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A few simple strokes, test your kidney maybe you do not know whether the kidney is what things, also don't know Chinese medicine, kidney is a concept of what, but you must have heard the word "deficiency of kidney", or even on the streets and lanes in the "man to come", "ten kidney nine empty", "tonifying the kidney and St. goods" advertisements have for having heard it many times. How can we know whether the kidney? This test can help you do a rough judgment on the status of their renal function: 1 low back pain: if you have back pain and often relapse, tired or rainy weather aggravated? 2: frequent micturition in normal water condition would you nocturia more than 3 times, inability to urinate, dripping wet endless? 3 constipation: do you often have constipation, difficult defecation phenomenon? 4 God fatigue: do you often feel tired, too lazy to talk, always want to closing repose, energy is not concentrated, work without passion or not? 5, insomnia forgetful: if you always feel sleepy, but always can't sleep, very not easy to fall asleep and sleep wake up, sleep quality is bad, often miss this and that? 6 aversion to cold: whether you are a cooler weather is cold hands and feet, especially afraid of the cold, afraid of hair? Sleep for the Wu is not hot bed? 7 function decline: if you are not interested in sexual intercourse, the quality is not high, or a man just over 40 no morning erection phenomenon? 8 chronic disease: are you suffering from various chronic diseases, such as chronic nephritis, diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension and so on? 9: if you mention the poor resistance resistance is poor, cold, have a fever and other diseases often "patronage" to your body? 10: when you shampoo hair loss of hair loss? The above 10 questions, if you answer "yes" option is more than 4, is likely to mean that you have kidney problems. Of course, this small test the above is just a simple test, are not very accurate, comprehensive diagnosis to determine whether the kidney also need professional doctors. The Six Ingredient Rehmannia Pill is the kidney medicine of kidney deficiency of the people, the six tastes glutinous rehmannia pill can be called the all star in "kidney tonifying herbs". If there were any medical common sense knows six Ingredient Rehmannia Pill to kidney, the life we also often heard about his male friend says: "eat six taste glutinous rehmannia pill, reinforcing kidney." Then the Six Ingredient Rehmannia Pill can really kidney? How do we use it? The Six Ingredient Rehmannia Pill is kidney of classics, it is born, from the Eastern Han Dynasty Zhang Zhongjing "synopsis of prescriptions of the Golden Chamber", a Song Dynasty Qian Yi "Xiao", known as the ancestor of the kidney tonifying recipe for nourishing yin and clear heat, representative prescription. The main function of Six Ingredient Rehmannia Pill is Ziyin Bushen, supplement the main deficiency of kidney, kidney yin deficiency caused by the dizziness tinnitus, Yaoxisuanruan, night sweats spermatorrhea, bone steaming hot has very good curative effect. At the same time, from the prescription composition point of view, the six tastes glutinous rehmannia pill can play "three yin and supplementing": role of both kidney yin, also fill the liver yin, spleen yin, the yin deficiency syndrome is rare. But the Six Ingredient Rehmannia Pill and not Bushen million medication. There are a lot of kidney deficiency type, the most common are deficiency of kidney yin, deficiency of kidney yang two. The symptoms of kidney yin deficiency mainly for the "heat", the symptoms of kidney yang deficiency mainly as "cold", a cold a fever is a pair of contradiction, need to dialectical therapy. Kidney yang deficiency is deficiency of Yang, yin and hyperactivity of yin tonic, if take six taste glutinous rehmannia pill this effect is very strong, can only cause more exuberant Yang Yin, more problems, but worse. So the kidney must identify the type, don't eat six taste glutinous rehmannia pill.

Edge cases, Professor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, a famous old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.
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Most people spared no expense to care and maintenance of the face and arm themselves, but they take care of their feet. Perhaps affected by the ancients "the five body, to meet the most cheap", perhaps feel the foot is firmly wrapped inside the shoe, always suffering oppression, so that it does not have to enjoy the same treatment of the face, even the people described in feet when they are usually called "smelly foot", and compared with the the hand, slimming good adjective, foot always ignored. So people always make a mistake, or too ignore foot health and health care. In fact, the foot is our body's "root". Classics of traditional Chinese medicine says "nose for seedling orifices roots, ear is our root, milk as Zong Qi root, feet are the root of refined gas", think, ear, nose milk is the basic three aspects of the human body, while the foot is the total energy of human source. Chinese famous doctors with the "Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine, reversal theory" said: "Yang from the five toe of the table, Yin in the five toe in." Added: "yin meridians are set on foot, and gather on the foot heart." All this shows that the feet and body Yin and Yang, Qi and blood are closely linked, main and collateral channels. The body is healthy feet, feet not all is lost, so the foot has a far-reaching effect. The foot is the three yin meridians of foot Sanyang, the convergence of start stop, instep, foot, toes collected many points, it reflects the physiological, pathological phenomena corresponding viscera organs, the use of massage to stimulate the acupuncture points and foot reflection District, can regulate the function of various parts of the body, get to prevent and cure diseases, self-care the effect of. So we must keep a good health -- foot root our feet, we can keep good, health, longevity and beautiful. A foot foot is in fact we usually say that the foot, foot have no need of medical apparatus and instruments, not affected by time, space restrictions, easy to learn, with the school with no adverse reactions, and other unique advantages, has broad applicability, especially for the self health care. Foot massage function is very extensive, for a cold, headache, insomnia, depression, diabetes, can rise to alleviate or cure. The beauty of women, the foot isTheir beauty courses.
