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Four, the twelve meridians on the point it is no exaggeration to say, more than 700 points of the human body, no one is useless. If you find the right using method, acupoint can play its unique role. Radiating pain of feet Ze hole lung on the feet Ze hole is located on the horizontal elbow bicipitalis radialis depression. The main function of this point is to discharge heat. The cause for the lung heat cough asthma, chest pain and other diseases effectively. Press this point to have strength, reach slight pain feeling better effect. Bufei Yishen Lieque cross handed grip, then the left index finger is in the right back, and the index finger is listed lack of acupuncture point. This point is located in the intersection of three, so not only for the lung, and large intestine meridian and Ren meridian have a regulatory role. Many times, we will because Ougan cold caused untold headache, then you can through the massage Lieque point to Shu Wei Xie table, can also be combined with hot towel forehead way together. Lieque acupoint Bufei Yishen effect also comes from its connection with the conception vessel, Ren itself is "the sea of Yang Meridians", can fill lung and kidney yin deficiency. Therefore, Lieque point also follows the role of Ren, have a good regulatory role for kidney yin deficiency caused by diabetes, tinnitus, dry eye disease. Health heart Neiguan outstretched arm, palm upward. Then make a fist and raised his wrist, we can see that there are two reinforcement among arm, the pericardium Neiguan point in between the two ribs 2 inches from the wrist. Neiguan has the effect of tranquilize the mind, Qi pain, so often become the preferred high point in Chinese medicine to cure heart disease and gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms. Because the Neiguan point is very good, so can be used as a daily massage acupuncture points, whether walking or eyes closed, all can be operated, for adjusting rhythm often have very good effect. Note that, rubbing this hole without much effort, slightly acid bilges feeling can be. The package you sleep good Shenmen Shenmen acupoint is located on the side of knee joint wrist, and are connected with the palm wrist, is one of the frequently used acupuncture point. Have a very good health care function for palpitation and insomnia. Therefore, as long as remember, we all can use fingers to massage the acupoints, power does not need too much, do not have to pursue a sense of soreness. Comfortable back of Weizhong point curved legs, the back of the knee is the position of the popliteal stripes, and the midpoint of the horizontal grain that committee in the hole. In acupuncture and Moxibustion "four general points mentioned in the song" "back Committee in order", visible, the Commission is the treatment of low back disorders to point. For the Commission should take the method, the click one point one, also compatible with leg flexion and extension. It not only can cure back pain, but also can effectively remove the leg numbness and pain, has a good health care function of lower limb disease.

Gaia is male, female, born in 1958 July in General Hospital of the Air Force PLA, Department of Geriatrics, chief physician, master of medicine.
cover with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine physicians prescribing, in two areas of modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine has a very high attainments. In the clinical years, favored by the majority of patients received treatment with her unique traditional Chinese and Western medicine.
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Ancient medical Chinese think, life is a part of nature, people admit of no exception whatsoever. Since nature is in accordance with the laws of operation and change, then as a molecule of human nature, and its operation rules should be unified with the universe completely. It is this monism guide the ancient medical China, so closely and subject the astronomical geography, humanities philosophy with. For example, ancient Chinese thinkers used five lines (gold, wood, water, fire, earth) theory to explain the formation of the world and their mutual relations, traditional Chinese medicine with five lines to explain various phenomena of physiology and pathology. Ancient Chinese medical scientists under the guidance of this idea, gradually found and summed up the theory of main and collateral channels of human body, and formed a set of medical theory as the core. In comparison, with a dissecting method to create the modern medicine, seems to be in the understanding of main and collateral channels problems be at a loss what to do. Obviously, the surgical operation knife is not observed between the main and collateral channels running "gas", even for those modern precision instruments, "Circulation" is still with no reality whatever, not over. But in fact, all this is objective existence, and the human body plays a vital role in. Main and collateral channels, including the operation of the gas, each people all have, though invisible, not touch. But under certain conditions can be perceived. Chinese medicine study found that, although the main and collateral channels sensitive people accounted for only 1%, 99% other people are not sensitive, but, there is a known as implicit main and collateral channels sensing phenomena often occur. Someone once did an experiment, the current in the 12 main and collateral channels at the end of the fingers and toes are on the weak, then gently tapping on the surface. The results, to find the 12 continuous distribution, has a special feeling line on the surface, this is what the medical recessive main and collateral channels sensing line, and using different people to do the experiment, also will find the main and collateral channels position of each person are the same, and never change. You have guessed, these recessive main and collateral channels transmission line is almost identical with the ancient records of main and collateral channels. If so, then we have reason to believe that the doctrine of main and collateral channels theory of traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, two thousand years ago, "Huang Di Nei Jing" is the main and collateral channels theory -- "records of the meridians, so never death, at all, adjustable strength, not unreasonable." These few words basically is the highly generalization of the main and collateral channels of systemic importance. So.The theory of main and collateral channels in China not only has a long history, but also have high perspicacity in the beginning. Therefore, main and collateral channels theory became the core of TCM theory part, and shine. After thousands of years in practice constantly enrich and develop the theory of TCM, main and collateral channels have attracted more and more attention. So, the vast space let this book with you together into the human body main and collateral channels.
