• Graphic Huangdi Neijing

    Graphic Huangdi Neijing, "graphic Huangdi Neijing: the first book of Chinese Health (classic graphic version)" by a picture concise problem can be solved, no longer use words to explain; a flow chart can be complicated process clear, no longer use verbose language to describe; a form can express clearly the concept of no longer jerky terminology,

  • Hand and foot massage is not sick ear

    "Foot massage hand ear not ill" a selection of 50 kinds of common disease, seven daily health care plan, help you all-round control condition; from health judgment, to massage, let the experts teach you to learn massage. In addition, hand and foot massage "ear not ill" for each condition were selected from the hand and foot reflection area and ear,

  • Ear massage foot spine disease

    Ear foot spine symptomatic massage, ISBN:9787534584909, author: Wu Zhongzhao,

  • The first practical TCM symptomatic of my

    "A brief introduction to the first the TCM symptomatic of" my content: medicine has become a popular fashion, if you are still desperately dieting to lose weight, then you out, but insisted on pressing Baihui acupoint can effectively alleviate the pressure induced obesity. Such a small example of this can be too numerous to enumerate, open ",

  • Small recipe for health

    "Small nostrum big health" author Nabokov cited ancient doctors and civil disease prevention and control experience, to the active form, popular words introduced simple diagnosis of respiratory, digestive, blood, urinary, facial features, skin, bone and joint system disease and ingenious self treatment method. The content easy to understand, easy method,,

  • Graphic moxibustion prevention and health

    "Graphic moxibustion prevention and health" introduces the origin and development of moxibustion, moxibustion and moxibustion indications, theoretical basis, main and collateral channels and acupoints, basic knowledge of common diseases of moxibustion, moxibustion health of some of the basic method. "Graphic moxibustion prevention and health" be concise and to the point, user-friendly, practical,

  • The self health massage compendium

    The self health massage compendium, "health wisdom: introduction to the self health massage compendium" content: with the development of modern society, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, in addition to the treatment of diseases, more focused on health and sub-health population self health care. Self massage is the most secure, convenient self therapy, the,

  • Muscle-bone strengthening exercise

    Muscle-bone strengthening exercise, "muscle-bone strengthening exercise" by combining pictures in the form of muscle-bone strengthening exercise every move, every form in detail, and the mistakes and movement essentials to remind and correct, so that every lovers can more standardized, scientific practice, every few minutes, step by step, so as to achieve physical fitness, longevity,

  • Massage Gua Sha cupping cure all diseases

    "Introduction to massage Gua Sha cupping cure all diseases" content: natural therapy massage, cupping, scraping by manual conditioning main and collateral channels acupoint, the mobilization of the body's own pharmacy store as the focal point, emphasizing the overall balance and viscera natural medicine idea, if know how to use, medical treatment, and two not mistake. ,

  • Breath read health eight veins

    "In one breath to read health eight vein" content brief introduction: meridian, so the gas and Ying Yin and Yang Ru bones, joints, and also. Cover the context of soup will, as in the Shu, the God. In clinical practice, diagnosis and treatment of each subject to the use of the eight extra meridians theory, especially acupuncture,,

  • Moxibustion cleaning of common diseases

    Moxibustion moxibustion cleaning cleaning of common disease, "common disease (Revised Version)" is a revision of Dan Guimin teacher "moxibustion moxibustion to famous expert of common diseases" upgrade edition. "Moxibustion to common disease" won the "2011 most popular health book" award at the 2011 China Health Annual billboard award. "Moxibustion cleaning of common diseases,

  • Foot massage and symptomatic therapy

    "Foot massage and symptomatic therapy (latest version)" content brief introduction: "foot massage" parts of the soles of the feet and ankles, covering the instep, by stimulating peripheral to promote blood circulation and metabolism of acupuncture, massage the body of waste (including water) will be discharged, so must be appropriate to add moisture; at this time, if you can uptake,

  • The Chinese health.

