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Illustration: a piece of clothing crown crown is a head dress, usually refers to the mitre. The ancient male adult, the crown, common turbans. The crown is "Zhao status, identify the prestige" the tool wear the crown, the level and status without fear, to wear the different shapes of the crown. In addition, crown and a layer of meaning, the ancients regarded crown as "ceremony", the ancient men age 20 to rites, then a crown, words and deeds we must meet the requirements of the feudal ethics. In the same costume system, when to Zhou Dai has tended to be perfect, and the crown of the eight part essay history in the Han Dynasty is the most abundant. The pre Qin period to the crown, form basic consistent, have worn by emperors, dukes, high crown, crown, crown Wei appearance. The Han Dynasty, the rich and colorful style crown. The rank level, to reflect mainly through the crown cap and wear ribbon. As the emperor wearing a crown, wearing civilian Dai Jinxian crown, attache cage crown, law enforcement officers wear 獬冠 etc.. As the Jinxian crown, and with three beams, two beams, one beam to distinguish distinguished. In addition, there are long crown, the crown, traveleader etc.. The crown of the Han Dynasty had a great influence on the later generations, many crown was kept. After the Qin and Han Dynasties crown system there is a characteristic, such as the Tang Dynasty wing good crown, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Gu Gu Guan Zhong Jing crown etc.. Until the Qing Dynasty re enactment of the crown clothing system, crown of China traditional was abandoned. Qing Dynasty ritual crown a multitude of names, a sacrificial ceremony with toward the crown, assembly with Kyrgyzstan clothes often wear crown crown, Yan Ju when used, and for the crown, the crown of rain. Qing Dynasty to spend dingdai Ling revealed the identity and status Wenwubaiguan different.
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China is the hometown of tea, tea is the national drink of China China, tea, tea for thousands of years of history, a taste of tea derived from tea has become an important content Chinese traditional culture. Chinese traditional tea from the earliest simple cooking soup to drink to the later development of bubble drink, its technique is mature gradually, beautiful. Some of the important content includes selecting tea, choose water, assembly, brewing, drink, so that people in the tea in a more beautiful enjoyment. The traditional tea on all aspects of social life in ancient Chinese affected: as early as in the Tang Dynasty, Lu Yu put forward the idea of "Jing Hangjian de" tea spirit, tea and human moral culture together, thus forming the literati tea; and the practice of people think tea and Zen implication consistency, Zen tea blindly, so the formation of the tea; Royal hierarchy, tea has many exquisite, thus forming the palace art; folk customs vary, preferences are different, tea drinking customs are different, thus to form a variety of folk art. Book reviews Chinese traditional tea history, process and concrete art display, introduces the basic form and tea in the China traditional culture, and is equipped with a large number of pictures to explain, to help readers more intuitive, concrete understanding of Chinese traditional tea culture.
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Most understand health Chinese ancients confused Fu Xi opposition, enhance constitution making of the eight diagrams, the Yin and Yang of Yellow Emperor at the beginning of "Huangdi Neijing" main and collateral channels can never death, all kinds of Qi and blood is flat, there are heaven Peng Zutianhe "soup with Yao" the legend of Peng Zu guided ten Jiang Taigong Jiang Taigong fishing, bait mountain wide water, maintenance mind the Wei fishing, Guzhi Yixin me "moral" from Zhuang is old, go with little thought of stoic, quietism recover one's original simplicity, expose the nature of "the Analects of Confucius" Confucius knowledge (wisdom) music, a noble and benevolent life, spirit and physical health, self-cultivation Bian Que "classic" disease before treatment, prevention have disease early medicine, health Mencius Mencius "six not" choose to live, Chicco 心健 abstinence Yangxin, few desire Yannian. Raising Hao Ran gas, Chuang-tzu "Chuang-tzu" the true spirit of storage Chuang Chou dreaming a butterfly, and repose Paodingjieniu, shun their natural Xunzi "Gou Zi" prepared to support dynamic, prevention treatment regimen to gas, and Peng father Wei Boyang "Zhouyi cantongqi" alchemy, God of Ge Hong "zhouhoubeijifang" "baopuzi" life in my days, determined by the alchemy books, to Tao Hongjing "longevity prolonging life. "" compendium of Materia Medica variorum "riddled with transverse Yao, by eating natural, humanitarian learned diligence and thinking, mind not old Chen Tuan" no pole figure "magical sleep function, self-cultivation sickness under broad and profound traditional health preserving Daoyin Yangsheng operation mechanism of" health "Daoyin Qigong operation of Qi jade Ming Tai Chi the first Tai Chi diagram of Taijiquan Taijiquan schools of Tai Chi Sword Tai Chi Fan Taijiquan guidance qigong practice graphic Wuqinxi muscle-bone strengthening exercise eight Jin twenty-four solar term Dhyana help the fairy guide figure Yannian nine massage health care works of graphic India massage me massage twelve massage figure facial beauty Qigong qigong practice graphic line strength diagram adjustable gas refining outside Danto convinced @##@ illnesses diagram China traditional health as a cultural phenomenon, has a history of thousands of years. Health theory and practice China tradition, with the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine based on ancient philosophy and. The book is divided into two parts, part one mainly describes the ancient health celebrities and their health thought. Part two introduces the traditional qigong practice representative, reproduction of the ancient health preserving the essence of intelligence.
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"The traditional culture of Chinese (set of 8 volumes)": the essence of traditional culture, classical text reading. Frankfurt Book Fair 2009 "Chinese years" exhibition of books.
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