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Date of publication:2008-4   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Gu Junzhao, Ruan Yan editor.   Pages:149  

Author in the form of Q & A, starting from the basic knowledge of breast, divides 15 aspects to answer about breast development, health care, accessories, plastic and nursing aspects; introduces the breast disease inspection, and the characteristics of the causes, preventive measures and treatment principle, introduces relevant knowledge of breast cancer. This book is easy to understand language, content and practical, suitable for the majority of women, breast disease, beauticians and related professional doctor read reference.
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Gu Junzhao: male, born in 1965 September, Communist Party members, M.D., Beijing city science and technology plan of Nova candidate, vice chairman of Beijing Xuanwu District Association for science and technology. Now Capital Medical University affiliated Beijing Friendship Hospital chief physician, Department of general surgery, Graduate tutor. As the evaluation experts, the National Natural Science Foundation committee member, professional committee of general society Chinese pathophysiological digestive professional @##@ combined with Chinese of traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine A common article 1, breast breast normal position and morphology in 2-6 breast chest between the ribs, adult non pregnant women's breast is hemispherical or semi conical, bilateral symmetry, elastic. Each side breast weight 150 ~ 200 grams. After a general lactating breast ptosis or slightly flattened, older women's breast atrophy sagging and loose. The main structure of the anatomical structure of 2 breast breast breast, fat and connective tissue. Each side breast is composed of 15 ~ 20 breast leaves arranged radially around the nipple. The mammary gland, mammary gland lobes separated by connective tissue, and is connected with the pectoralis major muscle. Adipose tissue plays a role filled breast, breast size depends on how much the breast and fat tissue filling, decided to erect degree breast development of connective tissue and the pectoralis major muscle. 3 breast physiological functions in the process of growth in women, breast is a indispensable organ, which is not only limited in the breed, and many other functions. First it with women "beauty" together, is a symbol of female beauty; it is the symbol of mature women, female sex organs, plays a very important role in the sex. Anatomical regions of 4 breast as horizontal lines and vertical lines through the nipple, the breast is divided into four quadrants, the left breast: 1 - 3 points the direction for the upper outer quadrant, 3 ~ 6 direction for the lower outer quadrant, 6 to 9 points for the lower inner quadrant, 9 to 12 points for the upper inner quadrant; right breast: 1 ~ 3 direction for the upper inner quadrant, 3 ~ 6 direction for the lower inner quadrant, 6 to 9 points for the lower outer quadrant, 9 to 12 points for the upper outer quadrant. 5 what is the areola of nipple and areola, why turn black nipple is surrounded by a ring of pigmentation called the areola areola pink, after puberty, female hormone secretion in the pituitary after sexual maturity of melanin, make the nipple, areola were increased, and the color was dark brown. Some people see through the areola to determine whether had sex or pregnancy is wrong. There are many reasons the areola will turn black: the personal physique, sucking, pregnancy, age, female hormone secretion, excessive nipple stimulation will influence. Even in the absence of pregnant woman, as long as is to sexual maturity, nipple will become dark brown, if you have had experience of women, nipple will change. Because sexual behavior will promote sexy, strengthen the pituitary activity, promote the secretion of hormone and melanin, so that the nipple, areola color black. So the nipple areola color deepened do not care too much about, it means you have become a mature woman.
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The physiological function of a breast, common article normal position and shape of 1 breast breast breast anatomical structure of 2 3 4 breast anatomical partition 5 what is the areola of breast, nipple and areola why Black 6 around the areola of breast nodules is what 7 papillary and 8 breast with the menstrual cycle has what kind of physiological changes in 9 pregnant what changes after breast milk secretion and excretion of 10 influence factors which 11 breast and endocrine breast development, what is the relationship between two 1 you know affect different stages of female breast development of 2 adolescent should how diet can promote breast development and 3 physical exercise on breast development are what help 4 adolescence why not wear tight top 5 breast development is what the standard 6 breast position standard 7 breast morphogenesis have what standard 8 breast development size of what standard 9 of dairy housing should have what kind of aesthetic psychology of 10 small breast development is what reason 11 breast is not good 12 Breast why dry flat, Shita Mi, breast maintenance Articles 1 who said 2 breast bodybuilding is not important how to have healthy breast 3 what kind of diet on breast bodybuilding is Yi 4 physical exercise on breast fitness effect of Aerobics 5 massage breast what are the benefits of 6 cleaning breast what about 7 monthly breast the best time of 8 infants with breast care should pay attention to what the 9 puberty breast care should pay attention to what the 10 menstrual breast care should pay attention