Menstrual disorders of natural therapy

Date of publication:2011-6   Press: The Golden Shield Press   Author:Chen Huizhong   Pages´╝Ü173  

Chen Huizhong, professor at the Second Military Medical University, Nanjing medical college. Graduated from Zhejiang Medical College in 1962, successively in Beijing Military Medical Science Academy of the PLA study on anti Medicine Institute and the Nanjing Navy Medical College, engaged in scientific research and teaching work, published dozens of papers, edited, compiled the "watch list", how "hypertension", "natural therapy of coronary heart disease", "natural therapy of diabetes natural therapy", "obesity", "natural cures nephrotic diet nursed back to health", "menstrual disorders diet", "stomach diet nursed back to health", "tuberculosis medicine and integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment of" 40 books.
Catalogue of books

A, and menstruation related medical knowledge of
(a) unique features and periodic changes of
reproductive organ structure and function of
2 female reproductive organs of the anatomical and physiological characteristics of
1 female genital anatomy and physiological weakness periodic change of

3 ovarian 4 egg nest secretion of the hormone and function of
5 of 6 women over a lifetime of 6 periods of
7 female adolescent physiological characteristics of
8 women of the 5 period
(two) of menarche and influence factors of
1 menarche concept
2 menarche, menopause "come as early as early" this is
3.9 ~ 10 year old girl menarche not strange
4 menarche late
5 menstruation after several months apart to menstruation is a normal
6 little girls after menarche should eat calcium rich food.
7 girls eat cellulose food will be delayed menarche
8 menarche in adolescent girls avoid drinking tea
9 menarche in adolescent girls should pay attention to sexual health (three) and
menstruation. Factors influencing
two, irregular menstruation natural therapy.
three, menstruation natural therapy
five natural therapy of menstruation, irregular menstruation natural therapy.
six, menorrhagia natural therapy.
seven, menstruation @##@ natural therapy This book introduces and menstruation related medical knowledge, introduces in detail the irregular menstruation, menstruation, menstruation, irregular menstruation, menorrhagia hypomenorrhea, Chinese medicine in treatment, diet therapy, acupuncture, auricular therapy, reflexology, umbilical therapy and massage therapy. Its rich content, scientific and practical, simple operation, obvious curative effect, "menstrual disorders natural therapy" is essential reading for the majority of women, but also for the grass-roots medical personnel and health care workers.
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