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Date of publication:2008-9   Press: Guangdong science and technology   Author:Cai Hongguang   Pages´╝Ü255  

"One with the spirit: main and collateral channels through Health Handbook" by the Guangdong Provincial Publishing Group, Guangdong science and Technology Publishing house. At all times and in all countries all kinds of health law, such as acupuncture, massage, massage, qigong, martial arts, sports, medicine, food, dancing, singing and the life of the good habits, theSo has the effect of medical care, the fundamental reason is that these methods eventually caused the main and collateral channels active, smooth flow of Qi, yin and yang balance, so as to promote and restored to health. So we can say that the total control system of main and collateral channels system is healthy. The great theory and practice of the Chinese nation's theory of main and collateral channels, and all the people of the world to the Chinese propaganda, popularization, promotion. The theory of main and collateral channels popularization, popularization, simple, practical. Listen to understand, to learn, to see the Ming, one with the spirit, from the folk folk, return, for the benefit of the people. To make more and more people gradually get rid of illness, the awakening of main and collateral channels healthy, this is Cai Hongguang's 20 years of main and collateral channels pursuit and contribution. Cai Hongguang's "one with the spirit: main and collateral channels through Health Handbook", many of the traditional, practical, simple, fast effect all kinds of main and collateral channels of exercise life with "three one two" main and collateral channels exercise rule combination, become a daily clothing, food, shelter, health habits, not a loss for the the main and collateral channels of exercise, hope that people can find he can insist on main and collateral channels from exercise, healthy life. Main and collateral channels small action, solve big problems, main and collateral channels is a belief, fate, pay, fo, vertical hold. Main and collateral channels is a human traffic map; like the city traffic map. The general does not hurt, pain is unreasonable; the general does not plug, plug. A more serious illness. Rub, do not worry. Back often blow, live eighty-eight. One day shake three shake, lived to be ninety-nine. Cold three points: Fengfu, Dazhui, people. Anti cold "sneeze three action". A good sleep eight. First aid: three points in heart, right, to Yang Chong. Effects of weight loss tips: drink three fast pai. Vertical hold "three one three", a generation to health.

Illustration: three main and collateral channels health tips (a) is the key to understanding of main and collateral channels. Tang's monk on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, with 3 of his disciples, that is, Wu, Wu Jing wukong. Why their names are "Enlightenment"? Why he is the most serious? Because he is from the air, can realize the existence of demons and ghosts do not see evil from ordinary people, to three strikes. Enlightenment is to see the essence of things through the surface of things. Main and collateral channels distribution Q gaps in body tissues, invisible, but hold overall system as a whole, without understanding, it's really difficult to find the true meaning of main and collateral channels of health and longevity. Understanding so important, understanding is what? There is a philosophical story: God of a pastor said: "if you're so hard to God, in your distress, God can save you 3 times." After this man met a disaster, he was trapped in the flood. Flood soaked to the foot, there are 1 boats through, someone had to pull him up, he said: "no, God will save me." Over a period of time flooded to the chest, a ship after, said on board: come up. He said: "no, God will save me." After a period of time, the flood and dipped into the nose. A helicopter flying over, let go of the rope, he want to catch, thought: anyway, God will save me. Finally, he finally could not support can be drowned by the flood. After the death of his soul to God asked: why do you speak not count? God says: I mean what I say, and I have been sent to save you 3 times, save your not God? Can you lack of understanding, don't know you escape is at present the most important thing, but doomed. "Awakening" is to have no bottom, but it couldn't be simpler. Does a plant leaf above, there is no water below the root, to go to watering; leaf yellow soil fertilizer deficiency, hurry to fertilization, these farmers are realized. What is enlightenment, enlightenment is the understanding of things, never learned to understand; Wu is the perception of all things, to know not to know a lot; Wu is hard to understand, to ask why several. The human body main and collateral channels is the same, once discovered the truth, main and collateral channels will achieve great change in the human body. Me according to different degrees of understanding, divide people into three levels, he said: "if it were opposite, Sergeant smell if memory if not, corporal smell smile." High level perception once people saw follow not, therefore the whole life without insurance, disease is not personal; hierarchical perception of truth clearly, so that appear wrong, not much, if any, so the service learning worry about personal gains and