Pediatric bronchoscopy application technology

Date of publication:2012-5   Press: The Fourth Military Medical University press   Author:Yue Bin Zhang Yongju Chen Yue   Pages:282   Words:245000  

"Pediatric bronchoscopy application technology" by Yue Bin, Zhang Yongju, Chen Yue, ed., divided into 5 chapters, the first chapter, the second chapter of fiberoptic bronchoscopy clinical application in pediatrics, the third chapter of fiberoptic bronchoscopy examination technique, the fourth chapter fibre bronchoscope technology applied in the field of pediatric respiratory, cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of the fifth chapter bronchoscopy the. "Pediatric bronchoscopy application technology" in recent years are introduced in detail the new experience and clinical application of fiberoptic bronchoscopy in new technology. The book practical contents systematically. Concise, clear, and it can provide clinical guidance for pediatricians and Department of respiration physician and emergency department physicians.
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The first chapter is
first bronchoscopy development history of
second fibre bronchoscope technology new progress of
third respiratory clinical applied anatomy of
second chapter bronchoscopy pediatric clinical applications based on
the first section of the fiberoptic bronchoscopy structure and function of
second section of fiberoptic bronchoscopy to and contraindication for
third fiber bronchoscope diagnosis technology of
fourth day complications of fiberoptic bronchoscopy and prevention of
fifth fiberoptic bronchoscopy nursing technology
third chapter pediatric bronchoscopy technique
the first section anesthesia technique
second section method, operation procedures and records of
section third bronchial brush brushing the clinical application of
Fourth transbronchial needle aspiration of the clinical application of
fifth bronchoalveolar lavage of the clinical application of
sixth tracheal intubation technique in clinical application of
fourth chapter of fiberoptic bronchoscope in pediatric respiratory areas of application technology of
the first Festival in atelectasis children in the application technology of
second in lung abscess in children application technology in the
In the third quarter of airway stenosis of children in the application technology of
fourth in pleural disease in children in the application technology of
Fifth Festival in congenital bronchogenic cyst in children with application technology of
sixth festival in tracheal and bronchial foreign bodies in children in the application technology of
Seventh Festival in hemoptysis in the diagnosis and treatment of application technology
eighth in asthmatic children in the application technology of
Ninth Festival in tracheobronchomalacia in children with application of
tenth festival in bacterial pneumonia in the application technology of
eleventh in pulmonary fungal disease in children in the application technology of
twelfth in pulmonary tuberculosis in children in the application of technology
thirteenth in children with respiratory tract burn in the application technology of
fourteenth in neonates with asphyxia application technology of
fifteenth day in the ICU application technology of
fifth chapter bronchoscopic maintenance technology of
appendix: diagnostic flexible bronchoscopy Application Guide (2008 Edition)
appendix two: disinfection technology specifications for cleaning endoscope (2004 Edition)
appendix three: pediatric bronchoscopy Guide (2009 Edition)
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Children are a special group in physical and mental constantly in the process of growth and development, physiological and psychological characteristics of young children in different ages are different, in the etiology, disease course and outcome and adults have very big distinction. Familiar with the children's growth rule, master the prevention of pediatric diseases, pediatric diseases have the ability, and familiar with care, medication, unexpected emergencies timely and accurate processing, is the pediatric medical staff must have the skills. The first (primary) health service personnel to master the relevant skills, reduce will greatly bad influence on children's physical and mental development of disease. Therefore, we organized the "pediatric bronchoscopy application technology", each one with expert pediatric medical progress and renewal of knowledge, the strengthening of the book's contents from the practical point of view, which can meet the demand of health service staff of professional line. This book by Yue Bin, Zhang Yongju, Chen Yue.
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