• Treatment of modern heart failure surgery

    "The main content of" advanced surgical treatment of heart failure: in recent years, in the stem cell transplantation (or epicardial coronary artery), gene therapy, heart transplantation, double electrode pacing and other fields has made considerable progress, but because of China's national conditions, due to limited by the economic situation, as well as the lack of awareness, machinery,

  • Department of urology disease diagnosis process and treatment strategies

    Department of urology disease diagnosis procedure and treatment strategies, ISBN:9787030206114, author: Zhang Wei,

  • A new study of abdominal surgery

    "Is based on the major abdominal surgery and abdominal surgery has compiled new science". The book has 31 chapters, about 1100000 words, with more than 170 frame, is divided into three parts. The foundation for abdominal surgery of the first 13 chapters, focuses on the basic theory and the introduction of new technology; from the fourteenth chapter to the twenty-ninth chapter is the theory of abdominal surgery, side,

  • Clinical practice guidelines of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery

    "Otolaryngology: head and neck surgery (case version)" the main content: Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery. Clinical medical professional courses, is the study of ear nose throat, trachea, esophagus and neck all organ anatomy, physiology and pathology of the clinical disciplines two. In order to guide and help students master the basic theory, the discipline of medical basic,

  • China surgery Yearbook

    "Introduction Chinese surgery Yearbook 2007" content: China yearbook of surgery is a practical, intensive information tool. This volume content for the 2005 November to 2006 October, surgical information domestic journals published, from 138 health medical journals selected 15375 papers,

  • The utility of Orthopaedics and traumatology series - bone disease

    "Bone" written by Henan province Luoyang Bone-setting Hospital bone specialist. The book has 10 chapters, the first chapter pyogenic infection of bone and joint tuberculosis of bone and joint, the second chapter, the third chapter non suppurative arthritis, chapter fourth bone necrosis, the fifth chapter nutritional and metabolic bone disease, the sixth chapter sequela of poliomyelitis, the seventh chapter spasm of sexually transmitted diseases,

  • The common clinical problems and Countermeasures of general surgery

    "And the Countermeasures of" common clinical problems in general surgery includes difficult problems that may be encountered in general surgery preoperative, intraoperative, postoperative and treatment measures, the main collection of general surgeon experience and lessons in clinical practice, and made reference to the current international and domestic other physicians to the same question,

  • Operation and technique of laparoscopic hepatobiliary surgery operation

    "Operation and technique" laparoscopic hepatobiliary surgery operation by his own clinical practice accumulated data, refer to the latest literature and academic achievements, combined with the operation video, pictures and text to explain the system operation, and expounds the application of laparoscopic liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen surgical operation related anatomy, operation,

  • The utility of Orthopaedics and traumatology series - orthopedic nursing technology

    "Nursing technique" and by the director of Nursing Department of Shandong province Wendeng osteopathic hospital nurse Sai Xiaozhen editor, the author is the nursing staff in the hospital. "Nursing technique" and a total of two, the Department of Orthopaedics and traumatology, first-aid nursing care and nursing technology, mainly for orthopedics emergency rescue, intensive care, and the patient's heart,

  • The treatment of lumbar disc herniation Atlas

    "The treatment of lumbar disc herniation were" the author mainly in map form including the lumbar disc herniation combined traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of non operation, interventional therapy, minimally invasive treatment, rehabilitation treatment and comprehensive treatment method. "The treatment of lumbar disc herniation was" concise and practical, recovery of clinical therapy and family,

  • Reproductive system disease

    "The main content China grassroots doctors training series, reproductive system and disease": reproductive health is the human health center, is a discipline has the particularity in medicine. Obstetrics and gynecology is physiological and pathological study of the reproductive system, and the physiological and pathological pregnancy disciplines, including Gynecology, obstetrics and,

  • Artificial hip and knee surgery

    "Artificial hip and knee surgery" is divided into two chapters, introduces the development history of hip, knee arthroplasty, physiology, anatomy and biomechanics, the joint inspection, replacement operation indications, contraindications, preoperative preparation, operation, postoperative recovery, efficacy evaluation. "Artificial hip and knee surgery" on,

  • Department of hepatobiliary surgery, manual

    "Manual" Department of hepatobiliary surgery according to liver disease, biliary disease, pancreatic diseases, diseases of the spleen, portal hypertension, liver and gallbladder disease of minimally invasive treatment of content is divided into six chapters, a total of fifty-one day. Introduced the common disease etiology, pathological Department of hepatobiliary surgery, pathophysiology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and treatment methods. In the liver and gallbladder disease,

