Exercise is better than a good prescription

Date of publication:2012-1   Press: Contemporary China   Author:Hu Dayi   Pages:161  

I have a word with the most oxygen movement father Cooper people talk about is: "tired". Too tired to talk, too tired to eat, tired to see things...... "Tired" seems to be in the US can't drive, was not open. Have a look your "physical" can see through "tired" in the dark. Was changed: less muscle, skeletal light, more fat, all carrying ten kilograms of excess weight will not tired? Weakness: go out to play, two Station Road, do not go, you take the elevator to the two floor, too lazy to climb, fitness also pick effortless...... Strength gradually reduced to zero, must lie "tired". Heart and lung function: take the "virtual" in obesity, hypertension, high blood fat, high blood sugar...... China has been hardening of the arteries in 9 year old children. Smart coordination ability decline: the body flexibility, coordination is low person, most gently fall will appear fracture, even small collision generally can be deadly. With women as an example, women in 16 ~ 18 years old has reached physical maturity, the body began to degenerate after aging, with each passing year, heart pumping capacity is reduced by 1%. At middle age, began to gain weight 29% signs, vascular narrowing, heart burden. Every 10 years, after 30 years of age, the body loses 3% to 5% muscle fibres. 10% ~ 30% strength loss after 60 years old, fat increased, upper limb to limb blood flow is at 25, down 30% to 60%. After the age of 70, almost every day to feel be in the blues, flexibility is reduced by 20% ~ 30%. After 75 years old go from bad to worse, the oxygen content of the circulating by as much as 29%. After 80 years old, sitting in a creaking rocking chair, you cannot move a little. What is the most effective anti-aging methods? Health is a scientific exercise, the joy and vitality of win-win, but not any exercise is beneficial to health. A large body of research shows that, 1 hours of aerobic exercise, can delay aging. Adhering to aerobic exercise, no matter whatAge and gender, to promote plays an important role in physical health, enhance physical fitness, treatment of chronic diseases. 1985 January to 1987 January, I went to the State University of New York and Chicago USA two years study in University of Illinois. In the home half a year ago, I went to Texas, years of an international heart disease in order to save money, find a place by a friend. The friend of Dr. Kenneth Cooper, he said Cooper the aerobics center place, so I know Cooper, and was his aerobic exercise attracted. Cooper's experience in itself a story. Cooper was a hard for eight years, engaged in the cardiac Department of internal medicine professional obtain the degree of doctor of medicine of doctor. In basketball, running and water sports, was his high school and university during the period of the most loved. But in studying for a doctor's degree in 4 years, sports suspension, overeating, weight from 77 kg up to 92 kg. After graduation, nervous working rhythm this all the more that one disaster after another -- increased blood pressure, body weakness and severe insomnia. Once, he has the confidence to set foot on the water skiing, speed increase, suddenly feel nausea, palpitation, dizzy, almost fainted. It is the unexpected, leads Cooper to reflect on their own and the surrounding people's health, and thus made a surprising decision, he returned to his alma mater Harvard University studying public health master, and his life from the healthy "downstream" to "upstream". He was determined to find out the lack of exercise, mental stress, poor diet and obesity and healthy relationship from their cases, and decided to re shape the "student Cooper". Through running and reasonable diet, his weight from 92 kg to 77 kg. After that, he had created the famous "12 minutes of physical fitness test" and "aerobic exercise score", become the world first person promote aerobic metabolism exercise. In twentieth Century 60, he and his wife came to their Texas entrepreneurship, disk space, set up the first global prevention science research institute, the aerobic metabolism as a leader, the development of a variety of business, including sportswear, shoes, health care medicines etc.. America former president Carter, Bush, Clinton and USA astronauts were there for aerobic metabolism in guiding training. Verification of Cooper "prevention is better than cure" theory has had 50 years of practice, he is aerobic exercise in twentieth Century 60 years have been rampant America and lead to the first mortality of cardiovascular disease, it has been effectively controlled in some degree in the 30 years ago. 20 years American smoking reduced by half, blood pressure is reduced by more than 30%, adhere to the people who exercise regularly have increased more than two times, the mortality of myocardial infarction decreased 37%, the mortality of