Ultrasound diagnosis of post instruction and self testing. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and abdominal

Date of publication:2008-3   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:(United States) Saunders et al., he sound translation   Pages´╝Ü286  

This book is American ultrasound practitioners registered for the exam review guide. Divided into three parts, respectively is the abdomen, obstetrics and Gynecology and comprehensive test. The abdomen and obstetrics and Gynecology two general on the common disease by ultrasound physicians need to master the anatomy, etiology, clinical, sonographic findings and other content, the simple, concise and comprehensive. The third chapter provides a large number of questions for readers to practice. Ultrasound doctors book for going abroad to work reading, but also for domestic clinical ultrasound workers read reference.
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Author: (American) Saunders (USA) grams (American) translator: Congratulations @##@ miner "Guidance and self testing ultrasonic diagnosis of post:" abdomen and obstetrics and gynecology obstetrics by people's Medical Publishing house.
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The first chapter second chapter first abdominal hepatic bile duct tree third chapter, fourth chapter of urinary tract pancreas fifth chapter sixth chapter seventh chapter scrotum prostate spleen eighth chapter, ninth chapter of abdominal retroperitoneal vascular system the tenth chapter eleventh chapter twelfth chapter gastrointestinal neck superficial structure of the first day of breast second musculoskeletal section third outside of the heart chest thirteenth chapter instrument article second obstetrics and gynecology obstetrics pregnancy first part of fourteenth chapter fifteenth chapter sixteenth chapter seventeenth chapter in late pregnancy placenta of gestational age estimates of eighteenth chapter nineteenth chapter twentieth chapter complications amniotic fluid genetic study of twenty-first chapter, twenty-second chapter of fetal malformation of fetal death twenty-third chapter second part twenty-fourth chapter complications of normal pelvic anatomy physiology twenty-fifth chapter twenty-sixth chapter twenty-seventh chapter pediatric gynecology the twenty-eighth chapter menopausal gynecologic endocrine infertility and pelvic pathology in thirtieth chapter and the twenty-ninth chapter of the pelvic pathology third obstetrics and gynecology patient note: Note preparation and technology chapter thirty-first obstetrics and gynecology patients: preparation and technology Shu Di The three part test abdominal comprehensive test of Obstetrics and Gynecology test appendix A laboratory data appendix B root abdominal comprehensive test -- answer and explanation of Obstetrics and gynecology -- comprehensive test answers and explanations
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Ultrasound diagnosis of post instruction and self testing. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and abdominal download

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