  • Department of orthopedics clinical handbook

    Department of orthopedics clinical handbook, "the main content of Department of orthopedics clinical handbook": is divided into 6 parts and 78 chapters, including introduction, injury, bone, bone tumor, congenital and hereditary diseases, as well as endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases, strive to be comprehensive, at least briefly present the common clinical Department of orthopedics injury above and its related problems 95%,

  • Practical Handbook of burn surgery

    "A practical handbook" burn burn surgery surgical written by experienced experts, revised on the basis of the first version, a total of 19 chapters. The clinical course of burn, burn, wound treatment, shock and infection control, burn in cerebral complications, skin transplantation, inhalation injury, immune function disorder, water electrolysis,

  • The utility of Orthopaedics and traumatology series - orthopedic rehabilitation technology

    "Orthopedic rehabilitation technology" is one of the "practical orthopedic series", is based on orthopedic rehabilitation experts in Haicheng city of Liaoning province Zhenggu hospital, organization of domestic a batch of young business backbone, in summing up years of orthopedic rehabilitation based on clinical practice, advanced experience for reference of domestic and foreign counterparts to compile. All,

  • Handbook of cardiovascular surgery

    "Manual" cardiovascular surgery were four twentieth chapters, divided by disease system, access to convenient. The diagnosis mainly includes various cardiovascular disease name, pathophysiology, diagnostic criteria, classification, diagnosis, staging and grading, treatment, operation method and prognosis. ,

  • America non cardiac operation in perioperative period of cardiovascular disease assessment and treatment guidelines

    "America non cardiac operation in perioperative period of cardiovascular disease assessment and treatment guidelines (2007 Edition)" to special disease diagnosis, through the introduction of the widely accepted treatment or prevention methods, to help the medical staff to make clinical decisions. "America non cardiac operation in perioperative period of cardiovascular disease assessment and treatment guidelines,

  • Handbook of general surgery

    "Manual" general surgery to diagnosis the disease and treatment of general surgery, and new progress, new knowledge and new theory. Divided into three chapters, including guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease and symptoms, and the commonly used technology and operation etc.. The guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease mainly expounds the general,

  • Department of anus & intestine surgery operation

    "The Department of anus & intestine surgery, operation" is divided into general and minimally invasive operation, the 3 part. A total of 3, the 30 chapter, illustrated. The e., anal common disease, rare diseases, as well as various surgical fusion in a book, introduces in detail the Escherichia, anal anatomy, pathological and physiological characteristics, e., anal disease,

  • Arthritis treatment experience case

    "Arthritis treatment experience case" for the "traditional Chinese medicine recipe books" "arthritis treatment experience case" section, systematically summarizes the external therapy of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, arthritis and other diseases, selection of medical records, medical theory, treatment methods and experience of a house,

  • Analysis of burn and plastic surgery medical records

    "Analysis" of burn and plastic surgery medical records by the expert group of the first hospital affiliated to General Hospital of PLA compiled. The representative of the burn record of various analysis, elaborated the idea of diagnosis and treatment, the treatment experience of burn patients. Practice of treating medical records are from the author of the book, to burn and plastic,

  • Rheumatism

    "Rheumatism" content brief introduction: according to WHO (WHO) statistics, rheumatic disease incidence rate is rising year by year. Only China is about more than 50000000 of patients with rheumatic diseases. The system research of autoimmune rheumatic diseases in China started late, the majority of the masses of rheumatism is poorly understood, and all kinds of,

  • Modern hepatic surgery

    "Modern hepatic surgery" edited by Professor Rui Jingan, famous expert in liver surgery of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, many domestic experts with rich clinical experience in the preparation of, is divided into ten chapters, systematically introduces the history of the development of liver surgery, primary carcinoma of the liver, bile duct carcinoma, metastatic liver cancer pathogenesis, epidemiology, clinical diagnosis,

  • Coronary heart disease transradial intervention technique

    "Coronary heart disease transradial intervention techniques" is a movie about coronary heart disease transradial intervention technique on medicine, a number of experts several hospitals at home and abroad, Co edited. This monograph is advanced, scientific, practicability, introduces the basic knowledge of percutaneous coronary intervention treatment,