to what the 11 child-bearing period to 12 lactating breast care how for breast health 13 weaning how breast health 14 middle age, menopausal how breast health 15 delay the aging breast are there any secrets of 16 breast bodybuilding and what is the relation of 17 dairy housing maintenance what taboo four, deserve to act the role of Article 1 breast breast accessories have what skill 2 busty women how accessories skills 3 in order to make up for the shortage of 4 chest chest accessories accessories how clever collocation 5 why do women need to wear a bra 6 what time to start wearing a bra 7 different age how to choose the right bra 8 bra style to choose 9 bra size how to master the 10 bra colour to match the 11 wear bras note five, breast cosmetic composition of 1 breast surgery of which 2 what is the breast augmentation surgery development 3 The history of the 4 who are suitable for breast augmentation, 5 what women avoid do breast augmentation operation 6 breast augmentation of what needs to be done 7 breast augmentation effect can last a long time 8 breast augmentation surgery should do what 9 what is breast reconstruction breast reconstruction was 10 to 11 what psychology is not suitable for breast plastic 12 received breast cosmetic operation women's psychological health problem 13 what is floating red nipple nipple bleaching effect on how the 14 red six, 1 what is a woman breast-feeding breastfeeding 2 why advocate breastfeeding 3 breast feeding time and correct posture of 4 milk and milk what is the different between the 5 why breastfeeding nipple will erect 6 lactation teat injuries to deal with 7 nursing should pay attention to what the problem 8 what is postpartum hypogalactia 9 postpartum hypogalactia reason is what 10 postpartum hypogalactia do 11 maternal why breast milk product 12 product of milk after the how to do 13 How to prevent maternal breast milk product 14 infants did not suck the milk why automatic outflow of 15 milk secretion. How to do more than 16 lactation inappropriate why cyst formation 17 what time at the 18 how weaning 19 how artificial milk seven, breast examination papers in 1 What is the breast disease screening 2 how to breast disease screening in 3 breast self-examination of breast self-examination 4 suitable time of 5 breast self-examination self-examination and correct method 6 nipple observe what 7 what is dimple sign and orange peel in 8 breast disease clinical symptoms mainly what 9 breast pain, breast pain is not how to do 10 be too alarmed 11 breast tumor found how to do 12 nipple discharge breast do 13 to go to the hospital to check what issues should pay attention to 14 to physicians should be described which are related to the content of what is the 15 mammograms of 16 molybdenum target X ray does harm to your body 17 regular breast X-ray examination is necessary to do 18 cytologic examination often what, what are the characteristics of 19 what is the fine needle aspiration cytology of 20 fine needle aspiration cytology can cause cancer cells to spread 21 why breast cancer operation must be done before biopsy in 22 breast cancer preoperative biopsy methods commonly used are 23 hormone receptor to check what is the significance of what eight, 1 acute mastitis mastitis easily, why there are 2 acute mastitis what are the main features of 3 acute mastitis prevention of 4 acute mastitis To continue breast-feeding 5 how to understand acute mastitis patients back to the milk question 6 how to distinguish inflammatory breast cancer and acute mastitis 7 how to treat acute mastitis 8 what is plasma cell mastitis in 9 plasma cell mastitis is what causes breast hyperplasia nine, 1 what 2 is what causes breast hyperplasia of mammary gland hyperplasia 3 breast hyperplasia and diet what is the relationship between breast hyperplasia 4 what are the clinical manifestations of 5 what is atypical hyperplasia, 6 breast hyperplasia and breast fibroadenoma what is the different between the 7 which breast hyperplasia need vigilance 8 breast cancer breast hyperplasia how to distinguish from breast cancer and 9 patients with hyperplasia of mammary gland should pay attention to what the 10 breast hyperplasia need operation treatment of 11 cases of what testConsider operation treatment, ten benign breast masses of 1 to face the breast masses in 2 older more should pay attention to breast masses in 3 what is the breast fibroadenoma 4 fibroadenoma of breast cancer occurs in 5 of breast fibroadenoma what are the clinical manifestations of 6 breast fibroadenoma operation you must 7 breast fibroadenoma operation should pay attention to what is what 8 of breast intraductal papilloma 9 of breast intraductal papilloma is what causes 10 what is the treatment of intraductal papilloma 11 what is the breast fat necrosis in 12 breast cyst is caused by what reason 13 breast cyst what are the clinical manifestations of 14 what is the difference between breast cancer and mammary gland fibroma, breast eleven congenital structure anomalies and developmental deformity of 1 breast congenital malformations, which 2 nipple reason is what 3 nipple depression what harm 4 nipple can correct it 5 what is Furu Furu resection operation 6 to 7 what kind of accessory breast must be removed in 8 what is the female breast hypertrophy of 9 female breast hypertrophy is a disease you 10 what is macromastia 11 how to treat macromastia 12 gigantic cause skin infections do 13 male dairy Atrial hypertrophy is a disease you 14 male breast hypertrophy in need of treatment twelve, 1 papillary diseases caused by what are the reasons for chapped nipple 2 cracked nipple which performance 3 cracked nipple need and what disease to distinguish