Handbook of cardiovascular surgery

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A total of four Book Twentieth chapters, divided by disease system, access to convenient. The diagnosis mainly includes various cardiovascular disease name, pathophysiology, diagnostic criteria, classification, diagnosis, staging and grading, treatment, operation method and prognosis. Evaluation of the book on the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and curative effect standard will have greater benefit to the reader, is a rich content of the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in reference books, can be the reference for clinicians.
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The first symptom of chapter one common symptom second chapter third chapter laboratory examination physical examination fourth chapter appliance examination second congenital heart disease fifth chapter house, ventricular septal abnormalities in the development of cardiac vascular dysplasia sixth chapter seventh chapter atrioventricular valve dysplasia eighth chapter coronary artery abnormalities in the development of the ninth chapter of complex congenital cardiovascular malformation third acquired heart in tenth chapter eleventh chapter of ischemic heart disease, valvular disease diagnosis and surgical treatment of aortic smooth layer twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter fourteenth chapter of pericardial disease of primary cardiac tumors in fifteenth chapter cardiac transplantation fourth extracorporeal circulation in sixteenth chapter of extracorporeal circulation equipment and device seventeenth chapter extracorporeal circulation perfusion technique in the eighteenth chapter the basic of extracorporeal circulation in surgical operation the nineteenth chapter different diseases of extracorporeal circulation management in the twentieth chapter of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation references
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The first symptom of the first chapter of common symptoms (symptom) refers to the subjective feeling of discomfort or pain in patients with abnormal sensation or pathological change. Signs (sign) refers to a physician or other people can change from the patient to the morbid objective examination. Generalized symptoms can include signs. The symptom is a key step for disease investigation of physicians to patients, is the main content of inquiry, is an important clue to diagnosis, differential diagnosis and main basis, is also one of the important indicators reflect the condition. In the inquiry process, attention should be paid to onset and noise characteristics of heart and symptoms of age, the age is smaller, the chance of congenital cardiovascular disease is larger; if after adult emergence, the rheumatic heart disease is more common in the elderly; if after, with coronary heart disease, pulmonary heart disease and hypertensive heart disease is more common. History collection process, must pay attention to patient, careful, let a patient who complained and closely related with history and occurrence, development process described in detail. In the patient described in the process, the doctor can do the necessary number of questions in the light of the main problems, but should avoid tempting patients according to the subjective thinking his narrative history. The history should give the comprehensive analysis, discard the dross and select the essential, so a good foundation for the correct diagnosis of the disease lay. The first section outlines the palpitation palpitation (a) (palpitation) is a kind of conscious heart discomfort or flustered feeling, often described as percussion like, jumping like, like, like the fall of vibration or kind heart. Palpitation, heart rate fast, slow, also can have the arrhythmia. Healthy people generally only in strenuous exercise, the spirit of high tension or highly excited feeling heart palpitations. The onset mechanism: the onset mechanism is not very clear, generally with the Heartbeat tachycardia, stroke volume increase and arrhythmia.
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