  • Ankylosing spondylitis diagnosis and treatment options

    "Ankylosing spondylitis diagnosis and treatment options" combined with clinical practice, comprehensively introduces the cause of ankylosing spondylitis, clinical features, diagnostic method and standard of new progress. Various treatment methods for modern ankylosing spondylitis, such as surgical treatment, ankylosing spondylitis Department of internal medicine treatment and traditional Chinese medicine treatment,

  • Preoperative knew

    "Early know before operation: the main content of thyroid operation:" the hearts of every will face in thyroid operation patients are full of questions, to choose what kind of thyroid operation? Long time operation? What needs to be done to check and preparation before surgery requires anesthesia operation?? operation if uncomfortable do? After operation what note,

  • Study of surgery. The new higher medical college

    "Outline, surgical learning the latest medical colleges and universities learning program" by people's Medical Publishing House "surgery" teaching material as the basis, combining with teaching program of science, reference to domestic and foreign similar materials and related exercises, informative, concise test. The book is divided into 60 chapters, each chapter includes the content essentials, test,

  • Complex coronary intervention treatment through radial artery

    "Complex coronary intervention treatment through radial artery (case a)" mainly in the form of case, introduces different types of complex coronary artery disease transradial interventional techniques and experience of treatment. The book has 9 chapters, first briefly introduces the transradial coronary intervention (TRI) development and the status quo, following the,

  • Department of general surgery of tumor diagnosis manual

    "The main content of common surgical tumor diagnosis manual": operation treatment of tumor surgery is an important part of the comprehensive treatment of cancer. Only tumor surgery is the pursuit of short-term effect, but also to save the lives of patients. Even if cannot achieve this goal, but also as far as possible to prolong the survival time of patients, improve their living,

  • Neck and shoulder pain

    "Neck shoulder waist leg pain" briefly introduces the etiology, pathology, diagnosis, treatment of common neck shoulder waist leg pain, introduces in detail the neck shoulder waist leg pain prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure cure rehabilitation exercise. "Neck shoulder waist leg pain" illustrations, explain profound theories in simple language, hoping to help the healthy population and in patients with low back pain neck about the disease,

  • Vacuum sealing drainage

    The main content of "vacuum sealing drainage technique": since the surgery, a surgical drainage, there are endless disputes, especially in abdominal surgery. Surgical drainage once saved countless lives of critically ill patients; however, inappropriate drainage, also bring a lot of complications. Drainage is no substitute for a good hand,

  • Atlas of abdominal organ transplant operation

    "Springer atlas" abdominal organ transplantation operation leading international publishing group introduction, is a pioneering work on organ transplantation. Details of the foreign in the liver, kidney, pancreas, small intestine and other organs called the latest technology and operation method of planting, to a large number of operation photo real with concise outline,

  • Prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc

    "Lumbar disc herniation (Second Edition)" in the first edition, add a lot of new data, comprehensively and systematically introduces the progress and clinical diagnosis and treatment of the basic research of lumbar disc herniation. Focuses on the spinal biomechanics, pathology, etiology, lumbar disc herniation, mechanism of lumbocrural pain, clinical,

  • Surgical cases.

    "The essence of" surgery difficult cases collected 100 cases of the clinical teaching hospital of Peking University nearly 10 years to come difficult cases bed, including three cases, the diagnosis of difficult cases; or diagnosis, treatment of difficult cases; or emergency case needs to make a correct and timely diagnosis and treatment of cases. Each,

  • Stroke external test case

    "A fascicle stroke external test case" to "external treatment of TCM recipe books", briefly discussed the etiology and pathology, stroke, clinical manifestation, diagnosis and treatment principles, a collection of 38 famous doctors of stroke medicine theory and medical records, featured a Chinese modern medical journals in the external treatment therapy, acupuncture and acupoint therapy on,

  • The treatment of lumbar disc herniation with combination of Chinese traditional and Western Medicine

    "Combining Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation" consists of 12 chapters, system, detailed, in-depth discussion of the lumbar disc herniation applied anatomy, etiology, pathology, physiology, examination, diagnosis, treatment, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention. The article emphatically introduces avascular necrosis of the femoral head in traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine,

  • Essentials and complications of burn surgery operation

    "The main contents and essentials of complications" burn surgery operation: including attention need to burn treatment process problem: the basic principles of wound treatment, the wound healing of normal and abnormal, early treatment and early treatment of burn patients, correction of deformities impaired function of the late stage of burn, compensation and reconstruction. ,

