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"National medical plan of higher school textbooks, medical statistics (for clinical basis for the prevention of oral medicine, nursing professional)": the construction of Higher Education Press of medical materials, by the national higher education research Chinese physicians, and our country several famous medical colleges common in early 2002 launched, planning, and then there are dozens of colleges to join. This teaching material construction a total of nearly two thousand authors to write, have not only the medical circles, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, medical professional committee leadership and academic backbone in them, the more gratifying is also absorbed a large number of in the teaching, clinical front-line teachers. "Higher Education Edition" medical materials except the domestic similar textbooks has "Three Basics" knowledge, change with the transformation of medical model, disease spectrum, delete the old theory, content, add new knowledge recognized, the introduction of new technology. And in order to display three-dimensional, serialized form for the majority of teachers and students, fully embody the characteristics of medical education. I clubs in recent years, in addition to being published, other professional level of medical materials, will be the construction of teaching resources storehouse, the corresponding subject website, in order to provide three-dimensional teaching system, teaching the teaching purpose solution. The pursuit of advanced education concept, teaching methodMethod, construction of excellent teaching material, it is our common desire!
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The first chapter is the introduction section of medical statistics of definition second day medical statistics of main contents of the third joint statistical work steps fourth quarter statistics of several basic concepts in section fifth learning medical statistics should pay attention to the issue of the second chapter of measurement data statistics to describe the first day frequency distribution and frequency distribution figure second section description of central tendency third discrete tendency descriptions of fourth normal distribution and its application in Chapter third, the overall average estimation and hypothesis testing for the first day of sampling error and the estimation of population mean second hypothesis testing of the basic principles and steps of third t test and U test, section fourth unequal variances of two small sample mean comparison of fifth day test of normality the sixth section type two error and power of test section seventh hypothesis testing in note eighth section of two samples of the equivalent test in the fourth chapter of category data to describe the first day of common relative number section second application of relative number considerations Section third standardization law fifth chapter two distribution and Poisson distribution and its application in section two distribution and its application in second Poisson distribution and its application X2 chapter sixth inspection section four tables. Material X2 test second day list data X2 test third day trend X2 test fourth section four tables from the Fisher's exact probability in section fifth of the rate of two samples of equivalent test in the seventh chapter the rank sum test section Wileoxon signed rank test second group design of two samples rank sum test third group design more sample comparison of rank sum test fourth day randomized block design test section fifth multiple sample of two two compared to the rank sum test eighth chapters survey design section investigation section second investigation and design characteristics of the basic content and steps of third commonly used probability sampling method for estimation of sample size in section fifth section fourth questionnaire design in section sixth investigation of the quality control of ninth chapter is the design of the experiment _ first experimental study on the design of the classification and characteristics of the basic principles of experimental design in section second section third experimental design of the basic content and steps of fourth commonly used experimental design method to determine the content of the tenth chapter fifth section sample variance analysis section analysis of variance second completely randomized design variance the third section of the analysis of randomized block design analysis of variance fourth multiple samples were two two A fifth factorial variance analysis in section sixth section seventh cross design ANOVA analysis of variance for repeated measurement data in section eighth, a plurality of test for homogeneity of variance in section ninth, chapter eleventh variable regression and correlation analysis of the first section linear regression second linear correlation section third rank correlation section fourth twelfth chapter medical population and curve fitting disease statistics section medical demographic indicators used in section second disease statistics indicators used third day international classification of disease and its application in Chapter thirteenth, the life table and its application the first life table concept second day life table method and principle of section third life table analysis and application of fourth other types of life table survival analysis of fourteenth chapter first day survival the characteristics of data in section second analysis of the survival of some of the basic concepts of third day survival analysis the main content and basic method...... The fifteenth chapter analyzes multiple factors. The sixteenth chapter diagnostic and screening test design and analysis of the seventeenth chapter, reliability and validity analysis table eighteenth: Meta analysis and its application in Chapter nineteenth and appendix a statistical graph statistical tables in Appendix three appendix two exercises between English and Chinese vocabulary references @##@ medical statistics The global minimum essential requirements in medical education and undergraduate medical professional education of our country basic requirements as the base, focus on training students' innovation consciousness, innovation ability and critical thinking, emphasizes the relation with clinic, include the national qualification examination of knowledge. To avoid duplication between the various levels of textbooks and care to the characteristics of different level, not only to alleviate the financial burden of students and is convenient for after graduation learning reference purposes, the book made careful screening of content, focusing on the medical statistics study design, quantitative data statistical description and inference, classification of information statistical description and inference, correlation and regression analysis, survival analysis, multi factor analysis, medical populations and disease statistics, life table and its application, the diagnosis and screening test design and evaluation, reliability and validity analysis, Meta analysis and application of knowledge. The novel book format, each chapter text before learning points, chapter after English summary, accessories include statistical tables, English vocabulary exercises, medical statistics, reference etc.. This book is for the medical and preventive medicine, health management and other professional undergraduate and graduate.
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