a month is not cheap. When signing, should seriously check clause. In the gym when signing, don't just listen to the sales staff introduction, should see the terms of the contract, verbal commitments and business agreement. At the same time, ask the effective date clear card, do not easily believe that the "effective period can continue to use" words, lest due not to recognize. In addition, you can add a clause in the gym requirements given in format contract, if businesses closed down or relocation, membership card will be how to deal with or compensation matters. In addition, for those who do not have a chain store gym must careful judgment, even if it's cheaper card as selling Chinese cabbage. Miss Zhang, your choice of the gym in the air conditioning room safe long-term work, why she recently went to the fitness center after a few times, but ill. She said: "at first I just feel throat discomfort. Did not expect, and then cold, and backache." What is the reason? 1 "underground" unsafe nowadays many gyms are located in the ground, the area is not small, thousands of square meters. Light is the instrument is full to the brim to row five or six row, all start, look far, a row of head shaking up and down, with the waves like exercise, people haven't stun, watching people began to feel dizzy. Air evaporation with body odor, the floor dizzy just drip with sweat, even the instrument still has not yet had time to disperse heat. The ceiling fan blowing in quietly, but still cannot wield that belongs only to the gym. Fitness is originally a to a lot of aerobic activities, such as running, the gas is not the time for air,People will always feel that not enough oxygen. Even if you didn't go to this extent, but ran to more people, the oxygen content of the average person can share will drop. If emissions continue to cycle in the limited space, this to do aerobic exercise in the gym, no good. At the same time, the human body sweat and microorganisms have a corresponding increase, if the air exchange is not sufficient, the air of bacteria, virus, pathogen and carbon dioxide accumulation. It is easy to cause a sore throat, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.
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The first chapter to find young girls, please go to the gym often go to the gym is the most beautiful woman how to choose a suitable for your fitness gym membership card trick you choose gym safety do aerobic exercise benefits to exercise don't blindly women: science is more beautiful yoga should pay attention to some details swimming is female best aerobic fitness and the best way to eat what food supplement to tell time, science 20, 30 year old female fitness focused three bad habits of female fitness of female fitness in most easy fitness misunderstanding into weight loss can whenever and wherever possible the second chapter work hard, don't forget to cherish my body desk on bacteria than Restroom also air drying is a women's health "chronic killer called Mo with neck clip microphone mobile phone radiation may jeopardize Hai Jiankang protect" shelled egg "office fitness tips desk sedentary female fitness method long standing working women fitness law office in the eradication of the bad habits of work too busy to eat lunch E age healthy recipes western fast food or eating instant noodles for disease. Very "convenient" eat buffet Mo greedy lying on the table at Hugh undesirable "16 snacks" to eat it the third chapter Paiduyangyan, dredging blocking healthy river mud what is "poison" all diseases by toxic poison from what where to call "Detox" three detoxification hero food detoxification method sweat detoxification method laxative detoxification method Qingfei detoxification method of clearing kidney detoxification method Qingdan detoxification method of eating into the toxin fourth chapter sub health, why would a wandering in the city's ghost sub-health is excessive fatigue fault active against sub-health seven strokes to get rid of sub-health chapter fifth in real time to yourself, let the free and don't take work home after dinner walk about skipping is particularly suitable for Women TV is not a lover not shopping as a hobby to health risks shampoo hair dancing is beneficial to the physical and mental health of women Cara never 0K "build the Great Wall" don't be too diligent Internet addiction harm long-term stay up all night is not desirable in the sixth chapter, row upon row of the. Tall buildings, let the mood like a flower psychological standard mental health immune Sheng medicine punch life To adjust mood easily women heart more tired tiring beauty housewife weapon often do mind cleaning to eliminate anxiety "Empathy" do you like to work alone to elegant food is to alleviate the mood medicine smell can also change the mood bad mood easy to provoke cancer should not be neglected in the depression to Overcome Jealousy always melancholy and Moody is a mental illness to make empty heart filling up the seventh chapter a quiet and modest maiden, cannot do without S devil stature obesity is a scar beauty of the heart of the startling data who needs three "best" fat girl slim four principles which women to lose weight diet fat blame weight loss diet the weight loss of 30 kg of the eight maxims of Song Reqiao speed weight-loss secret weapon eight practical merit to the chest curve tempting firmly and "buoy" draw a line about how to choose the right and wrong medicine reducing weight loss supplements the eighth chapter breakfast is not eat does not