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The basic characteristics of reading this book you can understand the life activities of the human civilization has in fact, to explore the mysteries of life will never stop. Many phenomena in the nature can not understand, will be considered the supernatural "God", although this has been proven to be non scientific judgment, but also shows the exploration of the most simple and natural life. ● life of ordinary people is not difficult to distinguish between what is life, what is not life. But if the words of scientific definition of life under a, aWill beat us. Because, this problem is directly related to the human understanding of their own, for thousands of years, no one has yet been able to completely break it. China in ancient books, the word "life" the first in the "Warring States Qin three?": "all play their proper role, the life long, the years without Yao." And Li Yanshou of the Tang Dynasty "northern history" of life and the new understanding, which has the cloud: "one of the treasure, not treasure in life." Since life is so precious, that life two words contain meaning what? "Students" literally we are not difficult to understand, is representative of the germ, birth, growth vigor; "life" is a very abstract concept, the ancients interpret it as "non-human can gift of life", is not to people's consciousness is the natural law transfer. Give extended application, we seem to have reached a conclusion, life is: with the growth, growth vigor, some form of natural law and according to the development and change of the. The modern scientific understanding of the origins of life the universe blew the myriads of changes, in nature, is nothing more than biological and non biological division. From the modern scientific point of view, life is just a form of the motion of matter, it is composed of proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and other biological molecules system only, far from the understanding of life so abstruse. The dark blue for our living planet, formed about 4500000000 to 6000000000 years ago, when the earth in the boundless universe is just a drop in the bucket, and is a dead world, only the high atmosphere and the primitive ocean. But with the changes in the composition of the earth millions of years, life material, protein and hydrocarbon elements is also being born. This life is the material basis for the most basic. After a long period of time, gradually created primitive life forms -- primitive cells. It appears, it marks the birth of the first life. ● "Neijing" understanding "of the origin of life in the" ocean about 200000 words, big world, small animal and plant flying submarine, especially the origin, essence of human life, growth, reproduction, development, movement, thinking life phenomenon of life has a very rich discussion. (1) the gas of the world, four into the law of the so-called "to the gas of the world, four into the law" that is to say, between heaven and earth, all things ready, nothing is more valuable than people. People rely on heaven and earth atmosphere and the essence of grain and water to survive, and with the four growth of the laws of life. If we more specifically, the origin of life, is the source in the world with the sun and the moon, which mainly comes from the sun and the earth's water fire. Because the world is the material source of life and the development of. In addition, spring, summer, autumn and winter four natural climate change, and human life is inseparable, the body must be to maintain life activities of four climate change adaptation. If, the inverse of four when the law and, life will damage. (2) the Yin and Yang is the source of life "clearly put forward the", the life of nature, is a moving source in the world of yin and yang. "Plain questions? Records:" angry sky on "pass in the weather is essential for life, while the Yin and Yang of this basic but days." Billions of years ago, the world is not open, the universe is a chaotic state, the Yin and Yang of the two gas phase, but there is movement. With the passage of time, have gradually declined, coagulation and become, Yang gradually rise, gather all day. Heaven and earth into the warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn, winter cold climate change four. At this time, they have the conditions for life. But life has experienced a very long historical process. About the origin of life, the long and complex, "Neijing" interpreted as "world shaped gas sense", that is to say, the world gas mutual induction and formation of life form, which is the origin of life height and reasonable generalization. Have a history of many different theories about the origin of life, but not as good as "Nei Jing" discusses such objective, reasonable. (3) the essence is the core of life the Eastern Han Dynasty philosopher Wang Chong said: "heaven and earth, all things of self." He thinks, is the intrinsic vitality by subtle part of "essence", that is, gas is not only physical, but also has the infinite vitality. The reason why people have life, also it is because the human body "gas" vitality of the performance. The human body the strength of vitality, life Shouyao, lies in the "essence" and survival. Gas is the basic material of human body, it is life-power body. Gas is not only the core of life, "fine" is also the core of life, "after" think "fine" is the original material of life. "The essence of essence" is the nature gas of the world. Only one sperm is not life, the foundation must be in two different fine combination, can produce life, such as fine, two male and female parents, two Yin and yang two fine fine. Thus, the essence is essential for human life function. The basic characteristics of the life activities (1) The new supersedes the old. "Neijing" pointed out: "Yang Qi, Yin forming." That is to say, Yang is the gas process, that the body of the form, into the invisible gas (nutrient substances that the human eye cannot think), functional activities. While Yin is forming process, which is outside of the material synthesis of their quality. Gas and forming always shift, he turned this long, while maintaining the dynamic balance, this process is The new supersedes the old. The new supersedes the old. is the most significant feature of life, any of the individual life, has the basic characteristics of. (2) a reaction of the life in the external and internal stimuli, has the ability to produce reaction, such as hot and cold stimuli, pupillary reaction to light, vomiting, defecate reaction. (3) the growth and development of any life around the world experience from birth to growth and development. The new supersedes the old. in life through after the birth, the shape and volume will change, this is the growth of. But the development of sexual reproduction, biological, refers to from the beginning of the fertilized egg, embryo, through childhood, adulthood, senile, till death. (4) the reproductive and genetic reproduction, can make the biological race to be unbroken; genetic basis, is to maintain the stability of the organism.