losses, square accounts in every detail, difficult as large and change; the lack of understanding of people, knowledgeable, simply do not know what is the truth, even heard the word of truth will be to laugh, think be a wild legend. The people laugh, it explains the profound, as is the universe and ask for everything laws, only for the savvy people have. The ancient people asked Bian Que: "good medicine who?" Bian Que said: "my brother." Someone asked: "why your reputation, but no one knows your brother?" Bian Que replied: "my brother to see a person look, he will know how should recuperate, this man is not ill, but I have to wait until they really sick, can prescribe medicine. So people think I can make the dead come back to life, shaking heaven and earth. But my brother is good at the silent places, not disease medicine, no disease, so know my brother who can live a long and healthy life." Thus, the highest level of TCM preventive medicine health and longevity. Maybe a lot of people is very easy to earn money, but a lot of people not to health to health, health is very exquisite understanding. As enough money, can not make money, work can be retired, but health is a lifetime pursuit, not savvy people are very difficult to adhere to a lifetime of. A lot of people talk to me, I would like to ask a question: you are at present the most important is the lack of money and lack of health? (two) main and collateral channels is a belief in my life is like "journey to the west" this novel, never get tired, always can see many successful philosophy of life. The key of this book has been permeated with Tang's monk firm belief, can see that if I once abandoned this conviction, learn will soon be over, because there are too many temptations and challenges. Many business recession or even bankruptcy, in fact is the belief problems, especially health and longevity? If life without faith, it is very difficult to get to the main and collateral channels the scriptures. Faith is the key to good health and longevity, because faith is like the life time for the human body biological clock. Life in order to design the human body biological clock time, the key is to establish a firm belief in the health and longevity of life. Life there is always such a case: I have a friend, the old mother ill, on the verge of death or destruction, then here's little son said: Mom, brother is USA hurried back to see you. The mother, its vitality once again, in the back with a big son. A week later, son hasn't come back, suddenly a small son, brother because PhD exam papers, do not rush back, after listening to his mother, know the son finally studies, slowly shut eyes, eyes shed two drops of tears, an hour after he died peacefully. Visible faith power. At the time of writing this book, I have a friend, a relative died at the age of 39, what disease, in fact, what disease did not check out, just thought that his life is not long, dying, dying! It died at the age of 39. My father gave me a sentence: "your grandfather died at the age of 50, I can 60 good. And my father retired at the age of 60 after second years of a disease and died. This is the secret to human biological clock, a body is aging rapidly, rapid death. Similarly, if the firm faith, miracles may happen at any time. Vice president of an anticancer association, had breast cancer, downhearted, don't eat not to drink, lying in bed waiting to die.
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Since 1993, I edited "utility main and collateral channels acupoint therapy" since, for many readers, Guangdong science and Technology Publishing House has also been reprinted. After I have wrote "make it less -- main and collateral channels Xiaozhi cut abdomen health law" (revised renamed after "health reduce the belly"), "four", "health and diet diet", "view of symptomatic hand know health" and other books. This should also press, then compile a user-friendly, one with the spirit of "one with the spirit -- main and collateral channels through Health Handbook". The special material to take up the pen after just know this book is too hard to write, because the Chinese nation outstanding culture of main and collateral channels so simple, practical, universal, but also to let the reader see Ming, a school will be, one with the spirit, this just know more simple is not simple. Main and collateral channels health method, so this book, both can be readily applied to in daily life, and can form a long-term practical main and collateral channels living habits, can quickly experience the benefits of main and collateral channels. Each person has their own value, Olympic athletes, of which the most important is how to express the maximum limit of the human body through sports. Hongkong's richest man Li Jiacheng why still not to stop development, lies in his value to reflect how a person to play the greatest ability. I feel the value of life lies in constantly to reflect the main and collateral channels how to exert its maximum capacity, how to make people health and longevity. There is a successful law: the complex things simple, simple things repeat. Saying this is simple, it is very difficult to do. This sentence is also set in the health of health law, many people are not healthy, is not to insist on one or two kinds of good habits. The two masters in my apprentice time are just 86 years