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Date of publication:2010-4   Press: Machinery Industry Press   Author:Zhao Xin, Niu Jingying, Xing Shaodong,   Pages´╝Ü137  

Our lectures at the University, to see a lot of young people began to have back pain, leg pain phenomenon; in the summer camp, or "seven or eight o'clock the sun" adolescents feel a pain in the neck are accounted for half of the authority; enterprise, sits at a desk all day, people ask us most of the problem is how to alleviate the bones pain; came to the community and residents exchanges, seen in the elderly fitness for all sorts of strange things, but they still can not avoid the deterioration of the bones hurt. With bone joint disease not only in the Chinese huge number, all over the world, people of different ages are in hundreds of millions of bone and joint problems. When you don't have a correct understanding of bone joint disease, it just makes you feel pain, feel tired. And once from the pain to the disease, it will lead to personal life, reduce or lose labor ability, will bring heavy burden to society and family, your own. More worryingly, the incidence of bone joint disease has begun to appear younger trend. Bone joint disease caused by the increasingly serious personal and social burden, not only is because too many people puzzled by skeletal joint problems, but more people are not aware of the importance of the bone and joint health.

In recent years, scapulohumeral periarthritis, cervical vertebra disease, osteoporosis and other bone diseases so that more and more people suffer. Perhaps people are not aware of, is the usual mode of bad habits and behavior in life, eventually leading to his ailing. The bones are the backbone of the body, once appear problem, will bring disaster to the whole body. Famous health expert Zhao Zhixin theory of "fitness first bone", and create health Jiangu exercises, to help people solve the skeletal disorders. The book is divided fitness to bone, bone disease defense strategy, health preserving bone health exercises several chapters, not only from the theory of universal common sense with bone health, easy, practical, effective health Jiangu exercises, the church we use training methods make your bones strong.
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Zhao Xin, Professor of Beijing Sport University, the national level social sports instructor. In 1997, Zhao Zhixin established Beijing city national fitness expert teacher lecturer, and served as the secretary general, to the masses of publicity and popularization of health knowledge, guiding you exercise science, physical fitness. Through summing up and innovation, the creation of "aerobic fitness walking", "Jiangu exercises", "new five bird", "new eight section brocade" Jane
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The first chapter why about bone health section of bone health significance of the second day bone disease susceptible population second chapter fitness to bone health section of skeletal joint structure characteristics of second day life is movement -- bone is designed in section third use and disuse -- bone non normal degradation fourth bones prone to accidents the fifth section protection caused by improper bone problems in section sixth other diseases induced skeletal problems seventh bad habits caused by bone problems in section eighth rehabilitation principles chapter third skeletal diseases attack strategy proof the first section is the most common osteoporosis a, what is osteoporosis, two, who is at risk for osteoporosis, got three osteoporosis do second other bone joint disease, gout, two with diabetes related bone and joint diseases in three, cervical spondylosis, spinal origin four health five, periarthritis of shoulder and elbow pain, back pain, six dorsal acid seven, knee, knee pain, the fourth chapter eight foot health health Jiangu exercises section cervical bone strengthening exercises 1 holding a lotus 2 Oriental Sunrise West sunset 3 ten ten exercises second spinal Bone strengthening exercises 1 trees 2 upland boating 3 sitting back exercises 4 and third section with shoulder bone around shoulder movement exercises 1 to 2 shoulder flexibility training fourth elbow Jiangu invade wrist exercises section fifth exercise hand bone health hand six words sixth waist bone strengthening exercises 1 single leg back the 2 tower. Section seventh hip bone health exercises 1 exercises 2 multi leg training characters of eighth knee joint bone health. 1 semi squat 2 knee slapping ninth ankle bone health exercises 1 to raise training 2 foot training summary of the fifth chapter "four bases" construction pillar cornerstone of life first quarter -- a reasonable diet a, bone health and "eat" close to two, a reasonable diet can effectively increase the human body mineral content three, the human body lacks minerals harm second cornerstones for the two -- the right amount of physical labor or exercise, "obsolete" bone joint is an important aspect of the problem two, by the "recession" the bone joint problems once should be understood as the body problem three, partial disuse problem third cornerstones for the three -- Reasonable bone load training fourth cornerstone The four factors -- full control of bone and joint problems, caused by a weight control two, prevent metabolic imbalance caused by osteoarthritis, three positive control of certain diseases four, positive exercise and bone healing.
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Illustration: the fourth chapter health healthy bone. Today we teach you is the health healthy bone. Why is it called Jiangu fuck? Our physical state with the increase of age, diversity changes in disease; along with the US office environment and lifestyle changes, continue to reduce motion, or motion of single model for excess after skeletal joint problems of considerable. Today, we will use the manual method to teach you the training method of bone joint. This training method can be said to have many advantages, for example, it covers an area of small, convenient operation, whenever and wherever possible to wait, but these method after you finished will not feel the same, it will bring you a healthy bones on the harvest, your bone joint activity and health will improve. And these simple actions can effectively curb some bone diseases, especially some exercise after trauma. We are really out of bone and jointProblem of the time, you can use it as a recovery method. So says the bone to outstanding, also must make the other two parts are excellent, it is ligament and muscle. We will bring you in the back of the bone can be said to be the movement of limbs. In each section, the body parts of different exercises feel have one thing in common, that is in you to finish each movement, will obviously feel the muscles will be very acid bilges, joint will be very acid very expansion. This acid bilges feeling is a kind of reaction is very normal, it can give our muscles, ligaments and bone benign external stimuli. Although it looks like we are only in the muscles and ligaments of their own, but because there are several inseparable relationship between the three, so you get beat all effect of exercise is, is to improve the muscle strength and at the same time, ligament flexibility, also let his bones start inside are excellent, can be said to be in one fell swoop many. Here we also give us three concepts: first, the young to muscle practice and strong point, skeletal practice strong point, ligament get flexible point, this will help you to effectively curb the middle age, physical decline rate; second, all the old people to want you bone health, reduce the fracture occurs, it is necessary to fully trained skeletal muscle, the bone metabolism changes to their physical condition is improved; third, some special diseases, you also want to exercise their muscles, exercise their bones, so that it can help your illness relieved, the body recovers at an early date.

