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In 2006, Ancient Chinese Literature Search heat to warm up, many business executives and government officials to study western management system widely, began the return of traditional culture. This is a Ancient Chinese Literature Search forum planning to come to me, because I am in the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, spent more than a decade in terms of Confucianism and Chinese curriculum, they hope I can do some promotion Ancient Chinese Literature Search part. Let me go about Confucianism side of things, I am not willing, after all, specialize in. Until there is a state-owned school asked me six days of "Huangdi Neijing", I promise. Unexpectedly, this lecture will never stop. From the first day of lectures, is Shandong Education TV station "forum" on, has always been low-key existence I finally promised a "forum" for the following reasons: one, it was someone initiative to abolish TCM when, "forum" production team of young people have the courage to promote Chinese medicine, I admire their courage and enthusiasm; two, if people can accept the "Huang Di Nei Jing", and truly let the old classical is beneficial to people's life, it is to do good; three, my native place Shandong, raise my parents ancestor germinal to have a deep complex. So, I took six days in the course of two days to the Shandong education television. Later, I work in the China translation and publishing company's schoolmate at college Li Hong insisted that my six days of all the contents of the publication, with a memorial as our twenty anniversary of graduation from University, so this will have the "health twelve". This world is not It is without rhyme or reason. love, no It is without rhyme or reason. hate. I have now become the most fanatical obsession and advocating the Chinese people, is has had a long history of painful and tortuous. As I in my other book ("traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese culture") postscript wrote: in the assigned to the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine before and I didn't know this world there is a book called "the book the" Huang Di Nei, also don't know "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" and "classic", in addition to the original myth songs, poetry, and philosophy, I do not know that the world also has another kind of explanation. It was a mystery: strange world...... First read "I was nauseated Huangdi Neijing" when, I was this huge and sophisticated system to get confused and disoriented, but I soon happiness within, a new gate was opened...... In the "Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine", I found a calm, rational and emotional, and full of the human world, it was a rejected all the impetuous and cosmetics, only for some basic things and the existence of the world...... In fact, can speak "Huangdi Neijing" is my long years, it was this great classic let me get to know the world's most respected teacher and the most lovely students. Needless to say, because of the impact of western education system, education of Chinese medicine somewhat failure. Await one's doom? Or find a new way to inherit the Zu Xun, and complete the traditional Chinese culture and the Western civilization dialogue? So I spent a lot of time studying classical, and visiting doctors around, ask them to give the true love of Chinese students in class, my students and I really enjoy that kind of teacher learning night...... Gradually, every weekend, we have a Chinese salon, various gods together to speak one's mind freely, in-depth discussions on the principles of Chinese medicine and various cases...... Later. Learning is becoming more and more active, we not only the study of scriptures, practicing pulse (the Chinese unique perception of life has given us the infinite pleasure), and learn the processing of Chinese herbal medicine (this really thank my family, because it usually get my house a mess in the kitchen, the kitchen into a pharmacy. But also to influence my child from the taste of Guizhi Decoction and Mahuang Decoction can distinguish ability)...... Finally, we took "Shennong" spirit, the "one by one" in Treatise on the prescription to eat, until eat poisoned. But the first thing to wake up from the numbness is to record the whole process and feeling...... I'm really proud of these lovely students, there is a group of people inherit the great Chinese are determined, we need not worry about the decline of Chinese medicine and decline, is the "Huangdi Neijing" deep and broad, generous and kind to me and my friends, students work closely together, no matter what they go where, all have a common belief, shared memories, common pursuit can we re polymerization, that joy, that kind of hard, that kind of dedication, will become the contact us link the inner beauty. I often think: if they do not give up the pursuit of the future. If they can adhere to the classical belief in a barren, their success will greatly benefit the society, history will record their. If you read this book, that everyone can love our great Chinese, love those saints of the classic culture of Chinese medicine, let the near old and wise old man back to the US, protect