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A few years ago, Dr. Wang Lixiang told me one thing. 1 a child in kindergarten aspiration peanuts, choking in the trachea, and the lack of common sense and the error of the emergency relief, then sent to the armed police general hospital emergency room, hoping for a miracle to happen. However, everything has been late, even by the king to rescue the doctor failed to rescue, a small grain of peanuts, a lack of knowledge of first aid, the children away from the world. Trying to remain helpless Doctor Wang down out of the emergency room, just tell the truth, desperate child Grandpa, grandma, father, mother begged the Doctor Wang try. In the face of such sadness, knowing that all have been irreversibly Doctor Wang turned back to the emergency room for treatment, but in any case, the miracle has not happen. A few years later, when Dr. Wang gave me finished the story, we both fell silent, after a while, the king 立祥 doctor to oneself: if the people around a little first aid...... People often say, ten thousand are not afraid afraid of the event. 2 but who knows, "what if" is a small probability event, even if occasionally heard, in the vast sea of humanity will soon be forgotten, who all don't believe they will meet the "if", that is one of the ten thousand, so knowledge is ignored. In fact, "what if" the risk of stay with us, but, no one cares. After years of working in the emergency medical center, Dr. Wang Lixiang, see everyday are the "what if" after emergency, every day with a hard, in fact, is also a lack of common sense in fighting with the crowd. I guess, Dr. Wang will often feel inadequate, if people can usually like into the emergency room so cherish life, life would not be so fragile, multi master some and life and health related knowledge, will not have the danger of "if", will not always let Wang doctors sigh.

This book is a masterpiece of military emergency first aid science professor Wang Lixiang medical experts, is the 100 speeches, hundreds of articles, million hits blog - set. The book from "nip in the bud" aim, through many vivid case, discover and life of a "case". According to the "warning in case", "deal with the case" and "make provision against a rainy day" is divided into three chapter, introduces the life of many easily overlooked, but there are the "health crisis", is a golden key to open the door of peace. The book concise, novel content, fascinating, is essential reading for the healthy life of the common people.
Author brief introduction

Wang Lixiang, male, the armed police general hospital emergency medical center director, chief physician, Professor, tutor for postgraduates. Graduated from Third Military Medical University in 1983, is engaged in the acute, critical care medicine professional work for more than twenty years, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult acute critical illness, especially in the field of expertise of cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation. The invention of the lever sucker cardiopulmonary resuscitator, founded the chest out cardiopulmonary resuscitation method pressure, expanding the
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Warning if negative behavior not alone winter drunk drunk posture can happen to clap belly make intestinal obstruction smoke "error" the next generation of water can not be anxious rabbit also bites hand set chest make nightmare life "kiss" baby fontanel not heavy touch blindfolded careful heavy shock heart cause sudden death and deadly ominous signs the middle-aged "fat" hidden Hsuanchi cough syncope syndrome over the stomach is like through the pupil see disease refers to the ten and to heart "two steps" that excessive crying is no sound snoring "killer" concept of general disease stick out a mile special smell reveal what does human body poisoning adverse environmental morning watch "economy class syndrome under the covers Yin full Tibet return words drunk oxygen alert neck stand containing dangerous to ride out trouble pancreatitis treated with antibiotics do not forget old improper don't ignore the drug" inertia "antihypertensive medicine check white blood cells five drugs are easy to psychological acupuncture discouraged to beware of coping in case article crisis self-help star after the fall of enlightenment in moments of crisis had to cough. The magical function of position to decide the fate of gas hit hedge diameter help out. Out of the old foreign bodies in the trachea and the pressure to stop bleeding under control of severed finger (limb) not Give out the misunderstanding to drowning rescue children ride ten accident pressure stomach can help fist percussion chest change danger into safety control ARDS to five early earthquake rescue avoid emergency coup unarmed estimating blood pressure non drug intervention to boost their "drug gourd" laughter is good medicine to accurately grasp the agent step-down procedure of cardiopulmonary resuscitation emergency self-help patter make provision against a rainy day article treat themselves about health begins with a single step rescuers don't be the rescuer lentils cooking need high temperature protection Dutch act attempters heart disease prevention should be the "head" with sweet fruit causing hypoglycemia drunk sleeping there was another reason of sudden infant death syndrome cold frozen intestinal and Bing to adapt to the environment after the earthquake to avoid the "culprit" do the birds go on for long drop non mosquito trapping summer summer is a good helper methods flies disaster affected the survival of the ten major factors summer driving can not be ignored in the ten diseases improved the habit goodbye body as a farewell drink low blood potassium nearly fatal portrait of dust cleaning when the time and attention to detail. Masks omniscient violently shook his head shake the ear not pull shoulder lead tragedy micturition syncope as punishment it is said that exercise anti senile femoral neck fracture variable shake hand