matter, three principles of female breakfast design but how to eat to teach you quickly do nutrition breakfast breakfast plus the best honey Analysis of the typical breakfast breakfast drink a health under the different conditions of breakfast cereal breakfast design let women slimmer breakfast too "acid" harmful to health advocate eating less salt breakfast oatmeal is summer breakfast choice after the beginning of autumn morning to drink a bowl of porridge and milk with "friends" I like sour and sweet white Joan juice -- Soybean Milk drinking juice is knowledge DIY juice vegetable juice fitness and health congee recipe recruit ninth chapter check, if eat too sumptuous dinner gluttonous dinner to pay the cost of health completely vegetarian three principles Kang dinner adverse health portable basket, dinner during the design thought and the partial eclipse is not conducive to the healthy physiological eat coarse grains healthy mental workers brain food through food to prevent vitamin deficiency of calcium iron can not be ignored and signal Wine woman capture malnutrition to cultivate a good habit of eating soup multi Chicai eat less harmful to the body of tenth chapters in sweet dreams, pillow for health arm sleep how long the right to actively improve the bedroom, a bed, fell in love with a home is a A good pillow sleeping with your sleep what kind of posture Luoshui health quilt should cover sleep molar do snoring is not to be sneezed at sleep can also reduce weight the harmonious sex health plus a relaxing bedtime six good habits good bedtime care eight law before the bad sleep habits of comprehensive treatment of ten cases of insomnia causes misunderstandings about sleep what is called insomnia insomnia the eleventh chapter do beautiful mother, healthy young women walk hand in hand with healthy diet eight points count Pregnancy Food seven "" mother "picky eating" in early pregnancy, pregnancy can be sexual life of husband and wife it easily lead to food of pregnant women and babies deformity how to choose dress pregnant mom wear radiation-proof clothes pros and cons talk about civil confinement rules is not how to get rid of postpartum obesity nightmare to maternal how dispel striae of pregnancy women in recovery was mother to wear contact lenses do have this to say: pregnancy can cure dangerous killer: postpartum depression postpartum ten ways to help you with the twelfth chapter of indoor air pollution, the most easy to ignore the invisible killer What the killer to the family decoration decoration pollution self testing of indoor biological pollution and human health do bedroom health floating in the kitchen to work the first thing to do.Bathroom really health indoor noise is pollution from air conditioning disease humidifier use ceramic tableware ghost trick modern lighting disease beautiful use less as far as possible don't let the ground become the pollution source drive midge keep healthy pets is not pollution to health to create an indoor oasis thirteenth chapter scientific medicine, built to defend the health last line of small family medicine have you all sorts of mistakes fourteenth contraceptive knowledge vulva lotion to use you should know the doctor under the guidance of the "dead" drug vitamin supplement gynecological medicine motherwort medicine posture and the amount of water used in Niuhuang Jiedu Tablets tonic should not blindly eat living in common "invalid" drug medicine concept chapter. Tourism, holiday travel to the physical and mental health treatment therapy space travel a free breathing well before the "foot in the common problems of" tourism travel how to eat to safe fatigue when eating something clever remove travel fatigue mountaineering should pay attention to the skin after sunbathe spring tourism notice summer travel notes autumn tour. Winter travel notes long after careful "@##@ post holiday syndrome" Life in the city of young women in the fast pace of life, under pressure so that the body constantly overdrawn. The man has to face the problem (such as work), almost all of them have to face; and men do not need to face the problem of. They were due to different physiological structure or social customs (such as pregnancy, housework). They also need to bear with slender shoulders. Some people say that a man is tired, in fact, do a woman ever to be easier! Overruns in physical and mental stress, threatening the urban women's health. Survey. 73.2% of the respondents are in poor health or concern, of which the proportion of women in poor health to 10 percentage points higher than the male. And the women's own weak and most women often in addition to the work and housework on. Survey data also show, the sub healthy younger trend obviously, the young people's health is far worse than the middle-aged people. The young people don't normally when the smell of exercise. Don't make a great relationship good living habits. The objective of the survey results is to make people see the shocking, but also to the urban young women struck the health warning.
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"Young urban women's Health Encyclopedia": a woman, to learn how to take care of their own, said the woman such as flower, beautiful at the same time shared a bit fragile. Spring summer autumn and winter the years of knife, in the beautiful woman wedge engraved like tree men more diligent. The daily life of people in all aspects of urban young women will tell how to care and care of their own.
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