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Basic skills and basic knowledge and literature retrieval, literature consulting is an indispensable part of the teaching of undergraduate education, "Chinese Literature" as a compulsory course for undergraduate Chinese medicine specialty, more and more attention to by. The actual work of the disciplines of knowledge and skills in the field of medicine has increasingly shown its special importance. The first edition published since 2003, has printed four times, by the college teachers and students and the community, is still the only a set of theory and practice of traditional Chinese medicine literature in one of the courses of undergraduate textbooks. In recent years, Chinese Materia Medica Development in the global scope has hitherto unknown.Good posture, made a series of significant progress in scientific research, Chinese medicine industry has become a rising sun industry, full of vigor and vitality. At the same time, and the amount of information in the pharmaceutical and rapid growth, the social from all walks of life to traditional Chinese medicine literature demand and increasing dependence, access to channels and retrieval method has increasingly diversified, especially the popularization of network literature retrieval and computer, the literature is more rapid and convenient, literature, efficiency can be greatly improved. This textbook the reprint, the first edition of scientific contents, systematic, logic and accuracy, according to the latest development of traditional Chinese medicine literature in recent years, conducted and enrich the comprehensive revision of the modern Chinese literature, foreign languages: Chinese literature and Chinese literature network made a big update, on traditional Chinese medicine the literature of computer retrieval and traditional Chinese medicine literature database of important domestic and international made more detailed and intuitive introduction, in the part of application of traditional Chinese medicine literature examples to associative learning, research and practical production, in order to maintain and strengthen the advanced and practicability of this book. The appendix has been greatly changed, the The new supersedes the old. literature field in recent years, increasing the "2006 SCI included Chinese journals list" and "SCI indexed list" pharmacy related journals, core journals at home and abroad as capsule. The book written in revision, have experience teaching, research and practice of pharmacy and medicine literature in long period, in the literature, and has accumulated a wealth of experience, so that the book has higher academic value and practical value. In the preparation process of this book, reference, reference to a large number of documents, and have the support of many experts and researchers of traditional Chinese medicine. Science Press experts and editors of rigorous scientific spirit and hard work more book hyperchromic. In this heartfelt thanks. The inadequacy of this book, please correct me criticism readers.

This book is a systematic introduction of the literature theory and application of knowledge teaching, its content has been revised and updated comprehensive based on the first editions of textbooks, including traditional Chinese medicine literature based knowledge, ancient literature, modern literature, foreign literature, network literature and literature of the practical application. Appendix after part of the collection of important website domain name, traditional Chinese medicine literature database and SCI domestic and foreign core periodicals are included, for convenient access to. This book can be for colleges and universities of traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacy, pharmaceutical and traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and other related professional undergraduate and graduate, also can be used as adult education, self-study exam related professional teachers and students as well as the majority of Chinese medicine practitioners and amateur teaching and reference book.
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Ding Anwei, gender: male. Title: professor. The subject (Professional): in medicine. Biography: 1977 February Chinese teaching in the Department of Nanjing College of traditional Chinese medicine. Deputy director of the Department of traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Nanjing College of traditional Chinese medicine in 1988 November. Deputy director and Professor, Department of traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Nanjing College of traditional Chinese medicine in 1993 April vice. 1994-1995 University of London School of pharmacy of natural medicinal chemistry visiting scholars. 1996- now, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine School of medicine, Institute of medicine, Professor, doctoral tutor, director of dean. The current director of Dean, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine School of medicine medicine, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of prescription. As the national higher traditional Chinese Medicine Education Research Association vice chairman, China Association of Chinese medicine processing branch, deputy director of Chinese society of natural resources of natural medicine resources vice president of professional committee secretary general, the National Test Committee of medical professional committee, Ministry of science and technology of China natural science fund evaluation experts, the State Food and drug administration expert, national discipline experts, the national academic degrees and graduate education experts, the Higher Medical Education Institute of medical education evaluation experts, evaluation experts China Postdoctoral Science Fund, the Ministry of education of Higher Vocational College of medicine category Teaching Guidance Committee, Singapore Health Sciences Authority plant medicine international expert group members, Jiangsu Journal of traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy director of professional committee Nanjing Pharmaceutical Association, vice chairman of Jiangsu Province, the state modernization of traditional Chinese medicine science and technology industrial base of consulting experts. Teaching and research in medicine and related disciplines engaged in long-term, published more than 160 papers, edited 8 monographs, deputy editor of 4, more than one. In recent years, undertake national and provincial and ministerial level scientific research 20 multinomial, remarkable achievements have been made in the research field of processing mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine quality standards, the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine compound compatibility mechanism, development strategy and the science of education management, has won numerous awards. Has won 2 national invention patents, the clinical documents of approval of new drugs of traditional Chinese medicine 3.
