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Date of publication:2012-3   Press: Guangdong science and technology   Author:Chen Huafeng   Pages:261  

Chen Huafeng, a famous medical scientist, born in family medicine. International Federation of acupuncture and moxibustion, international medical exchange and Promotion Association expert group of consultants, "doctors church founder.
medicine has long been engaged in research scholar, author of "the concept of no privacy", "Awn Needle modern clinical application", "Chen", "the theory of blood pressure with operation", "family rejuvenation dietotherapy 100 food" and other medical books and popular science books.
pharmaceutical products in the fields of inventor, invented the "Red Rock Valley series of health wine", "chevron Bao anticancer capsule", "Chen heart protecting wrist" and "Chen asthma post", "Chen buck post", "medical hall beauty treatment instrument", "Chen one-time acupuncture needle" and other major research results.
Author brief introduction

1 Chinese easy entry and to improve the. But I believe that as long as we go, good reading, slowly pondering, gradually accumulated more, can draw on the basis of mastering knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and technology. - about how self-study Chinese readers Ms. Zhou 2 book, but fusion western medicine theory and skills, life without precise, practical and universal, so that readers can use! 3 - students Chen languish with love, HanHen and eventually things look, feel a woman to love myself, learn the recipe for self-defense, but also to learn health. After all, women can not love, but not love. Appearance isn't always a myth, take care of the body is the lesson. Cold fever, there is no man in the side after being, at least also can take care of myself. - Friends clock medicine affectionate 4 life, the wisdom of Chinese medicine everywhere, such as the Yin Yang and the five elements and the differentiation of symptoms and signs, pay attention to overall etc....... Chinese medicine is the experience science, the life, the life is learning Chinese medicine truth. This book from the perspective of clinical cases, combining basic theory, method, step by step, very suitable for Chinese friends to learn. Miss Liu @##@ reader "Learning to learn" Chinese medicine with straightaway language lets you know the basic theory, the medicine treats an illness the idea, after reading this book you will know why people get sick, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is what the doctor. Why do people get sick? And what role? What is the relationship between yin and Yang and the five elements and the people? Traditional Chinese medicine is how to see a doctor?
Catalogue of books

The first chapter to learn some Chinese medicine basic knowledge of
the first section of the emergence and development of traditional Chinese medicine is how
second day how is Chinese traditional medicine made of
the Chinese recovery
the processing of Chinese herbal medicine
third what are the properties of
four of the five kinds of
the ascending and descending, floating, Shen
the tropism of toxic and non-toxic

Fourth prescription is how to treat
Fifth Chinese medicine how to use
the compatibility of
the contraindication of
\ \ a dose of
the decocting method
the route of administration and the method of
second chapter sweating often use
the first section divergent cold medicine
ephedra Guizhi ginger Nepeta wind Angelica fistular onion stalk
second divergent wind hot
Mint burdock cicada chrysanthemum Radix Pueraria
third chapter any clear solution where heat drug commonly used
the first heat clearing powder
gypsum Gardenia Xia Kucao Semen Cassiae semen Celosiae
second day heat
Scutellaria Coptis Phellodendron dampness medicine Gentiana
third day heat clearing and detoxifying drug
honeysuckle and forsythia root dandelion purslane how to cook the mung bean
fourth day heat clearing drug
Rehmannia Root Cortex Moutan
fifth This section shows
Artemisia Digupi
fourth chapter promoting defecation cathartic used
the first section cathartic drug
rhubarb and mirabilite senna leaf aloe
second day run at
hempseed Yu Li Ren
third junxiazhushui methods drug
pharbitic croton
fifth chapter replenishing the body's commonly used drugs
the first qi invigorating drugs
Ginseng Radix Codonopsis Radix Pseudostellariae Astragalus Atractylodes yam jujube honey licorice
second Bhd drug
Deer Placenta Hominis Herba Epimedii Radix Morindae Officinalis Eucommia ulmoides Oliver Rou Congrong psoralen Alpinia oxyphylla how do you eat walnut winter worm summer grass
third hematinic
Angelica Radix Rehmanniae Radix Polygoni Multiflori longan meat donkey hide gelatin
Fourth supplement Yin was
Glehnia littoralis Lily medlar mulberry dwarf asparagus Huang Jing
sixth chapters treating cold syndrome commonly used medicine in temperature
Fuzi ginger cinnamon clove pepper < br > seventh chapter gastrointestinal dyspepsia drug commonly used
Hawthorn Gallus gallus divine malt semen Raphani
eighth chapter stability was commonly used drugs.
the first town
cinnabar sedative magnet keel amber
second sedative drug
Suanzaoren Bai Ziren bark of silktree far The ninth chapter of
common Huatanzhike asthma drug
the first warm cold phlegm medicine Pinellia Rhizoma Arisaematis
white mustard
second clearing heat phlegm drugs Beimu Gualou root in
third antitussive and antiasthmatic drugs bitter almond Zi Suzi 100 mulberry bark
tenth chapters treating rheumatic arthralgia antirheumatic drug