stroke was decreased by 50%. According to reports, 1970 ~ 1980 years, life expectancy increased by 4 years, almost 4 times the average life expectancy increased. Is expected in recent years, USA female life expectancy is 90 years old, average 85 years old male. Aerobic exercise not. Cooper in 1988, I invited the first visit to china. Cooper was glad to take Chinese running, because this is Cooper there is a striking sign of aerobic metabolism exercise promotion in the world, each time to Cooper, to lead his majestic athletic aroused strong "aerobic" shock wave. In Singapore, we follow Cooper run in the mayor LED; in Brazil, Cooper behind the surging the president led the running stream; in Tokyo, followed by running there are thousands of people. In China, then follow behind Cooper only three people, I, Cao Jie (Research Master of Science University Students) and Yang Hongjian (the Great Wall hotel gym coach), these two people are with me Cooper "aerobic" this book of like-minded. As I spare no effort to promote when oxygen metabolism, by Mr Jin Dapeng (then president of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, director of the Beijing Health Bureau, the current president of the Beijing Medical Association) support. We together with the "Beijing Evening News" planned in 1995 launched the "Health Express" column, I became the "Health Express" column, health big classroom and health square expert consultation in one of the most "conductor". Time flies, dissemination of aerobic exercise in China has twenty years, countless people familiar with aerobic exercise, countless people in the aerobic exercise in healthy again. At the beginning of the stars is the fire spread ignited the flames! Hu Dayi in 2011 September

No matter you are white-collar workers or corporate elite, or old people, as long as you are working walking, stress and negative mood every hour and moment not tangled and sneak attack you. May, today, you are still in the depressed to these pressures, and try to find a way to resolve the effective, such as sleep, rest, watch TV, go shopping, listen to music, go to the Cara OK hall, drinking, temper, looking for friends, a variety of forms, also there is no lack of work. However, the above method is almost through the transfer of environmental change and focus, help you release tension and troubles temporarily, and temporarily to relax and rest. How can we fundamentally, not the form of the body to produce physiological protection? The answer lies in the "sports is better than a good prescription: aerobic exercise for six weeks in a practical handbook".
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Hu Dayi, expert of outstanding contribution to the national and Beijing, the Ministry of health health education chief expert, the national key disciplines of cardiovascular department of internal medicine responsible people, enjoy the government expert allowance. The International Academy of science academician of president of Eurasia, Chinese Medical Association cardiovascular department of internal medicine physicians of Cardiology, chairman of Chinese Medical Association, director of cardiovascular disease research institute, the heart center of Peking University People's Hospital, Fudan University School of public health director l the center for epidemiological studies of bed level.
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The six week
the first chapter if you give me six weeks, and life will be changed.
the first section the tension workplace was driven home
if everyone was still breathing air, will experience a different degree of tension. Pressure from work to family pressure, everyone in the pressure bored, and try to find a way to effectively manage, such as sleep, rest, watch TV, go shopping, listen to music, go to the Cara OK hall, drinking, temper, looking for friends, a variety of forms, also do not lack of work. However, the above method is almost through the transfer of environmental change and focus, help you release tension and troubles temporarily, and temporarily to relax and rest. How can we fundamentally, not the form of the body to produce physiological protection? Each individual is the final destination
second win family happiness
home, just like the bird nest always thinking, always in the leaves. Homa in the epic hero Odysseus years of wandering outside, the suffering and temptation, it is the idea of home to support him, so that he has overcome all hardships, resist all the temptation. Finally, when the goddess Calypso advised him to stay in her island, he insisted: "the noble goddess, I know ever-young you my wife in your glory will only be cast into the shade,, she was doomed to die. But I still miss home every day, want to go back to my home
unfortunately, family structure relations between people, society the most weakness is not stable. As with the change of our culture, these years the family characteristics have changed.