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The main and collateral channels conditioning basics I -- find one of my main and collateral channels acupoints, main and collateral channels, from the East Health Secret two, network three, main and collateral channels into the meridians of the body, predict disease early in four, the twelve meridians on the main point of five, four kinds of methodology for point second main and collateral channels conditioning based on articles II -- massage on the one hand, main and collateral channels regimen, two ears, three lesions, body ask a shave, all except four, plantar, human Qigong therapy second heart five, mysterious six, feed through main and collateral channels seven, traditional Chinese Medicine health care, Health Secret 3 main and collateral channels conditioning and actual combat -- organs conditioning, knock on the spot headache (cover doctor gold ideas) two, cure three, nose mouth it, buster, Yintang and Yingxiang four, Paoba myopia, to knock the liver five, Xuehai, Zusanli, solve the liver blood deficiency (cover doctor gold ideas) six, touch ears, preventing diseases, cervical spondylosis seven alert, beware of paraplegia (cover doctor gold ideas) eight, shoulder problems, three strategies to solve the nine, "be in perfect sympathy with each other", can lower blood pressure ten, overtraining, also eleven, low back pain of lumbar disc herniation, massage to ease the pain of twelve, "Tianshu "Knock, enhanced gastric motility, bloated body lesions is thirteen, fourteen, the signal light blow, eliminate the tightness in the chest, massage fifteen bladder, non-toxic and a light sixteen, seven private clinics that men are more Man a hole seventeen, woman's (cover physician exclusive collection) fourth main and collateral channels conditioning advanced articles -- emotional, emotional decision you a body, main and collateral channels decided two, let your emotions of anger and the liver and Taichong (cover doctor gold ideas) three, do not let the sad and hurt lung four, Tanzhong point, so that you stay away from depression five, pinch themselves, no longer mania six, night wake up sweating due to liver heat seven, point well, insomnia not disturbed (cover doctor gold ideas) eight, quickly eliminate fatigue magic point nine, raised within the mind, mind is the panacea medicine ten, manage diabetes," power "to the natural (cover doctor gold ideas) fifth main and collateral channels Health Diet Articles -- inside and outside a two, health diet, appetite, three, 12 health tea specifically for your control (cover physician secret recipe) four, first blood, iron five, spermatogenic strong kidney eat brain food six, large collecting seven, porridge cure constipation eight, pregnant women diet, do The healthy mother (cover doctor gold ideas) nine, vegetarian square office workers (cover physician secret recipe) ten, eat the fruit to be moderate (cover physician exclusive collection) eleven, private recipe, make love more sweet twelve, good food, eat more thin (cover physician exclusive collection: Thirteen), special dietary fourteen simple, far away from cold, long-term diet collection sixth conditioning regimen of Art -- everywhere to health, learn to breathe can cure all diseases (cover physician exclusive collection) two, living there often, healthy and natural three, yoga, perfect self-cultivation method four, decompression coup conditioning syndrome (workplace cover physician exclusive collection) five, late in life, four heavy health six health, @##@ from now on Main and collateral channels theory, application did not imagine so difficult. Combined with the experience of many years of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment. Doctors will cover the twelve meridians of classical theory and modern medical achievements together, forming a unique meridian health programs. This scheme is simple, ordinary people, living, breathing through the adjustment of diet in daily life, can achieve the health care effect, scientific, simple, effective, save money. In addition, this book for the sub healthy state and recessive disease is often ignored, put forward unique viewpoints and effective countermeasures.
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"Meridian, so never death, at all, adjustable strength, not unreasonable." -- "Huangdi Neijing"
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The authority of the 1 "cover physician 12 meridians regimen" Author: General Hospital of the Air Force PLA specialist, and traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine prescription right. Comprehensive 2 cover physician 12 meridian health law. There are 7 major health method, 27 kinds of organs and emotional conditioning method, 14 therapeutic schemes and 6 kinds of natural health coup. Readers positioning widely, there are special sections for the elderly, office workers, men, women, students, for their health law explanation. Universal 3 cover physician 12 meridian health law. Mainly in life often occur in disorder, and some sub healthy state. Everyone will encounter. Simple 4 cover physician 12 meridian health law. Some are simple and easy, can obtain raw material locally, and effective method. It is suitable for children to honor their parents, husband and wife mutual. Can health care, but also can promote the family. Uniqueness of the 5 cover physician 12 meridian health law. Some methods are cover physician summed up his according to experience, or one's own knack in, the book in these places marked the 7 golden ideas (characteristic suggestions), 5 exclusive collection (cover physician exclusive treatment), 2 secret recipe (cover of physicians alone regimen).
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