us, and to protect our children and grandchildren, life will be wonderful. This book is based on lectures recording sorting, processing me six days together, during which a number of my research students Shen Bin, Fu Yali, Yu Chuan in the editing has done a lot of work, thanks. Qu Limin in February 28, 2008 in Beijing @##@ Wentiange tea Illustration: first from life to classic: "health wisdom primer by" Huang Di Nei: daily life in the "Dao" in daily life, we often mentioned a word, is the "sale", doing business is business, if you thought not, China traditional culture why say "shopping" not "buy the North South"? The problem with the "Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine" Chinese medicine culture theory is actually closely related. In China culture inside, the so-called "East" is the representative of the "wood", "Xi" is the representative of the "gold", "North" is the representative of the "water", "south" is the representative of the "fire", "Earth", is the central concept is very important which is traditional Chinese medicine: "the five line". Simple painting, is what the above diagram, in the lectures of our future, will be theOften involves the connotation and extension of the graph, the graph contains a broad meaning gradually fully reflected. Can say, Chinese culture as a whole is covered in this figure. So, why is the "shopping" is not "buy the north south"? In five the specific generation refers to the entity, wood and metal can be contained objects, and fire and water is very difficult in the containing vessel, in ancient so, must be "shopping" and not "buy North and south". Further, to five for the generation of referring to as speaking, art, Oriental hair, gold, western representative convergence; and fire, the representative distribution, water, representative of North -- therefore, from business sense, we all want to buy things, mainly Chinese and it is in the nature of the for example: do the sunrise industry, is the use value of nature it full of vigour, unlimited potential. Otherwise is to do with the convergence, the aggregation properties for sale, such as energy industry. So you can make a lot of money. And what is the fire like? Is always in the divergent! For example, charitable activities, is to outward distribution, giving. What is the north "hidden" meaning? "Hide" you think this thing well, so you can put it away. For example, collections, this is you should not take out selling things, is the thing you like, especially beloved thing, you want to hide. In fact, learning China traditional culture there are two ways, one is Read classic books, another is from the real life to witness. Just say "shopping" in this example. Is in fact to tell you, Chinese trading is culture, is the nature of germinal and convergence; while the westerners, they focus on the sale of the "". So, Chinese can only sell "things", can't buy "north and South", this is our daily life "common people everyday use and do not know" culture, just know is to buy things, but, the real reason where, but not too clear. So we learn Chinese, learn "by" the book Huang Di Nei, seemed very difficult, but as long as you understand life, the road of life you know. A lot of similar, related matters contained in the way you would know, China culture is such. In Chinese values, another point, such as the "south, North", can be in love should be like "enthusiasm" and "gentle", both are your money can not buy things, is not to be entered into the transaction level. So, now the concept of "Oriental" when it came to mind. Oriental represents the germinal. We Chinese as the east of the world, is culture, culture; Western represents the convergence, so the western society is material. To say that the five lines, wood represents liver in Chinese medicine, the fire represents the gold on behalf of lung, heart, kidney water, central earth represents the spleen and stomach. Liver (wood) is the germinal, heart (fire) is to open the cloth, so the heart never say because beat tired, can rest a while, if it is for a man to die, the heart is always there. In addition, the lung (gold) the main convergence, kidney (water) Master collection. In ancient China, we say the five line is the "Mu Huo soil of Jinshui", and now we say "Jin Mu water fire and earth", from which it was evident that the ancient thought and modern thought that there are great differences. The ancient thinking is "Mu Huo soil of Jinshui", which is a combination of sequence: Wood generates fire, fire, native gold, gold raw water, aquatic wood -- there is movement, the cultural connotation in it. It is said in ancient China. People behave in all cultures, is attached to the hair, from the "wood" began. Influenced by the Western civilization, now our life is heavy material, so we now say five rows from the "gold", this is an interesting cultural phenomenon. From this point we can feel we are all aspects of life and the ancient had very different. The content above is a primer, a valuable prologue. Relevant content will often mentioned in our subsequent number speaking. From "Huangdi Neijing" learning a way of keeping good health now we start to get down to business -- from "Huangdi Neijing" learning a way of keeping good health.