the 4 cracked nipple occurred after how to treat 5 how to prevent the occurrence of chapped nipple 6 why papillitis 7 papillitis what are the clinical manifestations of the 8 how to treat papillitis 9 how to prevent papillitis occurred in thirteen, 1 what is the breast skin disease eczema 2 breast breast eczema what show 3 how to treat breast eczema 4 dairy real eczema how prevent and nursing care of 5 what is breast erysipelas 6 how to prevention and nursing of breast erysipelas 7 what is the breast band herpes zoster in 8 breast how to treat the 9 breast zoster to prevention and nursing care of fourteen breast cancer, 1 breast cancer disease incidence rate to 2 and the incidence of breast cancer of 3 why what white-collar women prone to breast cancer, 4 breast cancer and genetic about it 5 what age women tend to suffer from breast cancer in 6 breast cancer is contagious 7 why breast cancer involves the armpit and other body parts of 8 breast cancer therapy What is the principle of 9 what 10 early breast cancer early breast cancer is how to deal with the 11 breast cancer operation: what is the purpose of breast cancer is 12 to 13 of patients with breast cancer operation which is suitable for operation treatment of 14 breast cancer which has several modes of operation, all performed in what condition 15 in what condition can be implemented. Dairy operation 16 cases in which for the purposes of breast conserving operation for breast cancer before operation, 17 needed to do routine examination in 18 what is the treatment of advanced breast cancer patients taboo operation 19 advanced breast cancer radical mastectomy in 20 breast cancer do easily what complications of upper limb edema after 21 why do 22 postoperative breast cancer to positive function exercise, how to undertake the function takes exercise after operation in 23 patients with diet such as the deployment of 24 breast cancer patients mentality is very important in 25 breast cancer patients psychological adjustment 26 tumor chemotherapy has great toxicity, why must also be chemotherapy in 27 which patients should do preoperative chemotherapy 28 why operation even after chemotherapy, need to do 29 patients with chemotherapy which cannot be chemotherapy 30 what is combined with chemotherapy in 31 combined chemotherapy should pay attention to what issues 32 chemotherapy Stop taking the medication indications of which there are 33 how to determine what are the main adverse reaction of chemotherapy is effective in 34 chemotherapy drugs, how to deal with the 35 chemotherapy can cause menstrual cycle disorder 36 how to protect blood vessels during 37 chemotherapy chemotherapy patients need to pay attention to what is what 38 of breast cancer radiotherapy in 39 breast cancer radiotherapy with radiotherapy complications which indications and contraindications of 40 common what 41 how to deal with the complications of radiotherapy 42 shadow to radiotherapy prognosis factors which have 43 what is endocrine therapy, endocrine therapy is often what the method how to treat the effect of breast cancer endocrine 44, how to treat 45 patients with endocrine therapy which suitable 46 long-term use of anti estrogen drug adverse reaction 47 young patients how to take anti estrogen drugs 48 why therapy for breast cancer patients should be carried out after the follow-up of 49 to follow-up review is the main content of which 50 nipple eczematoid carcinoma behave 51 how to treat eczema carcinoma papillary 52 what is occult breast cancer, what is 53 how to diagnosis and treatment of occult breast cancer 54 what are the clinical manifestations of 55 breast cancer diagnosis and treatment to vice milk What expression adenocarcinoma in 56 pregnant and lactating breast cancer diagnosis, how to 57 senile and young women with breast cancer were 58 what is what are the characteristics of metastatic breast cancer, which generally metastasis in 59 breast cancer recurrence of how to do the 60 how to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer 61 men also suffer from breast cancer, cause of disease is what 62 male breast cancer and what are the characteristics of the 63 how to diagnosis and differential diagnosis of male breast cancer fifteen, breast cancer prevention Article 1 artificial abortion can increase the incidence of breast cancer 2 what kind of living habits will cause breast cancer 3 factors which easily induced breast cancer in 4 cases of what should be alert to the 5 census is why breast breast cancer 6 women how to carry out the census of 7 what is the three grade prevention of breast cancer 8 which delayed the early diagnosis of breast cancer 9 how to do breastInvasion of cancer early detection, early diagnosis of 10 how diet to prevent breast cancer 11 happy mood can defend against breast cancer 12 why high fiber diet can prevent cancer 13 why foods rich in vitamin C can prevent cancer, how to eat 14 tea helps prevent cancer 15 Chang Heniu milk, yogurt has anti-cancer effect of 16 breast cancer prevention diet is what 17 iodine supplementation can prevent breast cancer 18 regular exercise can prevent breast cancer 19 adolescent women with breast cancer prevention needs to pay attention to what factors in 20 pregnant women to prevent breast cancer need to pay attention to what factors 21 lactating women to prevent breast cancer need to pay attention to what factors and 22 menopausal women to prevent breast cancer need to pay attention to what the factors of the 23 men is necessary to prevent the breast cancer 24 obese patients how to prevent breast cancer 25 If you belong to the breast cancer risk, how to do
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