The township health hospital management training materials / Chinese basic health services project VIII health Ⅷ support project series

Date of publication:2005-8   Press: Peking Union Medical College press   Author:Liu Yunguo Wang Lusheng   Pages:277   Words:440000  

The copyright page: illustration: method, legal method refers to the use of legal norms and legal norms with various rules of conduct property management approach, including both the formulation and implementation of the national law, but also all kinds of norms of behavior at all levels of government, organization and management system for and implementation of the legal. (a) features of legal method 1 mandatory legal methods as clear rules of conduct are mandatory for each organization and citizens binding. Everyone must abide by the rules, otherwise will be punished. Manage 2 normative legal method is adopted to determine the behavior standard, it provides citizens and members of the organization can do what and what they should do, not what you can do and what not to do, this is a guide function. It is this function specification of the behavior of organization members. 3 general law and discipline is abstract, people in general, not specific, particular person. Anyone can according to its measure is non. The stability of the 4 Law and discipline was formulated and promulgated, will not be able to modify, has a certain stability. In the same context can be used repeatedly, and not only used once. 5 can predict the stability of law and discipline of decided to use legal methods is predictable. The members of the organization according to the law and discipline provisions foreseen to themselves and others behavior may be what kind of reaction, that is to say, people can be estimated in advance to his own behavior and that of others is legal and what is the likely consequences. (two) the use of legal methods of legal methods, to establish and improve the scientific management system has a very important role. 1 necessary to ensure the order of society and organization of all management system internal and external are various perplexing social and economic relations, we must use legal method can fair, reasonable and effective to adjust, various unfavorable factors removed in time, make people's behavior in the effective control of the,Ensuring the rational order normal operation and management activities. The relationship between the 2 elements of regulation management to effectively manage, must according to different characteristics of objects and different qualities to the task of management regulations, effect of different elements of obligation and should play. Through the legal method to the various management relations existing fixed down, so that the management system has certain stability. This is the function of automatic adjustment with legal method of management. 3 make the management standardized and institutionalized in the form of law to the effective management system and management methods of standardization, a culture, immobilized, make people's behavior rules. Strict implementation of the system and method, management system can automatically run effectively. The specific content of the legal methods can see Chapter tenth health laws and regulations part.
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tenth chapter health laws and regulations
the first legal basic knowledge of
second laws and regulations to provide
third health service
Third Medical Malpractice and medical risk management in
Fourth health hospital environment analysis of
third day operation plan of
the ninth chapter health service supply and communication
the first health service characteristics of
second section of health services "Chinese basic health services health 8 · support project series: the township hospitals" training management textbook author embarks from the actual demand of rural township hospital management, and strive to make it practical, popular, not only can help health institute, understand and solve the practical problems in the daily management of science, and to make them understand the basic requirements of international and domestic health management new ideas, new methods and national health policy, but due to the professional level and writing ability, and a release time, sure there are still many problems and even wrong, I hope to see all the colleagues in this book, especially in the rural township hospital management comrades their generous with your criticism, so that in the future it will be amended to make it more applicable, better services for the rural health reform and development.
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