Pediatric cancer treatment technology

Date of publication:2012-5   Press: The Fourth Military Medical University press   Author:Diao Yuqiao Wen Shiwang Zhang Huifen   Pages:370   Words:323000  

Children are a special group in physical and mental constantly in the process of growth and development, physiological and psychological characteristics of young children in different ages are different, in the etiology, disease course and outcome and adults have very big distinction. Familiar with the children's growth rule, master the prevention of pediatric diseases, pediatric diseases have the ability, and familiar with care, medication, unexpected emergencies timely and accurate processing, is the pediatric medical staff must have the skills. The first (primary) health service personnel to master the relevant skills, reduce will greatly bad influence on children's physical and mental development of disease. Therefore, we organized the "pediatric cancer treatment technology", each one with expert pediatric medical progress and renewal of knowledge, the strengthening of the book's contents from the practical point of view, which can meet the demand of health service staff of professional line. This book by Diao Yuqiao, Wen Shiwang, Zhang Huifen.
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The first chapter is
first day children tumor theory of
second day children's cancer treatment principle of
third childhood cancer treatment technology used in
Fourth modern children's cancer treatment level of
fifth day children's Oncology Nursing
second chapter common childhood hematological tumor
the first acute leukemia treatment principle of
second acute lymphoblastic leukemia
third acute myeloid leukemia
Fourth myelodysplastic syndrome
fifth histiocytosis
sixth Hodgkin lymphoma
seventh of non Hodgkin's lymphoma
third chapter common pediatric malignant solid tumor
the first Festival of intracranial tumors in children (
second spinal cord tumor intraspinal tumor)
third retinoblastoma
Fourth neuroblastoma
fifth thyroid tumor
sixth liver tumor
seventh nephroblastoma.
eighth rhabdomyosarcoma
ninth osteosarcoma and Ewing's sarcoma
tenth mediastinal tumor
eleventh monster Tumor
twelfth germ cell tumor.
Fourth pediatric oncologic emergencies and support for the treatment of
the first acute tumor lysis syndrome
second superior vena cava syndrome
third hemorrhagic cystitis
Fourth malignant pleural effusion < br > fifth malignant peritoneal effusion.
sixth diffuse intravascular coagulation
seventh thrombotic thrombocytopenia.
eighth cerebrovascular disease
ninth spinal cord compression.
tenth epilepsy
section eleventh acute consciousness change
twelfth children with tumor treatment support
thirteenth tumor patients infection in the treatment of
fourteenth common chemotherapy side reactions in
fifteenth hematopoietic stem cell transplantation complications and treatment of
reference @# #@ Children with malignant tumor death in children in the proportion of rising, has become one of the main reasons of death in children. Higher Chinese children's cancer incidence, diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer has become the focus of attention of many scholars and clinicians. "Pediatric cancer treatment technology" by Diao Yuqiao, Wen Shiwang, Zhang Huifen, ed., divided into 4 chapters, the first chapter introduction, including pediatric cancer foundation, principle of treatment, treatment and nursing of content; the second chapter introduces the treatment of common childhood hematologic neoplasms; treatment of the third chapter introduces common pediatric solid tumor; the fourth chapter pediatric tumor common emergency, complications of chemotherapy and supportive treatment. "Pediatric cancer treatment technology" to introduce the new progress of research at home and abroad to pediatric oncology, reflecting the rapid treatment technology, emphasized the scientific, advanced and practical, can be used for pediatricians and oncologists and medical students learning.
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