Our human nature is innocent in the viscera, harmonious pattern of a like nature itself -- highest quality. Our body is one of the most accurate, the most self-contained self organization structure, by virtue of their own ability, no way to achieve very promising state. So, all disease is contrary to human nature ", the so-called" break down from constant overwork "," habits made lame ", cannot enjoy the days until. Only after understand human nature, life and life can we really changed. This book from the daily life, It is quite common for be known to all but the phenomena and details are often unknown to start, to Chinese medicine of Scripture "by" the theory of the Yellow Emperor as the basis, a detailed explanation of the men and women of the rhythm of life: a year of twenty-four solar term, a day twelve hour of the natural and human law and how health tips; treat ancient plague people "life four" or "three sins; from the disease", the lame, depression, and health at present common disease of Chinese medicine to therapy, etc.. The author comprehensively "Huangdi Neijing" and other Chinese traditional medical classic meaning, Confucianism three health theory, and the traditional Chinese culture of "self-cultivation, family, country and world," ideal pursuit, smart, a thorough explanation of "medicine is the way of existence" actually, that Chinese is not only save operation. It is to solve the dilemma of human life. The ancients said, "medicine can cure the disease of your dear, can save the poor, can guarantee the whole length". Medicine is the science of life, it is not only the emperor of the industry. But merit, great compassion. Book both medicine and medical analysis. Is to teach health wisdom and specific methods, to love, cherish life, love life, health as the goal. This is a book full of humanistic care; is a let you ignorant back to the infinite, got a Book: gives you the inner calm strength, open the harmonious life book.
Author brief introduction

Qu Limin, female, associate professor, master tutor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Dean of Tsinghua University, special advisor to Beijing 天人医易 Institute of traditional Chinese medicine. Bachelor of Beijing Normal University master of language and literature, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine School of medicine. Both rich Ancient Chinese Literature Search literacy, proficient in philology and traditional medicine, and through the western anthropology. To participate in the national level, school level of several research projects, including national philosophy and social science nine five planning project "research" in Chinese medicine and pharmacy Confucianism Taoism and Buddhism, the project "of traditional Chinese philosophy of", "" Taoist "medical literature research and digital processing" etc.. Has presided over the "project three yin and three yang theory and ancient astronomy" and "five transport related issues six gas and epidemiological literature research", in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and clinical aspects have unique experience and insights. And spreading over the years has been committed to the Chinese medical knowledge and Chinese traditional culture, not only in the "Beijing University of Chinese Medicine of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional culture", "the book of changes and the traditional Chinese medicine", "the research of Taoism", "Chinese cultural classics" and other courses; also invited to Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, the Fudan University, Communication University of China and other colleges and universities "Yellow Emperor" and "teaching contents of Chinese culture"; and was invited to Hunan "Furong forum", China Telecom, Jiangxi, Guangdong SASAC and other speech, spread of traditional Chinese culture. The claimsChinese culture "Tao" only implement the "people" level to be meaningful, advocated from the word of life to the interpretation of culture and science, that only when everyone has a full understanding and Reflection on self life instinct and the soul, it may have on the Tao consciousness and health. Life. His major works include "traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese culture", "Huang Di Nei Jing? Health wisdom", "Chinese health wisdom", "easy to learn qigong" etc..
