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Date of publication:2008-6   Press: Jilin science and Technology Press   Author:Kang Shi editor   Pages´╝Ü270  

This book for the woman's childhood, adolescence, a period, incubation period, feeding period, menopause and old age the most easily overlooked details are introduced in detail, including knowledge and health care in one, comprehensive, focused, easy to understand, is the health care of a woman's life book.
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01 let the young shoots from harm the first flowers should open so as early as second day the little girl will get disease of Department of gynaecology third day the angel wings -- attention girl sexual assault of 02 today, "good friend" -- to the adolescent full care section in the face of the first red second "good friend" encounter "trouble" how do third section for your adolescence "fresh" section Fourth "heart" pattern time, temperature 03 Jieyin care first line of Defense -- to protect the woman first Jieyin errors, please go away second day cleaning supplies, pay attention to choose the third section Jieyin good habits, not one less fourth Go away vaginitis, I "special zone" my 04 loves breast is love myself first choose your peerless beauty breast Bra second small coup third breast health do fourth day care breast together, from now on 05 correct face first sexual life first day to face his first second sections girls how to live a good first third hymen rupture of the how to do fourth. How to use contraceptive fifth day bed As the first "pressure" kaixiaozao 06 perfect your life first harmony "Symphony" second special days of third day care orgasmic disorder, how to do the fourth day treatment of frigidity, remodeling warm blessing of "sex" fifth diseases, how far is it from your 07 safe contraception look over the first day contraceptive choice area, election to choose the most appropriate section second what women should be from third day pill pill beauty not desirable fourth contraceptive eat what good 08 abortion women, who solution of pain in the hearts of the people the first day, don't seriously second abortion operation, full care third drug abortion not quietly "flow" fourth Festival refused to habitual abortion 09 appointment to a healthy baby first day for mothers, don't do "idle" wife second day pre marital check can not be less third Festival today is the best day of conception fourth Festival Best conception, these numbers please know the fifth section "pregnant" strategy: pre pregnancy tips 10 carefully to build a happy mother the first section examination, not one less second tips to help you through the pregnancy in health The three section pregnancy maintenance required fourth day Pregnancy Symptoms Inventory fifth day eat a healthy baby sixth day mommy "pregnant" moving guide seventh day fetal education plan, Beckoning plus action 11 postpartum care tips section out of second ten postpartum care by day postpartum recovery magic third day postpartum diet "Fang" fourth day lactation is not equal to "safe" fifth day postpartum breast care little coup sixth day lactation medication, not careless 12 Transamerica mother postpartum weight first motion lets you "good body" rejuvenation second festival "eat" lean your body third day postpartum back legs charm fourth day postpartum weight, misunderstanding around the left 13 postpartum safety contraception, you do it first contraceptive method choice area second contraceptive ring -- safe use to know the third section on postoperative complications "all-weather" 14 want to have full care children -- infertility first discover infecund traces in section second to maintain the "clear", help you "pregnant" third Festival infertility, due to "traffic jam" caused fourth section should Offensive and defensive strategy in section fifth of infertility infertility treatment, beware of step 15 "swamp" ovarian maintenance, keep beautiful first ovarian maintenance, be imperative second ovarian disease, prevention and treatment of common diseases in advance third ovarian is nutrition "easy" and non section fourth ovarian disease patients 16 keep your life first festival palace health care second section of uterus, need harm uterine behavior record third section crack uterine password recovery fourth who hurt women's life source 17 middle-aged women Qiao health section of middle-aged women, the daily life often do second middle-aged healthy minefield, please bypass section third middle-aged women, learn diet addition and subtraction fourth middle-aged women 18, psychological immunity should pay attention to "an eventful year" -- the first festival of menopause menopause "sex" life second "fat" menopause is like third postmenopausal women, not blindly calcium fourth day late menopause should extend fifth day after menopause, when taking contraceptive ring sixth section will care through 19 climacteric turns out perfectly section 1 more year, Treat yourself to second more years for women beware of apathy in section third of the casual visitor section fourth menopause menopause anti-aging, movement is the most effective 20 most beautiful sunset red first day old female, still can build beautiful second day old diet perfect set meal third reduce senile plaques, teach you the recipe for fourth day care act of fifth day old age how to prevent stroke section sixth against brain aging "five little more than 5"
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01 let the young shoots from harm the first flowers should open normal development so early is about 10 years old girl from breast to development, twelve or thirteen years old started menstruating, the optimal age at menarche is about 13 and a half years old, the middle of the time difference is about two and a half years. But if the girl menstruation before the age of 9, we call this a precocious puberty. The girls precocious puberty can be divided into two major categories of true and false: true with ovulatory menstrual cycle and fertility, also known as complete sexual precocity; false no ovulation, only the development of secondary sexual characteristics early, also called incomplete sexual precocity. Only a minority of precocious puberty, most children are precocious puberty, which is part of sexuality in advance, sexual function and did not really mature. In recent years, precocious puberty, why will rapidly increase? Urges the precocious puberty rise factor mainly has the following several kinds: animal feed additive residues 1 hormones in animals and plants containing hormone, were reared in animal body has hormone residues, meat products made by the children eat, also have effect on a child's body. In addition, anti season vegetables and fruits are most steroids, eat the fruit on the child's body is not good. 2 environmental hormones play detergent, pesticide and plastic industry to environmental pollutant and its decomposition products can produce a series of hormone pollutants in nature, these pollutants such as children's intake, can cause reproductive organs and skeletal abnormalities. The children caused 3 blind supplements this early in the south city is more prominent. Cantonese like soup, a lot of people in the soup when the animal internal organs together to burn, which animal gonad and other endocrine glands contain hormones, eating into the human body through which. 4 health food intake of some parents blindly to doesn't love to eat children taking health care products can be enhanced appetite, but generally can increase appetite often health care products containing hormone ingredients, long-term use can cause hormone level in children's blood rose, which lead to precocious puberty.
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"Healthy life: 20 women required course" can help those who know how to love life of female friends to solve any menace from the "rear" everything. Let you like body in the years of grinding forever young.
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