• Medicine

    Department of internal medicine ("for the training of rural doctors use)" is a clinical medicine research department of internal medicine disease etiology, pathogenesis, development, diagnosis and prevention measures, is traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese and Western medicine, acupuncture and massage professional and related professional is more important clinical skills courses and a required course. Its contents include,

  • Fang Jixue

    "Prescription" in order to implement the "CPC Central Committee, the State Council on further strengthening rural health work" and the Ministry of health, the Ministry of education and other five ministries "on the strengthening of rural health personnel and team construction opinions", the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine "on rural Chinese medicine personnel training and team building implementation opinion,

  • The township health hospital management training materials / Chinese basic health services project VIII health Ⅷ support project series

    Township hospital management training materials, the book is divided into 10 chapters, introduces the management theory, the health service demand and service functions, the public health service management, health service quality management, service management and cost accounting. ,

  • Pediatric emergency treatment and monitoring technology

    "Pediatric critical illness treatment and monitoring technology" by Liu Jianying, Li Tao, Li Peng, editor in chief, is divided into 15 chapters, covering the acute organ failure, neonatal diseases, respiratory system diseases, circulatory system disease, digestive system diseases, diseases of the nervous system, urinary system disease, endocrine system diseases, blood diseases, feeling,

  • Department of Ophthalmology fascicle / Township community health personnel training trial textbook series

    "Department of Ophthalmology" is in "national township (community) a fascicle medical staff training trial textbook series". Department of Ophthalmology, Department of Ophthalmology, including basic examination method, eyelid disease, lacrimal apparatus disease, ocular surface disease, conjunctivitis, corneal disease, disease, disease of lens, scleral uveal diseases, diseases of vitreous body, green,

  • Nursing care

    Nursing care, ISBN:9787504597663, author: Zhang Jiying,

  • Field first aid manual

    "Introduction to on-site first aid manual" content: Modern ambulance rescue based on site. Outside the hospital environment, "first responders" (the first witness) implement effective preliminary emergency rescue measures for the sick and wounded to save lives, reduce disability and pain. In case of emergency ambulance through field experience requirements,,

  • Clinical medicine

    Clinical medicine, "Western learning Chinese medicine series of training materials: the main contents of clinical medicine" includes Chinese traditional surgery, gynecology, pediatrics of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese orthopedics 4 parts. Each part is divided into two parts, the first part is the pandect, mainly introduces the definition, category, a brief history of the development of various disciplines, each discipline disease etiology,

  • Classic Readings in Chinese Medicine

    Classic Readings in Chinese medicine, Liu Hongyan, Su Ying editor of "Chinese Classic Readings" by the "Huang Di Nei Jing", "Treatise on the" selected readings, "Golden Chamber" selected readings, febrile diseases is composed of 4 parts, in the preparation of bodies is not unified, the training object features, combined with clinical practice, tries to use easy to understand language, detail properly explain,

  • The eye of Applied Optics

    The eye of Applied Optics, the book is divided into three modules, geometrical optics, physical optics, optical glasses. The main contents include: the geometrical optics related law and principle; geometric optics; aperture and its function; aberration; optometry instruments such as the basic principles of. ,

  • Imaging diagnosis of skeletal muscle of 100 cases of disease essence

    Imaging diagnosis of skeletal muscle of 100 cases of disease essence, radiologists palmtop series manual series is set to innovation, info for the characteristics of the reference books, in the form of concise, novel content, to guide clinical practice of Radiology physicians. This series of each section are the world famous experts, by experts in the world are main parts of the human body each selected "1,

  • Pediatric bronchoscopy application technology

    "Pediatric bronchoscopy application technology" by Yue Bin, Zhang Yongju, Chen Yue, ed., divided into 5 chapters, the first chapter, the second chapter of fiberoptic bronchoscopy clinical application in pediatrics, the third chapter of fiberoptic bronchoscopy examination technique, the fourth chapter fibre bronchoscope technology applied in pediatric respiratory field, the fifth chapter of the bronchoscope,

  • Prolactin division training materials

    Prolactin division training materials, "national staff quality construction project of training materials, the series of modern home service training special materials: prolactin division training materials" from the current prolactin division of market and social needs, the certification standard prolactin division vocational qualifications and skills as the basis, from the division of prolactin career overview and basic knowledge of breast and urge,

  • Pathology

    "Excellence, Fudan higher occupation of basic medical education course, pathology (Second Edition)" published 5 years later revised reprint, emphasizing content concise and practical, applicable to the higher vocational education; on the other hand, appropriately increase the hot disease, in order to adapt to the requirement of different professional teaching. At the same time, the theory of,

  • Pediatric treatment of mechanical ventilation technology

    "Pediatric mechanical ventilation treatment technology" by Hu Min, Zhao Li, Li Yamei, editor in chief, is divided into 13 chapters, including with ventilator therapy on the basis of knowledge, in children with ventilator treatment indications and contraindications, with establishment of artificial airway in children with ventilator characteristics, clinical application, in children with ventilator treatment on physiological function,