    "The Chinese health collection (Collection) (set of 6 volumes) and the most effective," included the most valuable health exercises and diet, Sibu recipe, and the modern science according to the therapeutic theory and health care knowledge, anti fade age, youth and eliminate disease and prolong life tips to the readers,

  • See a Book understand scraping

    Practical Handbook of home minimalist scraping therapy, "read the book: a practical manual scraping home minimalist scraping therapy (full version)" first introduced the principle, apparatus and method of scraping therapy, the focus is given to the scraping therapy nearly a hundred kinds of common diseases, the basic coverage of the possible application of the general family. "Read the book: Home minimalist scraping scraping therapy,

  • The mysteries of the human body and health care

    "The mystery of human body health care", the book focuses on the mysteries of the human body, the human life science, new methods to promote the health care. The combined buying time and close to the modern life, in popular language, plain truth, explain profound theories in simple language, Weiweidaolai, teaching methods to the reader, for the reader to game guide,

  • Simple massage info

    "The 100 most common symptom of simple massage info" included in life, is nearly a thousand kinds of massage. But, for a massage, massage "simple" to teach you quick find the point, then massage. Not only can allow you to quickly and accurately find the point, but also through the acupuncture point massage for disease prevention and control. On the market,

  • Avenue invisible

    Thoroughly to main and collateral channels in our body health, main and collateral channels is the most valuable a ready-made panacea, is our God given natural medicine. The ancient masterpieces "Huangdi Neijing" thought, main and collateral channels is a network system in human body. This classic to the understanding of the human phenomenon of main and collateral channels are systematically summarized, put forward the theory of main and collateral channels complete,

  • Liver function to improve the book

    "Liver function to improve the book" mainly to remind you to pay attention to the liver, improve the liver function. Because the liver is the metabolism, detoxification and secretion of bile "chemical plant", which directly determines the people's health. Because the liver is a patient of silence "organ", so the liver health more easily ignored. ,

  • Diagram 24 Style Taijiquan

    "Figure 24 Style Taijiquan" content introduction: Chinese medicine, people over forty, the most easy to liver and kidney deficiency, this is like root dry tree the leaves will turn yellow fall, therefore, watering and fertilizing should be fundamental set, nourishing liver and kidney, it is the secret of health care. Between the human pubic region and the gate (i.e., lower abdomen),,

  • 1 minutes of health law

    Massage + extension, "1 minutes of health law: Massage + extension" acupoint massage can accelerate the blood circulation and metabolism, stretching exercises can make the bones and muscles relax. "1 minutes of health law: Massage + extension" will of acupoint massage and stretching exercise together, according to different symptoms introduces different body adjustment,

  • Foot massage is not sick

    "Foot massage is not sick" massage for each condition chooses the corresponding reflection area and the acupoint. Each massage steps, you can find from the skeletal graph reflection area and the acupuncture point, can also learn directly massage, from real demonstration graph opened the book, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine does not need to know which obscure, can start immediately. With the,

  • Health is a way of life

    "Population health is a way of life" from the four seasons change, yin and Yang, multiple angle and individual differences, mood changes are described. For some disease more common in daily life, "health is a way of life" also provides a solution, and some esoteric knowledge of disease prevention in shallow,

  • See a Book understand cupping

    Home very qualify cupping therapy practical manual, "read the book: a practical handbook home minimalist cupping cupping therapy (full version)" first introduced the basic knowledge of cupping and acupoints of human body of knowledge, and then do a detailed interpretation of cupping therapy of common diseases in Department of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, male, surgery, Department of Dermatology, Department of Pediatrics, each kind of disease are equipped with clear,

  • A fully understand Chinese medicine diagnosis manual

    "A fully understand Chinese medicine diagnosis manual (upgrade version)", this book Abstract: many human body needs nutrients from food. Only recognize the significance of food at a reasonable diet, to avoid the disease will occur. And the diet as an important part of Chinese traditional medicine, diet and culture, is,

  • The good life know-all

    Single point, double points and magical, "single point, double points and refinement" is based on the single point refinement and double hole and used two different methods of selecting points, for acupoint therapy according to different people, different diseases, was presented to the readers in an efficient, simple main and collateral channels health therapy. "Outstanding characteristics of single point, double points and refinement" is one step to explain: acupoint,

  • Students from spleen and stomach disease

    Chai Qianyun, Wang Lilan compiled the "disease from spleen and stomach" to Li Dongyuan's "spleen and stomach" theory as the foundation, combined with the basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine, diagnostics, Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology, traditional Chinese medicinal science and other content, showing a stomach diseases more comprehensive works to the Chinese fans and the spleen and stomach disease patients. ,

  • Control diagram massage and common diseases

    "Prevention of graphic acupoint massage and common diseases (Classic Edition)" to massage in prevention and treatment center, introduces the basic knowledge of Chinese medicine acupuncture point massage and acupoints, common diseases of the acupoint selection and method of massage, and with the icon and the corresponding key points that make the massage basic operation at a glance. "Map,

  • Wu and 100 symptomatic point.