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Chinese began very early in the study of the universe, "Nei Jing" is also about to explore this chaotic universe many a masterpiece of A. "After" that yin and Yang, all things are yin and Yang, the human body is a small universe. While the body of small universe cannot do without the great universe we live in is the same, both the people and the world, because only the original form of the universe can constitute. And if we take this big universe as life a word. We find that it also has a wonderful body like the world. We then from another perspective, "Neijing" is actually a movie about life "philosophy". Essentially "via" is to let people pay attention to their own, but the common people are more concerned about their own outside the "ultimate goal". In fact, about themselves, summing up their experience, to deal with their own things, is better able to achieve external goal, and even is a shortcut. General rules to see us again from the development of things is often internal and external decision, saying: "things will rot, and insect life". So for the modern people only deal with their life, straighten out the problems of life, in order to better outside to Pinbo, to realize their dreams. For example, a simple truth, pay close attention to their health but also to better to Pinbo, it may be said that the modern meaning of "Neijing" inspiration to us. The above is different from that of the people "thinking", just want to tell the reader, if you want to understand the ancient classics, we must trace the root, to carry out the investigation from the source of our national culture, because "canon" is rooted in the. "Wisdom to face the nature, will simply summed up the world to the laws of nature. The change of the world development, should should be in harmony with nature, should also be suitable for personnel." This is the "root" of the. The ancients said: "the pharmacological and logical consistency, medicine and method choice." The doctor read "Nei Jing", realized the essence of ancient medicine; and the benevolent read "Nei Jing", realize that is "on the poor day period, under the very geographical, far from the objects, nearly taken from the body, is more difficult" wisdom.
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The sequence of 1 "in the" root of order 2 interpretation of the traditional classics in the best way on 1 full 2 "by 3" in the history of how to read this book in the "1" on the origin of life 1 protagonists of this book (1): Huang Di 2 protagonists of this book (2): Qi Bo 3 reading this book you can understand basic characteristics: the life activities of the 4 reveals fundamental: life and death 5 "to maintain the basic idea of the" (1): Yin and Yang of the 6 "in the" basic idea (2): the basic idea of "five elements" of the 7 (3): the organs of the elephant 8 final inquiry: "a destiny Book Secret 2 life cycle of 1 life": the human life cycle 2 two substances, the body is indispensable: the dynamics of life 3 trials of life: the ageing process 4 what we can live how long? The reasonable life span: 5 had decreed by fate? Effects of 6 factors: the life of the results differ from man to man: 7 "Neijing" premature four longevity of life, to the people: sage, sage, 8 help prolong life longevity to cheat: 3 principles of health 1 balance of yin and Yang is the guarantee of health: the interdependence of yin and Yang and the 2 understanding of yin and Yang and Yang Yang: the Yin from Yang, 3: push, excited, or hair, Wen Xu 4 Yin: quiet, inhibition, descending, cool 5 warning!! Cut to avoid false evil wind 6 Slim: replenishing essence, Qi, defends the God 7 fate: Qi, nourishing Yin, auxiliary 4 US 1 dirty in the viscera, shaped in outer: viscera system overview 2 master of everything "Mr. five": the heart, the heart of 3 complement the monarch "Liang": lung, the lung 4 brave loyal "general": liver, general 5 as the "monarch" expression of the will ",": the smell of mutton in the guard, 6 receiving and distribution of "Cang Guan": the spleen and stomach, the granary, 7 for the "to be": Escherichia, conduction, 8 tribute "ritual": the small intestine, the small intestine 9 that "Wang Ting" in the "industry to be officer": the kidney, the kidney 10 distinguish between truth and falsehood "honest": bile, the gallbladder...... 5 of our body the eight extra meridians 6 seasons with acupuncture @##@ raise 7 food 8 spirit with the emotional health of yin and Yang and the 10 and the 9 dreams of Yin Yang and the five elements and physique of 11 diseases and six gas 12 magic "Huang Di Nei Jing" as one of the best-known ancient medical books, since its inception, its unique "China type" health theory has been widely used so far, can be said to be "have no predecessors, after no." For thousands of years the facts also prove that only as "Oriental traditional medicine health of this theory of Huangdi Neijing" is the real starting from the objective laws of human life, to help people achieve prolong life of the health law. Now we have to carry forward the traditional culture for the purpose, seek ancient origin, the ancient "Huangdi Neijing" graphic forms of many health concept which proposed one one detailed explanation, vividly presented to the readers. In addition, we will also provide a practical guide to action, can be used to enable you to learn practical health knowledge easily, and be strong body, prolong life.
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This is a very good Chinese books, many diseases can be found in roots here, sick people can refer to the specimen and cure, not sick people according toThe four seasons health reason, make your body more healthy, to prolong life. -- famous TCM Department of internal medicine Professor Deng Tietao this book with pictures, looks very comfortable, easy to understand the content, detailed illustrations that people can stick out a mile to explain the issue, in a relaxed and pleasant reading environment, can learn a lot of things, worth a visit. -- famous expert Professor Dai Ziying @##@ infectious diseases The modern interpretation of the classic three thousand years. "Yellow Emperor" in five by the health, "Huang Di Nei Jing" will be the first time the Yin Yang and five elements theory is applied to traditional Chinese medicine, the human body as well as between human body and the external environment is regarded as an organic system, the idea of the whole development of medicine. And all the changes in nature, will affect the life activities of the human body, namely the day change, people have to be, stressed the need to shun four and health, this view has opened up a Chinese disease prevention and health first. 300 pieces of hand drawn illustration, the 250 diagrams, break the death maze, master fundamental re release before 3000, Chinese ancient classical inheritance, natural China type health wisdom of modern health preserving the founder, has been translated into 10 languages, marketing 50 countries worldwide ancient health preservation, 5 years sales exceeded 150000 copies of authority the utility, not to be missed! Simple and easy to understand, illustrations, convenient and practical, health classic you also understand "graphic Huangdi Neijing: understanding Chinese type health (super Platinum Edition)" features: you know what is "sage, traditional Chinese medicine, medical patient"? According to the "relationship" in the medical and its constitution to regulate the body of Yin Yang and five elements, is the real health? The famous doctor of innovation in the aspects of theory and practice and achievements, most have a close relationship with "Neijing"?
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