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Wang Jun editor of "patient care" by the development of domestic service industry employment Buji joint meeting office organization editor. As a family service industry standardization training materials, the book covers the patient care service posts shall be the basic knowledge and skills, professional orientation first briefly introduces the patient care and staff requirement, and then from the job skill requirements, comprehensive treatment and medication nursing, patient diet nursing, typical nursing technology, common patient care and infectious disease nursing.
this book informative. Maneuverability is strong, not only for the training institutions at various levels to use to carry out domestic service training, can also be used as a household service workers job guide book.
in the process of writing this book is supported by Beijing Zhongqing housekeeping Co. Ltd., Peking University People's Hospital, Beijing Children's Hospital experts, the structure of teaching material, content of scientific, practical, thank you very much!
Catalogue of books

The first chapter patients accompanying post cognitive
the first patient nursing career positioning
second patients accompanying staff requirement
second chapter visits with the administration of nursing of
the first section guide
second day delivery care
third chapter patients diet plays in the nursing of
the first section patients diet nursing care of
second patients living in nursing
fourth chapter patient care technology
the first section patients psychological nursing
second patient care technology
fifth chapter common patient care
the first common diseases nursing
second common injury nursing
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: 4) brain food: how to eat soy flour, eggs, fish, how to eat sesame, walnut, bean products, nuts, seeds and so. 5) the blood Qi food: how to eat glutinous rice, animal liver, how to eat seaweed, beans, spinach, celery, jujube, longan, yam, etc.. 6) lung nourishing Runfei food: honey, pear, tomato, turnip, lotus root, Chinese yam, lily, Jin Ju. 7) eyesight nourishing food: fish, liver, red dates, carrots, Chinese wolfberry, kelp, tremella etc. 8) strengthen the muscles and bones food: milk, soy products, fish, seaweed, how stir fried shrimp, how to eat sesame, animal bones, green leafy vegetables, etc.. 9) yin yang foods: animal kidney, shrimp, how to eat black rice, black how to eat sesame, black fungus, black bone chicken, kelp, laver do etc.. 10) detoxification anti-cancer food: pig blood, tomatoes, honey, seaweed, edible fungus, mushrooms, cucumber, bean, mung bean do etc.. (2) 1) semi liquid diet for making chicken soup (broth) custard, milk egg custard. 1 ~ 2 eggs at containing 50 ml of chicken soup (broth) or milk bowl beat egg beaten egg juice, fire and steam for about 15 minutes, after pot, according to the tastes of the patients. 2) millet porridge. First soak 30 minutes millet do wash clean, 1 millet do plus l0 a cold water, fire boil, small fire to continue to cook 30 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 10 minutes. 3) sweet potato porridge practice. (pumpkin porridge, yam porridge). The 1 small pieces of sweet potato (about 50 grams) washed, peeled, cut into 1 cm sized cubes. First to 1 meters, 10 the proportion of water boiled rice porridge, millet do, after 20 minutes, the sweet potato (or pumpkin, yam) into the porridge pot and cook for 10 minutes, cooked porridge is cooked sweet potato. 4) pumpkin cake frozen yogurt. Will be 100 grams of seed pumpkin, peeled wrap, put in the microwave oven and high fire cooked crushed. Add 1 tablespoons of method for making white sugar and 0.8 grams of agar add 1 / 2 cup of water for 1 to 2 minutes. The pumpkin and syrup gradually stirring, cooling, poured yogurt can be. 5) how to eat glutinous rice congee. Add 600 ml of boiling soup pot, will wash the how to eat glutinous rice 80 grams, how to eat longan meat 80 grams add boiling water boiled porridge, and method for making white sugar 80 grams. Two, patients diet 1 ordinary diet and healthy diet is similar, no special requirements of the patient. 2: the food easy to chew soft food easy digest, less slag, not fried food. For indigestion, gastrointestinal diseases, masticatory inconvenience, low fever, postoperative recovery of patients. Staple food: rice, noodles, soft preferred small steamed bun, steamed bread, wonton, jiaozi, cake and meat dragon. Food choice: green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, beans, chicken, pork, beef (practice must be soft, tender). 3 semi liquid food: between soft food and liquid diet, the appearance of a semi fluid state is limited, several meals eating form. Food must be soft, selection of high nutritional value, contain very small amounts of cellulose material. Semi liquid food consumption, suitable for heating, surgical diseases of digestive tract, and oral disease not chewing and swallowing difficulties in patients.
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"Training materials in domestic service specification: patient care" informative. Maneuverability is strong, not only for the training institutions at various levels to use to carry out domestic service training, can also be used as a household service workers job guide book.
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