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The second edition of the first version of the first chapter of a traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, literature philology two, Chinese philology research content three, Chinese literature and the role of learning methods. The second chapter Chinese documentary knowledge section philology, literature, a basic knowledge of philology, bibliography two three basic knowledge, version four to learn the basic knowledge, basic knowledge of five collation, exegetics six basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine second day literature survey and the classification of books, periodicals, two three, third section of Chinese medicine special literature literature retrieval approach, literature retrieval, Retrieval Tools Overview two three, literature retrieval method four, literature retrieval route five, literature retrieval procedure chapter third ancient Chinese literature of ancient Chinese medicine literature overview section in the pre Qin period, mainly Chinese medicine literature two, Qin and Han Dynasties mainly Chinese medicine literature three, the southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui and Tang Dynasties mainly Chinese medicine literature four major traditional Chinese medicine literature five, Song Jinyuan period of the traditional Chinese medicine literature, six the main traditional Chinese medicine literature, Chinese literature in Qing Dynasty in seven main section second The representative of ancient Chinese literature, "Shen Nong's herbal classic" two, "Shen Nong's herbal classic variorum" three, "the processed on four," "new compendium of Materia Medica" five, "" six, "dietotherapy herbal supplements" seven, "the history materia medica for emergency" eight, "Taiping Huimin and agent bureau" nine, "herbal decoction" ten, "Bencao pinhui Jingyao" eleven, "ncmm" twelve, "" thirteen, "Compendium of Materia Medica broiled Dafa", "Fourteen", "fifteen guide to repair things Compendium of Materia Medica gleaning" sixteen, "the plant is a map test" section third the ancient Chinese literature, Chinese medicine specialist Bibliography Retrieval, two medical books of see bibliography three, Chinese Medicine Dictionary of four, see bibliography, bibliography, drug of Pharmacopoeia five square books bibliography section fourth ancient Chinese literature, ancient Chinese literature by reading two, ancient Chinese medicine literature, the ancient Chinese literature accumulated three the fourth chapter of modern Chinese literature references the first Chinese medicine books, a representative of traditional Chinese medicine literature...... Application of appendix fifth chapter sixth chapter of traditional Chinese medicine traditional Chinese medicine literature and foreign literature computer retrieval seventh chapter Chinese literature in ancient Chinese literature is a important list of appendix two important Chinese traditional medicine Chinese journals list in Appendix three list of journals cited by SCI in 2006 China appendix four of SCI pharmacy related journals list in Appendix five important website domain name list
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The first chapter is the introduction of a traditional Chinese medicine literature and Chinese literature, Chinese literature refers to the record carrier of all knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, it is part of the huge literature treasure. Traditional Chinese medicine literature involves a very wide range, can be extended to the literature in all aspects, including: Chinese medicine monographs, comprehensive books contained in the traditional Chinese medicine literature, a comprehensive series of the Chinese literature, historical records of the pharmaceutical literature, classics records or quoted pharmaceutical literature, the sub hundred recorded pharmacy literature, novel notes recorded pharmacy literature, religious books included in the medical literature, history books collection contains pharmacy literature, unearthed cultural relics in the medical literature, and the modern domestic and foreign, all kinds of medical literature of Chinese medicine related content etc.. Where the exclusive Chinese medicine knowledge of the carrier, or contain other documents in Chinese medicine knowledge, both when the range belonging to the traditional Chinese medicine literature. Chinese ancient literature, refers to the Xin Hai revolution before the record carrier of all Chinese traditional medicine knowledge. From the forms of the carrier, divided by the paper as the carrier of the manuscript and many Chinese extant ancient books, and Henan Anyang unearthed the Shang a literature, casting or carved in it or jade stone literature, burn in Zhu Jian or wooden slips of bamboo and wood (such as Changsha medical literature in Mawangdui and Gansu unearthed in Wuwei Zhu Jian), recorded in the silk, silk of silk of literature. The modern literature of traditional Chinese medicine, after Xin Hai revolution records all carrier of the knowledge of Chinese medicines. Modern Chinese literature carrier, except to paper as the main carrier in vitro, with the development of science and technology, as the carrier of knowledge, has been developed to the use of sound, light, electricity and other modern science and technology, photography, video, audio and computer storage.
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