  • Department of orthopedics clinical examination

    "Clinical Department of orthopedics examination" follow the practical, logical and easy to understand, easy to understand, memory principle, in graphic form and concise text description, on the basic of Department of orthopedics to check method in the most simple way to express. In 1989 the Ministry of Health issued the "hospital management" requirements of medical staff,

  • Department of cardiothoracic surgery disease diagnosis process and treatment strategies

    "Department of cardiothoracic surgery disease diagnosis process and treatment strategy" refers to a large number of domestic and foreign literature, combined with a number of experts, scholars and clinical experience, comprehensive, systematic exposition of cardiothoracic surgery disease, frequently occurring disease diagnosis, treatment and the latest progress. "Breaking the cardiothoracic surgery disease diagnosis procedure and treatment strategy",

  • Bone repair

    "Bone repair" detailed treatment of common orthopedic trauma disease reduction, and through the review of the forms of domestic and international treatment were summarized, combined with the literature and the author's experience on the treatment of specific evaluation methods, such as various reduction methods and their advantages and disadvantages, indications, is preferred, especially,

  • Foot and ankle

    "Foot and ankle foot and ankle surgery" written by young experts, provides almost all the key information of foot and ankle disorders required. "Ankle and foot", in addition to the introduction of clinical diagnosis and treatment is often the key information, also introduced the related anatomy, biomechanics, physical examination and treatment technology, and also tells the story of arthroscopy,

  • Mitral valve repair operation Atlas

    Mitral valve repair operation "Atlas" according to the specific part of valve repair technology organization material. Provide different solutions to similar problems, explain profound theories in simple language, content arrangement detail properly, and is equipped with 6 cases of complete annotation, divided into specific fragments of different video as a supplement, a very good description of various repair,

  • Spinal deformity surgery

    "Spinal deformity surgery" is a monograph the clinical practical spinal deformity surgery. The book is divided into four parts of thirty-five chapters: chapter introduces the basis of spinal and spinal cord development, applied anatomy; disease divides the craniovertebral junction malformation, idiopathic, congenital, neuromuscular type and other types of scoliosis,,

  • Spinal surgical endoscopy

    "Spinal surgical endoscopy" written by 65 international experts, the book has 35 chapters, systematically discusses the minimally invasive techniques, including: endoscopic spine surgery and endoscopic operation, equipped with the basic principles, cervical and thoracic lumbar endoscopic operation steps, operation rules, percutaneous image-guided technique, etc.. ",

  • Department of general surgery disease diagnosis process and treatment strategies

    "The Department of general surgery disease diagnosis process and treatment strategy" mainly includes the General Department of General Surgery Department of general surgery, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases in the theory and the typical cases of the three part, mainly introduces the overview of all kinds of diseases, Department of general surgery diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and the new progress and prospect. In theory the Department of general surgery, disease diagnosis,

  • Head and neck surgery operation, repair and reconstruction

    "Head and neck surgery operation, repair and reconstruction of" starting from the clinical practice, the paper introduce the anatomical basis of various tissue flaps, indications and operation skill of clinical application. The unique clinical experience which brought together writers, reflecting the resection and reconstruction of superior technology level of the contemporary of head and neck tumor operation. Fig.,

  • Orthopedic manual burn surgery

    "Manual" on the basis of burn and plastic surgery at home and abroad authoritative orthopedic burn professional books and a large number of relevant literature, combined with the editor's years of clinical and teaching experience prepared, details of diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in different parts of plastic and cosmetic method and burn common content, including the diagnosis and treatment of superficial tumor,,

  • The outpatient department of orthopedics based therapeutics

    "The outpatient department of orthopedics based therapeutics (Third Edition)" before the two version based on the revised and expanded and become rich. In view of the most common disease in Department of orthopedics, 67 neck shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, chest, waist and back, hip, knee, ankle and lower leg, foot and other parts prone, gives a graphic,

  • Minimally invasive total hip and knee arthroplasty

    "Many of the techniques of minimally invasive total hip and knee arthroplasty in" is new, so we are unable to provide long-term follow-up results. However, in the author's efforts, we can recognize the effect of minimally invasive techniques with existing knowledge. Thomas P.Scule0 and Mark A.Hart,

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