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Date of publication:2008-5   Press: World Book Inc   Author:Zhao Dinglin   Pages´╝Ü959  

Zhao Dinglin, Professor, Department of orthopedics, East Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, chief physician, tutor of doctoral students special government allowances of the State Council and expert with outstanding contribution of expertise: graduated from Harbin Medical University, has the rich clinical experience of cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine and limbs bone and joint injuries, especially good at various Difficult miscellaneous diseases, including multiple operation and the need for revision processing and various other difficult cases. Li Zengchun, Ph.D., postdoctoral. Department of orthopedics, chief physician, graduated from Shandong medical university. He has been to Italy, Switzerland and other countries to participate in academic exchanges and learning. Expertise: 20 years of clinical experience, specializes in diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders, joint disorders and complex bone trauma. Especially in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, spinal stenosis and lumbar spine has a wealth of experience, in the joint disease, trauma of limbs fracture, multiple fractures and accumulated rich experience.
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"The Department of orthopedics clinical handbook" by the world book publishing house.
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The first general chapter Department of orthopedics patient history and examination of the second chapter, third chapter Department of orthopedics department of orthopedics common check imaging fourth chapter of anesthesia and operation period processing Department of orthopedics department of orthopedics fifth chapter chapter sixth basic techniques in the treatment of patients in Department of orthopedics nursing second damage chapter trauma of bone and joint reaction, wound complications and pre hospital treatment second chapter general fracture the third chapter shoulder trauma in fourth chapter of humeral shaft fracture and elbow trauma fractures of forearm and wrist injuries fifth chapter sixth chapter hand injury in seventh chapter, eighth chapter of hip injury of femoral shaft fractures in ninth chapter knee injury in tenth chapter, eleventh chapter of fracture of shaft of tibia and fibula ankle and foot injuries in twelfth chapter limbs vascular injury (around) the thirteenth chapter fourteenth of peripheral nerve injury chapter four limbs bone and soft tissue firearm injuries in fifteenth chapter severed limb (finger) acute injury and chronic strain of the sixteenth chapter of spinal cord injury in the seventeenth chapter, the eighteenth chapter of cervical injury of thoracic lumbar spinal injury in nineteenth chapter of lumbar spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis twentieth chapter paraspinal muscle ligament...... Article fourth article third bone bone tumor fifth congenital developmental and genetic disorders sixth endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders @##@ appendix This manual is divided into 6 parts and 78 chapters, including introduction, injury, bone, bone tumor, congenital and hereditary diseases, as well as endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases, strive to be comprehensive, at least in common clinical department of orthopedics injury and its related issues more than 95%, is a simple, novel standard desk book, on physicians' clinical department of orthopedics of great reference value.
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