Analysis of burn and plastic surgery medical records

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The book written by experts in the collective First Hospital Affiliated to General Hospital of PLA and. The representative of the burn record of various analysis, elaborated the idea of diagnosis and treatment, the treatment experience of burn patients. Practice of treating medical records are from the author's book, has the extremely valuable guidance value for burn and plastic surgeons, help to improve their professional skills and academic level.
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The first chapter of large area burn were 1 large area deep fuel burn patients successful treatment of 2 cases of electric cabinet due to explosion of large area deep burn were treated 3 cases of large area burn treatment and plastic case 4 escharectomy during shock stage treatment of burns successful case analysis 5 cases of large area deep burn intensive insulin therapy in second chapter 1 special causes of burn cases of systemic multiple high-voltage electric injury treatment of 2 cases of inhalation injury cases case analysis of 3 upper limbs of severe high-voltage electric injury cases case analysis of 4 upper limbs. The treatment of residual burn wound case 5 hot crush injury cases 6, face, hands electric burn cases of large area burn patients 7 yellow 8 sulfuric acid the burn wound unhealed patients 9 upper limbs of high-voltage electric burn diagnosis of vascular injury and wound repair 10 cases of sulfuric acid burn wounds with operation treatment of 11 cases of neck radiation ulcer 12 cases of chronic radiation ulcer in third chapter chest burned elderly 1 cases of large area burn patients aged arc case analysis of 2 elderly burn residual wounds treatment cases 300 years old Burn skin grafting operation a successful case of the fourth chapter of pediatric burn cases of 1 children with the treatment of residual burn wound were 2 pediatric burn treatment 3 cases gestational week 16 large area deep burn fifth chapter burns and combined injury, 1 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning cases with burn 2 burns and combined injury, 3 cases were scalded with peeling skin injury 4 cases of burn shock compound injury clinical features and treatment strategy of sixth chapter 1 after burn complications after severe burn low-temperature sepsis 2 after large area burn hyperglycemia cases 3 cases of burn wound sepsis after burn treatment 4 cases of upper gastrointestinal bleeding in four cases of 5 deep venous catheter in the treatment of large area burn in the case of 6 severe burn patients with superior mesenteric artery syndrome in seventh chapter special reasons induced skin loss case 1 large dogs bite skin avulsion 2 cases cases of scalp avulsion treated cases 3 HIFU induced by chest deep burn wound repair in a eighth chapter 1 cases of electric burn chin and lip repair -- mouth bottom flap transfer case 2 electrical burns flap to repair 3 cases since the Body of skin, skin allograft transplantation in the repair of large area mixed residual wounds at the later stage of burn and plastic case ninth chapter 1 wrist contact electric burn induced paralysis of intrinsic muscle of hand deformity system repair 2 cases nasal tip defect and repair -- digital artery and dorsal island flap transfer case 3 after severe burn nasal deformities -- forearm free flap reconstruction nasal reconstruction with 4 cases of one stage repair of hypospadias with penile scrotal raphe flap -- ventral flap 5 cases nasal deformity burn damage total nose reconstruction -- the ilioinguinal abdominal residual skin thin skin flap prefabricated residual hand carrying the transfer case 6 cases of cicatricial alopecia 7 cicatricial chin neck (chest) correction adhesion case 8 cheek cicatricial deformity correction were drooping cicatricial foot 9 after burn -- inverse normal Achilles tendon lengthening case 10 microtia reconstruction case 11 webbed cicatricial contracture modified skill tenth chapter 1 other cases of severe burn type Rh negative cases were 2 foot back scar cancer
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The first chapter of large area burn were 1 large area deep burn patients successful treatment of fuel burn is a common injury, pathological damage of the open type. In daily life, production activities or fire accident can be seen scattered or batches of burn patients, due to the use of a variety of weapons in combustion, the flame burns more much see. In the past 50 years, great progress has been made in burn medicine. Before twentieth Century 50 years, China's treatment of burn medical level is low, the total area of cure in over 50% of cases are quite rare. In twentieth Century 50 to 60 years, due to the development of anti shock treatment, improved wound treatment technology, dressing and exposure therapy selection tends to rational use and various antibiotic drugs, for the treatment of large area burn was obviously improved, total burn surface area in 80% to top, a considerable proportion of the patient can be cured. In twentieth Century 60 time end, at the beginning of the 70's, to further improve the treatment of burn technology, a breakthrough in treatment of large area of third degree burns, cure of third degree burn area of 80%, even 90% of patients is not uncommon. Entering the 80's of the twentieth Century, especially in recent 10 years, in the spring breeze of scientific breeding, prevention and treatment of burns vigorous development, gradually, to carry out a wide range of related to burn shock, infection of burn, wound treatment, inhalation injury, burn immune, postburn organ damage, skin transplantation, cell culture, prolong the allograft skin graft survival, metabolism, burn burn repair and burn care aspects, multi-level, full range of research, get a lot of new clinical and experimental research data, and enriching the theoretical knowledge of medical treatment for burns, burns significantly improve the level. The First Affiliated Hospital of General Hospital of PLA burn area of LA50 has exceeded 98%, third degree area of LA50 reached 86%, large area deep burn the successful treatment of patients, is one of many treatment of severe burn patients success, representative, also has its own characteristics, especially for a detailed introduction, hope to be able to at one spot peeps leopard purposes, to provide you with inspiration.
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"Burn case analysis" in 2003 January, the depth of large areaBurn, burn combined wound treatment and scar deformity caused by dysfunction in clinical cases are introduced and analysed in detail. "Analysis" of burn and plastic surgery medical records were selected with typical clinical practice case, aims to improve the technical level of the grass-roots in burn and plastic medical workers professional, as usual, the wartime provide burns treatment.
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