Catalogue of books

The first lecture from life to classic: "health wisdom by" Huang Di Nei primer: daily life in the "Tao" from "Huangdi Neijing" learning Chinese medicine health Daoism is learn "Tao", to learn Tao method second a day how to raise a child (23:00-1:00) sleep Chou period (1:00 3:00) raise liver blood Yin Shi (3:00 - 5:00) to "descending" Mao Shi (5:00 ~ 7 "00) should be displayed (7:00 ~ 9:00) stool to eat breakfast time (9:00 ~ 11:00) as the snake noon (11" 00 - 13:00) to take a nap at (13:00 ~ 1 5:00) absorption fine Huashen when (15:00 - 17:00) Study hard you (17:00 ~ 19:00) "kidney" is the most important Xu (19:00 ~ 21:00) must be happy ah Hai (21:00 - 23:00) of yin and Yang, and in traditional Chinese medicine, said far not far from primer: Stories "Wu Culture" and "culture" and "the Yellow Emperor Chinese divination in the" why "Yellow Emperor" named medical study why study two women -- the secret "Huangdi Neijing" and "Treatise on the" sage, traditional Chinese medicine, medical patient fourth nature most days True children born gods disease is made out of how can we not sick female and seven male eight: life rhythm and the men have different cultivation has fifth speak with emotion: solar term adjustment year how health why God send Siqi spring summer autumn Chen must sweat "and chicken are flourishing" winter "no interference between Yang" has died of treating disease before sixth of traditional Chinese medicine five Tibetan medicine five reservoir -- "image" thought five Tibetan and five rows of "Huangdi Neijing" of "Yin and Yang" seventh be as big talk about human the viscera organs five reservoir eighth main and collateral channels and health introduction: feet and health meridians and the law of yin and yang meridians circulation of the eight extra meridians is the key hair beard and this wonderful point ninth disease and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and health life four confused -- alcoholism born in gas all emotional students g depression treatment of why people get sick Chinese medicine how to treat the tenth about Buddhism and Taoism health people's life span can't live what is the cause of the natural life span -- on Confucian life -- on the Buddhist religion consistent method -- Method of Taoism and Taoist natural treatment regimen Dan and Dan and taking real Brain maintenance eleventh about Chinese traditional medicine and epidemiology of TCM will be telling you in TCM, and epidemic struggle in twelfth day development of health and medical help lift a finger health tips Xunyiwenyao knowledge out of control on the medicine you have the heart of Thanksgiving, people happiness appendix works share the Confucianism of Buddhism and Taoism of life and death Freud and the spirit of the interview with Chinese medicine books, giving us endless love
Chapter excerpt

The sage does not treat the disease, cure is not ill; not cure has been chaotic, did not rule out. -- "Huangdi Neijing" "Huangdi Neijing" is Chinese traditional medical canon, all concepts of Chinese medicine are derived from the classical. Without it, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine become without this this. Passive water. It is advocating "medicine is to survive", it emphasizes the profound cognition of our human nature. Never a road. It has always taken care of our life, drawing us endless love. If you read this book. Let us all love our great Chinese, love the saints of the classic. Let the culture of TCM the near old and wise old man back to the US, protect us. And to protect our children and grandchildren. Life will be wonderful. @##@ -- Qu Limin "Qu Limin said:" the health twelve music professor Li Min about the "health wisdom by" Huang Di Nei's completely about the 12 hour of the day, the four season of the year, health principle and method of whole body from head to toe, from the inside to the outside to fully explain the various parts of the nearest and dearest relatives Jiapin gifts one point Li Min: music since the beginning of 2006, was invited to all over the country Ancient Chinese Literature Search auditorium speech "Huangdi Neijing", because this Ancient Chinese Literature Search heat to warm up, many business executives and government officials to study western management system widely, began to return to Chinese traditional culture. And before this, as a teacher of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, the course has been Associate Professor Qu Li Min opened "China ancient culture and traditional Chinese medicine" and so stimulate students enthusiasm for the "Huang Di Nei Jing" and other Chinese medicine Sheng Sheng. I bumped into Qu Li Min -- say "encounter" in early 2006, a classmate party, because we are Chinese Department of Beijing Normal University Grade 82 class, but since 1987, graduated from the University of numerous large and small classmate party should not meet, this meeting is our 20 anniversary of graduation from university activities open reserve will be held in 2007. From then on, I was Qu Limin opened for us the world of traditional Chinese medicine "," the Yellow Emperor inner world deeply attracted, then watched her in Ancient Chinese Literature Search classroom lectures, the school opened in the elective course, and clinical practice of Chinese concrete in hot conditions, but there is a strike the table in surprise.Feeling. 