third day to rebuild a healthy
since long ago, people believed that cardiovascular disease is the elderly problems. Now the surprising discovery, many middle-aged people are also faced with this problem, but the example It is often seen. die young. In fact, cardiovascular disease is a continuous process of development, like a river that flows. Exports in the elderly, but the source before the age of 18, the main material basis of its formation is the molecular structure is like seawater everyone for having heard it many times of
cholesterol cholesterol in a string of bubbles rising. When the "bubble" may be we eat into the body in the meat, absorbed in the small intestine after slowly rooted in the blood vessel wall, causing atherosclerosis finally deposited into the artery. The cholesterol in the blood is like white curd, touch the coverage of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall in cardiac operation, like the feeling of freshly baked cake like satiny warm
section fourth with go-slow past say goodbye
second chapter aerobic exercise.
third chapter aerobic exercise diet principle
fourth chapter grasp your body's signal
tag 90 survive, it is your fault
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The copyright page: illustration: there are 4 kinds of lipids in human blood cholesterol, triglyceride,: free fatty acids and phospholipids. Cholesterol is a kind of oil complex. The amount of cholesterol in human body is 100 ~ 200 grams, the 2/3 synthesized in the body, mostly produced by the liver, 1/3 from food. Each part must be transported to cholesterol and lipoprotein binding ability, lipoprotein and divided into low density lipoprotein and high density lipoprotein. Low density lipoprotein to transport cholesterol from the liver to body tissue, high density lipoprotein cholesterol back to the liver metabolism process organization. This back and forth in the transport process is the most lively at night time, because our liver only at night construction, production of cholesterol (statins which is taking cholesterol lowering why before bedtime eat the best reason). This is the new home decoration, we chisel wall dig out a pile of garbage, the garbage like cholesterol. How to do garbage, not always in the home! In order to save costs, expect to find a cheap "black car", while the night loaded with garbage flee, finally caught a unattended places, "squelch" lying around. Did not think of the second days of his things, it had to find a formal company operating vehicle price, high priced cars loaded with garbage prim driving to the garbage disposal plant, and placed in the specified location for waste treatment and recovery. This price is low density lipoprotein cholesterol, it would put like rubbish thrown everywhere in our body, so we call it "bad" cholesterol; this expensive car is high density lipoprotein, it plays the role of scavenger, cholesterol tissue surrounding the excess back to the garbage disposal plant -- liver, discharges in vitro for processing after the. High density lipoprotein cholesterol accumulation was increased, the arterial wall reduce the chance of, soWe also have high density lipoprotein cholesterol is called "good cholesterol". "Increase decrease" is our basic attitude to treat cholesterol. "Improve" refers to raise high density lipoprotein, "reduction" is the low density lipoprotein down.

Now we should understand, for the pursuit of health is a comprehensive lifelong goal, it relates to all aspects of your body exist, such as habits and activities etc.. This kind of pursuit and struggle cannot wait until several years after the start, otherwise they will be "needy old". The pursuit of health is different from the people for their future retirement plan. A person for their future retirement, may be the first treasure money aside for their old age without, live by. The implementation of health plan of an individual's nature is good for their life, but at the same time you start the moment the pursuit of health, you will begin to benefit. The body and spirit you reach this equilibrium, means more peace and happiness, and more energy and more abundant wisdom. Tomorrow, how many tomorrow. To implement the aerobic exercise, should focus on today, this is the biggest significance of preventive medicine. After reading this book, one might think that, the main purpose of preventive medicine is to prolong the service life and reduce heart attacks, it did not reflect the full view of this book. We discuss the idea is to adhere to the aerobic exercise, to keep the body and mental balance, make you feel the meaning of health, life more fun, feel good. As for whether can live one more day, is not the highest goal of real. It is important to the quality of life, health and happiness -- alive should be fruitful.
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"Exercise is better than a good prescription: aerobic exercise for six weeks Practical Handbook" Editors: cardiovascular expert Hu Dayi, tell you how to do aerobic exercise, if you give me six weeks, life will change from now on, aerobic exercise completely Raiders, a dietary principles of aerobic exercise, make you independent control of physical health status. Six weeks, may be the blink of an eye, can also like shaking heaven and earth changes your life, disaster and happiness, mediocre and excellence, often in the choice between. Like "six weeks aerobic exercise training principle", changed the life of millions of people around the world in the past ten years. "Six weeks of training principle" aerobic exercise to millions of people around the world's self confidence, improving sleep, anxiety and depression lightened, health enhancement, which looks very difficult to change things become possible. And to see a doctor, do exercise from now on.
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