    Wu and 100 symptomatic acupuncture points, "Wu and 100 symptomatic acupoint party" includes: 30 years of Chinese medicine Wu, 80 strokes to prevention and treatment of common diseases, replenishing qi and blood; raising the five point; from head to foot on health; make a woman beautiful point; let the man self-confident point. In order to help friends in daily life convenient point selection, points to cure,

  • Cordyceps health.

    "The effective components of Cordyceps health encyclopedia" scientific method for the detection of Cordyceps sinensis, teach you 4 strokes to identify Cordyceps sinensis authenticity merits, use and taboo patiently answer Cordyceps, Cordyceps introduced more than 50 recipes, tell you how to eat the most effective. "Guinness" Cordyceps health science authority, to explain in detail, graphic,

  • Quick positioning the reflecting regions of the human body

    "Quick" orientation of human body reflection area of the human body has five reflection District, if correctly identify the position, and carries on the massage, acupuncture or scraping with the correct method of indirect stimulation on the internal organs, can prevent disease, strong internal organs of the body, is simple and easy and effective. "Quick positioning human reflex zone",

  • Acupuncture and massage ten tips

    "List of the acupuncture needle tips and massage ten law", in addition to the needle, the surgical thickness and length, divided into eleven. Each needle type will indicate the needle how, what disease, but from the "Neijing" nine style accommodation, just for the sake of convenience, not rigidly stick to old. "Acupuncture and massage law" ten key words into the needle tips,,

  • Dendrobium health

    "Dendrobium health" published 21 articles about the health aspects of the Dendrobium articles, hundreds of pictures, layout design is exquisite, Tu Vin Unionmaw, a large amount of information, knowledge, readability is strong, high collection value, is a help people to fully understand the Dendrobium monographs, worth reading. ,

  • The Peng Jingshan medicine health set

    "The Peng Jingshan medicine health set" content brief introduction: Peng Jingshan is a famous expert of acupuncture, a doctor for 60 years, compiling 15 books, published more than 130 articles. "Peng Jingshan and the" collection of health set in Peng Lao's early published medical lore, clinical records and essays, essays, finishing the work,

  • Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine.

    Yellow Emperor's internal classic works, graphic Qianjin Fang, "Huang Di Nei Jing. (full translation Illustrated Edition)": traditional should be cherished classic need regression. As the ancient Chinese sacred enjoys high reputation and best-known, "Huang Di Nei Jing" since its inception, with its unique "Chinese style" health theory has been passed so far. Over the past two thousand years, it is considered to be the traditional Oriental medicine,

  • In one breath to read traditional Chinese Medicine

    "In one breath to read Chinese health" content brief introduction: I smell the ancient human, leading the world, grasp the essence of yin and Yang, breathing, standing aloof, if a muscle, so can the world of life, no end. "In one breath to read Chinese health" mainly introduces the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine and health related, summarizes a series of concrete,

  • Children dyspepsia family massage

    Brief introduction of "children dyspepsia family massage" content: indigestion in children is a common childhood disease in clinical, often due to improper diet caused by factors such as. Health care massage has a long history of children, the special effect, the method is simple, safe, easy to mass acceptance and learning. "Children dyspepsia family massage" by,

  • An old Chinese words by disease

    "Old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine words male disease" in plain, simple language, according to China's rich classics of traditional Chinese medicine and clinical data of a large number of simple introduces general knowledge of male disease, introduced dozens of Chinese medicine master and the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of male diseases, such as sexual dysfunction, male infertility, prostate disease,

  • Dan Guimin moxibustion health book big packet.

