Histology and Embryology

Date of publication:2002-1   Press: Chinese Agriculture Press   Author:Peng Kemei, Zhang Dengrong   Pages:262  
Catalogue of books

the sequence
the first chapter
1 histology and embryology of
2 histology and embryology of the development history of
3 histology and embryology of
4 technology in histology and Embryology study method
second chapter cytology of
1 cells in the basic concepts of
2 cell structure and function of
3 prokaryotic cell and eukaryotic cells of
4 cell cycle and cell division of
5 cell differentiation of
6 cell aging and death.
third chapter epithelial
1 covering epithelium
2 glandular epithelium and gland
3 feels the skin
4 epithelial tissue renewal and regeneration of
fourth chapter connective tissue
1 connective tissue
2 cartilage and cartilage bone tissue and bone
4 blood and lymph
fifth chapter muscle
1 skeletal muscle
2 myocardial
3 smooth muscle
sixth chapter nerve tissue
1 neuron
2 neural connections between the structure of
5 glial cells
seventh chapter nervous system
2 peripheral nervous system
eighth chapters cycle system
2 blood tube
4 lymphatic microcirculation of cardiac
ninth chapter immune system
1 lymphocytes and antigen-presenting cells
2 lymphoid tissue
3 several major lymphoid organs of
4 mononuclear macrophage system
tenth chapter endocrine system of
2 thyroid parathyroid
5 adrenal pituitary pineal gland
6 diffuse neuroendocrine system
eleventh chapter
l digestive system digestive tube of the organizational structure of
4 oral esophageal stomach
5 multi chamber of gastric
6 poultry gastric structure characteristics of
9 poultry intestinal Escherichia cloacal
11 saliva endocrine cells in the gastrointestinal tract
13 gland liver gallbladder pancreas
twelfth chapter respiratory
1 nasal and tracheal
2 pulmonary
thirteenth urinary system
1 renal
2 voiding pipeline
the fourteenth chapter the reproductive system of male reproductive system of
2 of female reproductive system in
fifteenth chapter is skin system and sensory organs in
2 skin skin derivatives
3 eye
4 inner ear
sixteenth chapter animal embryology basis < br />1 Overview of
2 gametogenesis and morphological structure of
5 cleavage of fertilized blastocyst formation process of
11 and
12 in placenta of embryo engineering

8 differentiation and the central organ formation mainly organ system
10 feeding livestock animal embryo development and implantation of the main references @##@ original gastrula and mesoderm formation of />6
7 neural embryo This book is closely combined with the actual production of animal medicine and animal, this paper describes the histology and embryology. Content is moderate, focused, concise text, explain profound theories in simple language, the total length of about 30 words, for the animal medicine, animal science, pratacultural science, biological engineering, biotechnology and Biological Sciences undergraduate, college teaching, also can provide the biological workers and livestock veterinary technology reference.
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