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The copyright page: illustration: in different countries, the incidence of breast cancer in different. Therefore, the existing data related to the degree of breast cancer and postmenopausal hormone therapy remains controversial. Estrogen / progestin treatment up to 3-5 years, will not significantly increase the risk of breast cancer patients with life; estrogen alone for 7 years, will not increase the risk of breast cancer, and even drop slightly. Should make women trust is not relationship between breast cancer and hormone therapy (less than 0.1% per year). HRT treatment for 5 years or more, the risk of breast cancer is uncertain, the different results reported in the literature is not consistent, even increase, the risk is very small (less than 0.1% per year), the increase in the risk of belonging to the "rare" type. Increasing the ratio and other dangerous (such as obesity and daily drinking more than 2 standard drink) similar to the effect of. For the combined hormone therapy, observational data the million women study show, the risk of breast cancer in the early use of hormonal therapy in first years that the rise, may exist on the study of the defects still retain the opinion. On the contrary, the million women study randomized data shows that, from the beginning until the use of hormone therapy before 7 years, found no increased risk of breast cancer. The million women study and the nurses health study data show that, the long-term estrogen alone respectively for 7 and 15 years, does not increase the risk of breast cancer in women USA. Recent observational studies in Europe think that after 5 years, the risk of breast cancer may increase. For the use of different species and in different ways, progesterone and androgen to estrogen, may have different effects on the risk of breast cancer, the available data suggest, natural or near natural progesterone may not increase the incidence of breast cancer, but there is not enough data to evaluate. Risk related baseline density breast X-ray and breast cancer. But the hormone replacement therapy, breast X-ray density induced increase does not apply. Estrogen, progestin increase breast X-ray density may prevent breast X-ray diagnostic images.
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female climacteric knowledge question answer @ ##@ self testing Liu Xia compiled the "female menopause medication a familiar" is the crystallization of clinical experience of experts, the book is divided into 7 chapters, mainly from the wisdom of the body changes, menopausal women menopause, menopause how to face were discussed, the female climacteric syndrome and its related diseases, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine the rational use of drugs, prevention and health care knowledge, to promote disease prevention knowledge. "Female menopause medication a familiar" with disease on medicine, close to the mass, easy to understand, is to protect the health of the people of the family essential tool, but also medical workers and relevant professional reference book.
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  •   My mother likes this book. Usually not at home did not have time to spend with my mother about menopause, body conditioning is very important, in the book of knowledge points are, the indications and contraindications also mentioned. Fairly rigorous.
  •   Mom did not see, did not achieve the purpose

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