    "Dan Guimin moxibustion health book bag" content: don't understand moxibustion? Never mind, the solution of the "Dan Guimin book" moxibustion health teach you. No tool? Never mind, a single teacher personally selected tool rest assured. Don't want to read a book? Never mind, quick reference chart of moxibustion, moxibustion not read a book. ,

  • Science and technology document version

    Hand to the disease since the elimination human body main and collateral channels: complete 1 manual, "hand to the disease since the elimination of the complete 1: human body main and collateral channels using manual (Expert Edition)" content brief introduction: 14 human meridian all-round analysis, the modern interpretation of ancient health wisdom; 17 kinds of human body health tips, from head to foot health all your life; 50 common diseases and method, a full range of remove the pain expert authority,

  • Common disease of family acupoint massage fully illustrated

    "Common disease of family acupoint massage introduction Complete Illustrated" content: massage based on traditional Chinese medicine's organs, main and collateral channels theory as the theoretical basis, combined with the anatomical and pathological diagnosis of Western medicine, certain parts by means of role in the human body to regulate the body's physiological, pathological conditions, methods to achieve therapeutic purposes. Massage is simple without reason,

  • Bow is the doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine

    Die hard Chinese medicine is how tempered, "bow is traditional hardcore TCM was tempered" with humor, enthusiasm, sincere reflection in order to show the growth process of a hardcore of traditional Chinese medicine. Author Li Jie is academic, and follow the twelve famous old TCM temper, successively in Beijing, Hubei, Guangdong and more,

  • Magical foot

    Information sensing area foot care massage, "magical foot: the foot information sensing area health care massage (color value information of foot induction zone)" content brief introduction: foot information sensing area health care massage combines diagnosis, treatment, prevention, health care as one, is a green therapy has no toxic side effect, a human society, family benefit. "Magical foot: the foot,

  • Accurately find massage info

    Accurately find massage info, "accurately find massage info" selected 368 common points in life, from acupoint selection method, the principle and method of disease and health care massage in detail, it tells the reader why press, press. "Quick" also accurately find point massage for each point with a point bone take accurate,

  • All kinds of massage point spirit

    "All kinds of massage point spirit" is divided into and the general theory, the general introduction of the basic knowledge of massage. The introduction of nearly a hundred kinds of common diseases of massage therapy. CD introduces point methods massage and various disease. ,

  • Commonly used family health tonic traditional Chinese Medicine

    "A common nourishing family health medicine (color version)" is rich in content, strong practicability. On the basis of Chinese traditional medicine the tropism of taste, people with physical differences, four seasons climate change as well as the tea, medicated diet in different health care method, from the taste, efficacy, use method, key points of purchase, the main component, contraindications, adverse reaction,

  • Effects of acupoint massage is not sick

    "Effects of acupoint massage not sick" in hundreds of acupoints of the human body in the selection of the 100 commonly used specific points, a point three, adding to the plain text, learn to understand, one will see; each step is also equipped with a real demonstration massage techniques, procedures simple and clear, to tell you how to massage the experts can also effectively,

  • Family effects from head to foot massage

    Family effects from head to foot massage, brief introduction of "from head to foot massage" family specific content: the head is the six Yang first, mental diseases can find massage acupuncture points in the head; the back is the sea of Yang, and Yang related diseases can massage the back related acupoints; abdomen is the sea of Yin, and Yin and related diseases can massage the abdomen acupoints limbs blood,

  • Chinese traditional medicine can understand.

    "Traditional Chinese medicine to understand." in a funny symptoms diagram and concise herbs monarch diagram, including the origin, the first 124 commonly used formula composition, usage, efficacy, indications, side points, dialectic, notice and modern application. Each prescriptions are traditional Chinese medicine prescription, the sense of,

  • Huang Di the solution and literal translation

    Solution to the literal translation, "Yin Fu Jing", "classic" and "after" three as more than 5000 years ago Xuanyuan Huang Di, is a treasure of the quintessence of Chinese culture. Three thousand years of "foreign" is lost, until twentieth Century 80 years, Mr. Mei Ziqiang to make his "foreign" in-depth study, found that it is a search for more than 3000,

  • Yin Yang and regulating all kinds of extinction

    Dr. Luo health scriptures, "Yin and Yang, regulating all kinds of extinction (upgrade version)" content brief introduction: you know the Qi in body is how to run? Do you know the gas will form a "circle" in the human body? Do you know if the "Circular" doesn't work, people will get sick? The highest state of health is the life, health is the most simple method of regulating yin and yang. ,

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