20 years of time, was staged in Beijing Normal University Campus Qu Limin writers, avant-garde style drama scene also be visible before the eyes; and this literary prodigy, after graduation from the university he read a master of medicine, and thoroughly to remould oneself as a part of traditional Chinese teaching, research and clinical practice, experts strongly and spreading of traditional Chinese medicine and the traditional Chinese culture. However, in various lectures, watching the speech Qu Limin, editor of "health twelve" Qu Limin said a book, I feel that from the literature spirit, passion, lively out freely, as well as for the understanding and considerate human nature, for the deep understanding of life, here in Qu Limin did not disappear or change, but already benefit her Chinese medicine culture occupation and career, laid the foundation of the success of her rare for the culture of traditional Chinese medicine teaching and research, the promotion and practice. "Qu Limin said that" a health twelve books including Qu Limin in Ancient Chinese Literature Search classroom teaching of "Huangdi Neijing" all the lessons, but also includes the Qu Limin so far, content in the television program. Two things: Qu Li Min, accumulate steadily, vivid, humorous. "Qu Limin said that" the health of twelve according to various lecture recording Qu Limin gathering and processing process, first of all to keep her lecture that kind of emotional tone, take the scene, the scene of the effective way of reducing as much as possible about, book reading than the film "watching" the existence of natural the receiving distance, in order to bring the charm of Qu Limin, the original retained in the book between the lines. Secondly, "Qu Limin said to play" health twelve print can be divided region, sub section are read repeatedly merits, meticulously rendered Qu Li Min lectures wonderful analytical hieroglyphs, the main and collateral channels, acupoints and so on image; the more inviting song Li Min in the book to increase narrator comments or refine Punchline, not only makes the main the content of each chapter stick out a mile, but also highlights the essence of insight into the power of life. Three things: from the people daily life phenomenon of interpretation don't know, "Huang Di Nei Jing" in the health of great wisdom. For example: why Chinese say to buy "things" rather than buy a "North South"? She then leads to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine in the "five line" concept. Why the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says "winter eat eat Luobu Xia Jiang, without a doctor's prescription"? There is the four seasons health. Why 3 pm to 5 points of learning and working efficiency is the highest, why people must sleep son nap, why to say the best sex time is at 10 pm or so? So she opened the twelve hour health tips. But her main and collateral channels and health abstract, from "why Westerners love to take a shower and Chinese medicine foot is more important" began. Four things: "Qu Limin twelve" is the pursuit of Health said from the "Huang Di Nei Jing" and other Chinese classics and Confucianism and other Chinese traditional culture theory from health wisdom, society and life in order to make it feasible to implement, in our present. The writer's position is that since the Ming method. She reach the acme of perfection to explanation of the principle and nature, men and women's life rhythm, a year twenty-four solar term, a day twelve hour of the natural and human law, to return to haunt us modern people's "life four or" sins, "three high", emotional disorders, depression (depression), sub-health common symptoms, and constantly attacked our flu epidemic of traditional Chinese medicine on the cause, treatment and health care and live an easy life in old age; the specific methods and so on will follow, be completely bared there and then. The author believes that, only in the knowledge of human nature, life and life can we really changed. "Qu Limin twelve" Health said whether the analysis of medical and medicine, is to teach health wisdom and specific methods, to love, cherish life, love life, health as the goal. This is a book full of humanistic care; is a let you lead a person to endless aftertastes, got a book; give your life force open the inner calm, harmonious life book. In this book as we graduated 20 anniversary commemoration, we that is full of literary dream, as literature and feverish University age.
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