The scientific movement, let us away from the bone joint disease! In recent years, found in a study of a large number of people "constitution" problem, bone joint disease is more and more obvious in many diseases. The highlight in modern life problem, already is not only the older patents, more and more middle-aged people, young people even in school adolescents, because long-term lifestyle, makes this disease early. We see those who often take part in sports people, some of them after exercise, bone and joint diseases "on the magic" miraculously recovered, but some people osteoarthropathy body is more practice the more, the more practice the more "injured". So people will think: why the same games make people well, also can make the person "injured"? In depth research, fitness expert Zhao Zhixin found, only the "movement" science can really promote the healthy, can make the person from various bone injury. Since 1999, Zhao Zhixin in the first national elderly fitness center (operated by Beijing City, Xicheng District Sports Bureau, Beijing Yinxuan elderly fitness center) in the elderly fitness method to improve the physique of done a lot of research and practice. Methods of rehabilitation research content mainly focus on osteoporosis, bone joint dysfunction, metabolic bone disease, post-stroke muscle movement disorders.
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"Fitness first bone health:" whenever and wherever possible bidding work, practice healthy every day, holding a lotus practice cervical, towering trees around shoulder periarthritis practicing spine, relieve, single leg back waist kidney. We do exercises together with bone health! In the heart of the teacher, personal presentation, explanation, bring you health and bone exercise, together with the female, move, the new five bird, physique, not recession, a new eight section brocade. Whether you are sedentary office suffered the pain of cervical spondylosis and periarthritis of shoulder? Whether you are using the computer for a long time and suffering from mouse hand and tennis elbow? Whether you chondromalacia patella? Whether you osteoporosis? The above make people suffer various disorders collectively referred to bone disease. The bones are the backbone of the body, once appear problem, will bring disaster to the whole body. Famous health expert Zhao Zhixin theory of "fitness first bone", and create health Jiangu exercises, to help people solve the skeletal disorders. This set of health preserving bone health exercises is the Zhao Zhixin teacher was the latest version modified on the basis of the original bone invigorating exercise, increase in the number of simple, practical and effective new action, is people to control disease, physical health of choice. "Fitness first health essence bone" fitness expert Zhao Zhixin many years of practice showed. The new "health Jiangu fuck" complete carefully to teach you. Beijing city to promote national fitness means.
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  •   Bone health practice for a long time, my shoulder and very severe cervical problems have been significantly improved! Thank you very much Mr. zhao! To see your new books, and bone strengthening exercises and increased many contents, support!
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