  • Gynecology of traditional Chinese Medicine

    "Chinese Gynecology" pandect, the two part consists of 14 chapters. 6 chapter general introduction in addition to the basic principle of Gynecology of TCM and west medicine, also assisted in obstetrics and Gynecology, physical examination, gynecological symptom identification and commonly used auxiliary examination content. The theory on women treatment, other treatment, prevention and therapy etc.,,

  • Patient care

    Patient care, "training materials in domestic service specification: patients accompanying" by the development of domestic service industry employment Buji joint meeting office organization editor. As a family service industry standardization training materials, training materials "of family service industry standards: patients accompanying" covers the patient care service jobs should master the basic knowledge and,

  • Acupuncture and massage

    Acupuncture and massage, Western learning Chinese medicine (hereinafter referred to as the "Western learning") training materials according to the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine on the "Western learning" training the spirit of the document, in the planning of Jilin Province Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, organized by the Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine writing, science and Technology Literature Publishing House published a series of training materials. ,

  • Diagnostics

    Diagnosis, in order to meet the need of and rural medical education reform and development of China's medical training education, better training of medical personnel, to meet the needs of social progress and development of health service in the new century, to improve the health technical personnel's quality of scientific culture and occupation quality, in 2003 August the State Council promulgated the "rural doctors from,

  • Basic medical knowledge

    "Basic medical knowledge: basic knowledge of" health is about: to speed up the reform of the medical and health services and development, optimization of medical and health institutions of professional and technical personnel, improve the overall quality of medical personnel, according to the Ministry of personnel "public institutions to recruit new staff Interim Provisions" personnel, medical and health institutions must,

  • Nutrition pantryman

    This book introduces the national question bank, examination paper proposition on the basis of the structure and topic quantity, announced the key content in recent years occupation skill appraisal, explained the theory knowledge to review the key and difficult, provided the test sample. ,

  • Pediatric disease diagnosis technology

    "Characteristics of pediatric diagnosis technology" with the growth and development of children, from the doctor's point of view. Analysis of children of different system common disease etiology, pathogenesis and differential diagnosis. Combined with the new technology, new progress of pediatric diagnosis, provide guidance for doctors diagnosis. The contents of the book is concise, practical, standardized, aims to improve pediatric,

  • Pediatric cancer treatment technology

    Children with malignant tumor death in children in the proportion of rising, has become one of the main reasons of death in children. Higher Chinese children's cancer incidence, diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer has become the focus of attention of many scholars and clinicians. "Pediatric cancer treatment technology" by Diao Yuqiao, Wen Shiwang, Zhang Huifen,,

  • Prevention and treatment of common diseases in children

    "Prevention" common diseases in Children Publishing University Press Committee Association farm house series of Sichuan province. The number of children have accounted for most of the children of farmers in rural areas, with the national economic and cultural level increasing, the healthy growth of children in rural areas and disease prevention has been growing,

  • The Secretary

    "The Secretary (national occupation qualification level 3)" written by the teaching office of labor and social security department. Teaching with "national occupation standard secretary" as the basis, closely around "to the enterprise demand as the guidance, to occupation ability as the core" concept of writing, to highlight the characteristics of occupation skill training, occupation skill training to meet,

  • Pest control.

    "Pest control officer (primary)" according to the national occupation standard "-- pest control officer" requirements, by China employment training technical instruction center standard, textbooks, item bank in accordance with the principle of convergence of tissue preparation, is the occupation skill appraisal recommended guidance books. "Pest control officer (primary)" medium,

  • Paediatric medication Technology

    Yang Jianchun, Kan Shuyue, Wang Chunyan editor of "pediatric medicine technology" consists of 11 chapters, the content is divided into two parts. Part of clinical experience, as the basic and clinical pharmacology and treatment of pediatric diseases such as rational drug selection; another part is commonly used drugs in pediatric, and form classification drug and dosage, function table,

  • The beauty of traditional Chinese Medicine

    The beauty of traditional Chinese medicine, "the national medical beauty attending training series: introduction the aesthetic of traditional Chinese medicine": the aesthetic of traditional Chinese medicine is the use of traditional Chinese medicine in the field of beauty, is a comprehensive discipline. The "national medical beauty attending training series: the aesthetic of traditional Chinese medicine" is divided into three chapter, chapter 20. Part one,

  • Children's nutrition and health care

    Wang Jingmin, Liu Xiuping, Zhang Yi editor of "child nutrition and health care" from the growth and development of children, child nutrition and health care and prevention aspects, expounds the growth and development of children and its influencing factors, and how to take measures actively and effectively, enhance children's physical fitness, promoting children's healthy growth. The ",

  • Aged care workers in vocational skills training tutorial

    Aged care workers in vocational skills training tutorial, "national civil administration continuing education series of training materials: aged care workers in vocational skills training tutorial" in accordance with the "post vocational nursing member national occupational standards" and elderly care services requires preparation, content involves the nurses professional ethics and related laws and regulations, the elderly care, elderly care,

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