old, and I always like many 86 years old is also very healthy longevity of the elderly. Especially the many healthy centenarians (9 - 1). Throughout their lives, people insist on a good habit of healthy, can face and experience many social hardship. The mysteries of their 100 healthy, summed up just a few points: to eat fish, go to bed early, take a walk, relax. In fact, this is the main and collateral channels healthy character mantra. Fish is the main and collateral channels and nutrition, early to bed and is consistent with the physiological laws of main and collateral channels, walking is the best exercise main and collateral channels, main and collateral channels for relief is smooth. My mother this year 86 years old, these simple methods used in my mother's body, a 55 year old retired has not what disease, did not eat any lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic, blood pressure, body is very healthy, even the age spots are not. Can get such good feedback to my mother, this is my biggest wish. I also hope that the 100 year old healthy so good to dedicate to all mother. In fact, health and clothing, food, shelter, along with many relations, there are more healthy, the key in this book is for you to find a suitable for their own, one or two ways to adhere to for a long time. If you smoke 20 days continuously, I believe many people will become addicted, will form a bad habit. Many health method in this book, you may find one or two suitable exercise method, 20 days later, and see if you can become a good health habits. If you can find the one or two healthy habits, can be long-term adherence to congratulate you, main and collateral channels health will accompany you for life. The success of science has so a word: winners never quit, quitters never win. Such a simple method to health and longevity, it is difficult to adhere to a lifetime. There is a story: once 3 prisoner was sentenced to 3 years in prison, to spend 3 years in prison, they have the opinion very much, just hope can meet them one wish. So, the warden can meet their requirements a. The first prisoners think 3 years is too stuffy, hope to meet him smoking conditions; second people feel too boring, want to have a beautiful woman to accompany him third people hope to have a can get through the whole world. After 3 years out of prison, the first man into a heavy smoker, second life had 3 children, third people became a multimillionaire. If you are not satisfied with the present health and income, that you are not satisfied with the results of 3 years ago. In real life, my side also has a large number of such people: people always indulge in Mahjong without a single success; some people to play mahjong when asked to practice calligraphy, finally became the famous calligrapher who womanizing, finally killed, prematurely senile; people insist on learning, training at main and collateral channels, physical health, family harmony life is cool. When writing, heard the Guangdong Jiujiang bridge collapsed. When a driver found, immediately stopped the car, took off his clothes, station into the middle of the road waving clothes, shouting passing vehicle parking, but some passing drivers don't believe that someone robbed in the street, more quickly and avoid rush rush, finally to long Wang office report. Suddenly I feel I was waving clothes stand in the main and collateral channels through removal of shouting men, but there are always some people who do not believe in himself in the main and collateral channels. Get into the health. Today the book is in the hope of main and collateral channels on the road there are more people together for the main and collateral channels (Figure 9-2). Life, always should leave a little something for our children and grandchildren. I also have no what invention and creation, the best thing is to every little bit to inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of our country folk, don't let it in the modern economic society, in the hands of our generation lost. Meet a margin, knowing each other is a blessing. Life and health are very speak of fate. An accidental opportunity, you read a book, understand a sentence, make a master, from health and longevity wealth may be accompanied by your life. In this book is a margin, understand the main and collateral channels is fu. If today you see, see, see which moves allows you to set an example by personally taking part to continue for 3 years. I also hope that you can take your experience to introduce to you all the relatives and friends, for the main and collateral channels so excellent culture of the Chinese nation has a good word to say. Here, I want to borrow this book, thank you! Cai Hongguang in February 21, 2008 in Guangzhou
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To have been on the main and collateral channels pursuit and contribution. Cai Hongguang's book, many of the traditional, practical, simple, fast effect all kinds of main and collateral channels of exercise life with "three one two" main and collateral channels exercise rule combination, become a daily clothing, food, shelter, health habits, is a more practical method of main and collateral channels exercise, hope that people can find he can insist on main and collateral channels from exercise, healthy life.
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