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Key -- shoes and socks may be pathogenic factor binds the correct walking posture can foot and leg "spring cover" is your legs and feet summer don't feet with cold water, otherwise it will cause disease of upper body to watch the stars to "foot" perfect enough oil to soak the foot massage will let a woman know "foot" winter "Le your" foot maintenance secret not to be missed insomnia, please give a foot to a comfortable "pillow" thirteenth chapter to their health to pulse: your health, your most clearly let five toes tell your body to the soles of the feet swelling may be your heart, kidney trouble different foot type, display color changes in different health foot reflects the change of disease foot posture different is subtle, but hidden health knowledge is big farewell abnormal gait, approached the self testing health body abnormal pathological reaction phenomena and the reactant, the feet will have the corresponding responses from the foot sole temperature and changes in diagnosis of diseases of leg pain and heel pain which is out of the question in Chapter fourteenth, Hua Tuo's own life: common disease foot drive cold cold -- Law The Magic Lotus let cold to go without a trace of cough -- not treat self-healing miracle cure diarrhea -- do not take medicine injection is not natural therapy hypertension -- besides take medicine to still have a very wonderful hypotension -- Anrou Yongquan will increase blood pressure diabetes -- auxiliary therapeutic effect of insomnia -- see for reflex zone massage can effectively solve the calf vein varicose -- rubbing Chengshan and springs can ease the pain and constipation constipation -- away easily, three points are good with hemorrhoids -- this is a disease don't panic, tips to help headache - headache is unbearable, but magical coup to flow nosebleed -- garlic dressing arch is simple and effective rhinitis -- all kinds of rhinitis treatment of main and collateral channels true law -- cervical spondylosis massage foot reflection area take away your pain prostatitis pain -- men foot medicine impotence, Frigidity -- to reproduce the passion years past flu -- how to let our bodies do not evil invasion of the fifteenth chapter foot diseases do not have to worry about: don't forget to exclude the difficulty and anxiety for many health feet foot disease is the "go" alum water, white radish water soaking in sweat worry Chinese is How to treat "beriberi" and "smelly" get rid of "the old cold legs" magical prescription collecting large ankle often twisted, is your leg is deficiency of Qi and blood to prevent and alleviate the foot frostbite in winter chapped hands and feet, what should we do to prevent the annoying "off" from the nails to face the annoying corns, what should we do clever answer come unexpectedly "leg cramps" heel pain don't panic, used three methods to help you know how preschool -- foot massage quickly and accurately find the foot acupoint don't make good bad thing -- massage taboo to know the details of universe: Notes in order to pay attention to massage foot massage to points of time, seasonal and body was effectively a foot massage can not do not know how to get twice the result with half the effort: massage over to drink foot massage for four simple manipulation is very easy to learn the seventeenth chapter daily raise foot, foot protection knowledge quiz diabetic foot with hot water their feet do for children is good or bad hand tickled the baby's feet is good cold feet can use hot water why some people in the soaking time is not easy to sweating children according to Adult skin and massage what difference does it make after be pregnant, why would hurt, how the symptomatic treatment of pregnant women can do how long one of the most ideal foot massage, foot massage several times can be effective to medication you foot point location and the efficacy of appendix table @##@ speed The public health topics. The research on "foot" as the breakthrough point, relying on traditional Chinese medicine theory and the prevention and treatment methods, from the health, foot and body foot massage and health, foot massage and health, physical diseases and treatment of women's feet, foot care, health maintenance and daily maintenance of the foot of the user-friendly, tell the reader from the foot of the truth to the body.
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By keeping the feet can reach the overall health. Massage stimulates reflection area on foot, can regulate body, promote circulation, enhance immunity, Paiduyangyan, on the body to prevent, health care, diagnosis, therapeutic effect. By foot health, no matter who, when, where they can engage in and enjoy, is an excellent way to simple, easy to learn, no toxic and side effect of self health. -- Chinese foot health association of Heilongjiang Province, the radial therapy of human feet long Yan Feng is a very special and important position, and tree roots, the foot line with 6 channels, there are a lot of points and foot reflection area, it is the good care, will our whole body health without sorrow, so we should know how to conserve their feet. -- Vice President, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine professor of the school of acupuncture, doctoral tutor Li Zhigang feet is the root of life, Chinese has a tradition of foot health. These come from folk health wisdom is shown countless times the role of magic. Beijing folk club -- the Secretary General Gao Wei
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These methods using a hundred lark! Director Yang foot = longevity + dispel disease Duan Yanfeng Chinese foot health association, Professor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, doctoral tutor Li Zhigang, Gao Wei Beijing folklore association secretary general jointly recommended popular Chinese 5000 health wisdom 6 main and collateral channels, more than 60 points, more than 70 reflection District, systemic diseases all foot health scheme comprehensive utility almost every kind of health problems can be solved by the feet spread hundreds of years people ask foot massage expert simple treatment regimen wisdom of common diseases of foot reflexology secret not out of your daily foot, foot more beautiful, health is the root of life, keep it, worry free life when health concentrated human time on feet, there is no reason not to understand the human health foot solution
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