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Snore "killer" human life is 1 / 3 of the time is spent in bed, high quality sleep is a basic guarantee for people's work and life. Often people mistakenly think that night snoring represents the sweet sleep, actually otherwise, is precisely the snoring affects people's sleep quality. Because snoring process, breathing pauses, causing hypoxia and adverse consequences. The doctor will apnea 10 seconds to 'two, during sleep or in the 7 hours of sleep apnea repeated attacks on 30 times above, identified as sleep apnea syndrome (snoring). This kind of disease patients into a "death cycle", namely: sleep apnea and its conditioned reflex to awake respiratory recovery recovery sleep apnea...... This is a go round and begin again the cycle, for the patients, each apnea could be stifled by the conditioned reflex failed to make it clear, even to death. Let's enumerate harm a snoring! Cardiovascular harm long-term sleep at night ventilation blockedThe waste gas in the body, CO2 can not be excreted, O2 cannot enter the human body, resulting in organ hypoxia, especially the heart and large preserved fruit is most sensitive to hypoxia, can lead to serious complications of hypertension, heart disease, etc.. Premature fatigue is extremely decreased sleep quality. Patients often feel when sleeping in the evening often wake up suddenly, the day from the morning began to dizziness brain sink, fatigue, memory loss, where to sit Gao can sleep, especially the driver friend, because of sleepiness and compared to the normal population of high accident rate of 3 ~ 7 times. This is the sleep quality problem, long-term physical people in oxygen starvation, except the working efficiency, will cause the body prematurely senile, especially male comrade, as with drinking behavior, premature aging phenomenon is more prominent. Sleep death including cardiac, brain derived two, repeated snoring, breathing movements, but no effective breathing, can cause the body of chronic hypoxia, blood pressure, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction and other diseases often occur in the unconscious state. Each year caused by sleep apnea death accounted for accidental death population of 20%. Effect of children's intelligence is the brain development in children, cognitive ability and intelligent rapid development stage. Due to hypertrophy of tonsil, adenoid hypertrophy and snoring children, suggesting that sleep respiratory resistance increases, breathing difficulties can disrupt sleep cycle, resulting in a child can not concentrate, aggressive and adhd. These problems can interfere with a child's learning, but also inhibited the children's intellectual potential, cause irreversible damage, at the same time, snoring in children can also cause bedwetting and growth retardation. The airway narrower than normal, sober during the day when the throat muscles contract to make compensatory keep an open airway, no plug. But at night when Morpheus neural excitability decline, muscle relaxation, pharyngeal tissue block, the upper airway collapse, when the air flow through the stenosis, the vortex and cause vibration, thus appear snore, serious when breathing can temporarily stop, thus affecting the health of the human body. Another few people because of central. According to the latest survey, China 30 people over the age of 4% people suffer from snoring. Tracheal respiratory plane above the stenosis can cause snoring, and apnea. Including the upper respiratory tract stenosis causes: deviation of nasal septum, nasal polyps caused by nasal stenosis, hypertrophy of tonsils, uvula is too long, throat, tongue hypertrophy, tongue base tumor, tongue caused by narrow throat; and development of maxillofacial deformities, such as obesity. As the number of children with hypertrophy of tonsil and adenoid hypertrophy. Snorers should go to the hospital for the corresponding inspection, so as to find out the cause of snoring, take the ventilator, operation treatment and have a definite object in view. For sleep apnea syndrome patients, by changing the bad life style can alleviate symptoms, such as exercise, diet and weight control, quit alcohol limit etc.. At the same time, should pay attention to during the day, avoid over exertion, take lateral position of sleep at night, keep breathing clear etc..
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Professor Wang Lixiang used the way of popular science transfer of medical knowledge, let people to ten thousand has bid farewell to the "case". -- the famous CCTV host Bai Yansong
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As the saying goes: ten thousand are not afraid, afraid of the event. This book is closely related to this topic for the people "should", summed up the warning against "if" and "if" to prevent interlocking three; hope from diverse complicated things and help you distinguish between truth and falsehood, dig out the deadly culprit, provide life-saving tool for you, and you build fortification shield.
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