Heracleum papaya Passepartout
second expelling wind damp heat drug
Gentiana Fangji Herba Siegesbeckiae
third rheumatism strong bones drug
fourth plant
< br > Patchouli Herb thick Park Fifth Festival diuresis medicine
the benefits of water swelling drug
Poria Coix Alisma
the diuresis medicine
Plantago talc Akebia
the Lishi retreat
Artemisia capillaris Herba Lysimachiae xanthate
eleventh chapter human parasite nemesis – anthelmintic
Melia Quisqualis areca omphalia
twelfth chapter stagnation of Qi, Qi inverse
tangerine peel with Qi medicine Zhishi Woody / Kawa Ko litchi nuclear Diospyros kaki
thirteenth chapter activating blood to stop bleeding common physical and blood
the first festival of activating blood and dissolving stasis of blood

Chuanxiong Rhizoma Curcuma the Huoxue Tiaojing pills
Salvia safflower seed motherwort Caulis Spatholobi Vaccaria
the blood circulation to cure medicine
ground beetle, anomala
of removing blood stasis drug

second zedoary hemostatic
of Liangxue hemostatic thistle Cirsium japonicum
Sanguisorba officinalis Flos sophorae
the stasis hemostatic
three seven
the convergence hemostatic
white and Crinis Carbonisatus nodus Nelumbinis Rhizomatis
the temperature by hemostatic
leaf stoves subsoil
fourteenth chapter sthenia coma soon with resuscitation drugs
musk, borneol storax Acorus
fifteenth chapter Pinggan Xifeng drugs commonly used
first stabilize liver Yang medicine stone how to eat oysters cassia
second sections of mother of PearlXifeng Zhijing drugs antelope horn Gouteng / scorpion centipede
sixteenth chapter detachment disease drugs commonly used Guse
Ma Huanggen Wu Mei dogwood Schisandra lotus Gorgon
seventeenth chapter challenge for healing, insecticidal antipruritic drugs /2
male sulfur alum garlic toad camphor
eighteenth chapter includes rot, sores myogenic convergence drug /2
light powder calamine borax arsenolite minium

@##@ references. "Learning to use traditional Chinese medicine to learn" a book illustrations and orderly, easy to learn, both in theory and clinical practice. First introduce basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, then explain the classification commonly used herbs, and application, usage and so on, with verse summarized for memory, and also easy to identify application skills of confusion of traditional Chinese medicine.
Media attention and comments

As the saying goes, “ three drug ”, drugs have their effect, also has its side effect, if not understand resistance and casually medication, would be counterproductive. Western medicine instructions in general are clearly marked with what side effect, and the traditional Chinese medicine is the result of formula, few such annotation. In order to understand this kind of knowledge, I rise of the learning Chinese medicine. Wandering in the bookstore, looking at the Department of traditional Chinese Medicine Dictionary thick, I somewhat prohibitive. Suddenly see the "learning by Chinese medicine, a school will be" a book with over two pages, I was the succinct language book, attracted by the rich knowledge. The book introduces many commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, not only have the drug pictures, common name, property, function and application, and the usage and dosage, usage, authentication application, inductive verse and other knowledge, let me to have a comprehensive understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, especially useful. Do not read do not know, a really wonderful to read! Read the "learning by Chinese medicine, a school will be" one book, I know a lot of things can cure. For example, the usual cooking scallion stalk is unexpectedly a herb, fistular onion stalk decoction can cure cold, externally for milk stasis not, breast distending pain. For example, when the fruit to eat papaya also belongs to the Chinese traditional medicine, can relax, Shengjinzhike Xiaoshi, treating beriberi edema disease. For example, litchi is Qi medicine, can cure colic pain, testicular swelling and pain, epigastric pain, dysmenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain for other diseases. And garlic, Flos Sophorae, nodus Nelumbinis Rhizomatis, Diospyros kaki, lotus seed, ebony and other common things a lot in life belongs to Chinese medicine, can be used as medicine to cure the disease, is amazing! "Learning to learn" Chinese medicine books use simple language describes a number of commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, not only have the drug pictures, common name, property, function and application, and the usage and dosage, usage, authentication application, inductive verse and other knowledge, let me to have a comprehensive understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, there is update the understanding on the side of a lot of things, very practical.
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