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Date of publication:2011-10   Press: Jiangsu science and technology   Author:An Hongbo   Pages:153  

An Hongbo
Chinese sports newspaper agency "health and beauty" magazine senior editor
ten years fitness industry experience, has been engaged in the coach and gym management, covering the world, the Asian Games and the national bodybuilding competition.
Beijing bodybuilding award winner, deputy director of Hebei provincial Bodybuilding Association publicity committee, Beijing City fitness game expert panel.
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The copyright page: illustration: if you were to get into the gym to realize their dream of muscle, then the next appeared, who will be with you for at least three months of iron and steel. If you seldom go to the gym, also it doesn't matter, some small instruments, such as a dumbbell, barbell, fitness ball, is also in line with the needs of the family fitness, here will you details. Aerobic instruments should not be too much in the muscle growth stage of aerobic training every day, such as long time running, swimming and so on, because they will eat the heat loss you hard, slow muscle growth rate. The role of oxygen equipment has the following three points: the warm-up before training: brisk walking or jogging for 10 minutes, feel the body slightly fever so far, can make the body into the motion state, reduce the probability of injury. Heart and lung function training: high speed (maximum heart rate of 65% ~ 75%) running more than 20 minutes, can very good the effect of exercise on the heart and lung function, blood circulation, muscle lay good foundation for. The weight training: first need to aerobic exercise, and in a long time to ensure adequate aerobic exercise time, to burn fat. The most common is the gym treadmill treadmill, the most commonly used aerobic instruments. Compared with the running outdoors, it the knee impact smaller, not limited by weather, it is also easier to control the exercise time and intensity. [note] before exercise for 5 to 10 minutes of fast walking warm-up; appropriate to add water note exercise; should take a low strength a few minutes of brisk walking, walking slowly down the heart, and then the end of the exercise; under the treadmill when must wait for a table to stop completely, many accidents occur in the movement at the end of the left and right; do not turn, otherwise easily lead to deviation and injured; step by step, every time 20 ~ 60 minutes is appropriate. Climbing machine climbing machine is very unique, mimicking the climbing action, can improve the fitness of the heart and lung function, and the lower limb and the core muscles get exercise. Its impact on the knee joint is smaller than the treadmill, very conducive to the sculpture hip, leg ministry line, but not on the activities of the upper. [note] before exercise, the same treadmill; step by step, every time 20 ~ 60 minutes is appropriate.
Catalogue of books

PART 1 fat and thin people are concerned about the answer -- weight
understand oneself body
fat people fat.
lean muscle.
power fuel -- Cultivation of muscle nutritional supplement
the scientific diet, entered the combat and training are equally important.
, from the understanding of device
aerobic instruments
strength training apparatus in
PART 2 every 8 minutes, do a SOH0 fitness and
exercise to warm up before exercise.
after the end of the stretching
Customize your 8 minute training program
Simple - simple to enhance health level
beginners a physical sensation training
single leg the balance of
warrior three
single leg support touch
strength exercises -- period meat tight
oblique push ups
reflexive rowing
Baotou squat
flexibility and abdominal exercises -- pace more coordinated
side body touch foot step
turn knee lifting walking
jump five
combat skills practice -- more agile footwork.

marching inverse punch former
appendix: emergency treatment @##@ common sports injury Han bamboo books, healthy reading
a man cannot have looks no abdominal muscle! If you want to have to improve the body curve, ABS lines, light by dead weight training is not enough, the reasonable diet, aerobic training and regular abdominal training. The three harmonious combination, you can have a dream of abs. Whether it is fat or thin, for different size are personalized training, diet reflect the guide, from the meal of a meal, jogging from walking to, re adjust the body "pace", beyond the age, to regain the outstanding figure.
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"This book has a depth and breadth enough, whether a beginner or advanced training, can benefit from." -- Qin Chengyong (Asian bodybuilding champion) when we promise "with six chocolate abdominal substituted potbellied" on the cover, the magazine was a very good sales. -- Liu Shun ("health and beauty" magazine editor in chief) "whether you are fat, thin, beginner or master, you can always find in this book. The fitness training program to." -- Chen Xue (Nike Chinese trainers) "open this book, it can teach you not only is the fitness movement and nutrition knowledge, and a king should have the spirit and character." -- Wu Chenghan (HOSA fitness private education director @##@) "Han bamboo • health loving home series: 8 minute ABS" acquired Wang word has a depth and breadth enough, whether a beginner or advanced training, can benefit from.
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This book has a depth and breadth enough, whether a beginner or advanced training, can benefit from. -- Asian bodybuilding champion Qin Chengyong when we promise "with six chocolate abdominal substituted potbellied" on the cover, the magazine was a very good sales. -- "health and beauty" magazine editor in chief Liu Shun whether you are fat, thin, beginner or master in this book, can always find what you want.The body training scheme. Nike -- Chinese trainer Chen Xue open this book, it can teach you not only is the fitness movement and nutrition knowledge, and a king should have the spirit and character. -- HOSA fitness private education department director Wu Chenghan
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  •   Want to practice the king word abdominal muscle, in addition to work hard, details should also pay attention to practice, but much more is very depressed, so Jiaduoben prisoner's fitness and mackerel Wang word abdominal muscle, to practice are not depressed
  •   8 minutes have mighty ABS are very good for me to lose weight muscle growth is very helpful
  •   This is a book for abdominal exercise books, after looking know have abdominal muscles need to plan and investment system. Fortunately, this book was detailed and thorough, easy to understand, with the disc also lets the human quite helpful, feel and blue and white fish that book together better.
  •   Is not just about how to exercise abdominal muscle, also introduces some other training requirements, also can be in the office exercise
  •   Great muscle training book, very comprehensive, but is very practical. This book is suitable for going to the gym's people have been working for. Not recommended for students like me. Students have to do is really difficult. Time does not permit, money.
  •   This book is quite content, some mechanical, personal feeling is more professional, to have no ability to please the fitness coach is a good choice, some things can buy their own, such as a dumbbell, but must adhere to, inside delivery disc is dumbbell fitness
  •   The target is well written, creative thinking. And the king word ABS, lack of creativity, the contents of the old.
  •   Although the name is Wang word ABS but chest, back, arm, leg have talked about, even the fart fart is on hee hee
  •   To buy my husband, hopes that the ABS exercises book Oh
  •   I have received the book.. See the cover figure. Hate not owning such ABS.. Really envy ah.. I also want to refuel ah.
  •   To see can achieve an 8 Pack don't know how long it takes
  •   Good muscles.
  •   The content is good, not only exercise the abdominal muscles, can also exercise the muscles of the body. Illustrations, looks good.
  •   According to the book on the practice, my belly fat have disappeared, some partly hidden and partly visible abdominal ABS.
  •   According to the book practice, two weeks I had eight pack
  •   Exercise guidelines pretty awesome, not just the abdominal muscles
  •   Disc is a dumbbell fitness, very practical
  •   Very good, and very comprehensive, very "health and beauty" style, the original book system, suitable for beginners this fitness, ha ha, the top
  •   Although a little expensive, but the content is very detailed, according to different weights for different people, muscle tissue, and the training plan, and it is printing. Well, today will be a good practice.
  •   The coach so handsome, figure good, informative, more scientific, for people of different populations of recommendations is very good
  •   Lots of exercise book, the do not know what effect
  •   Spend a day on reading, easy to understand, but the exercise book entry.
  •   At the same time bought two books on the same topic, are illustrated, the use of very fitness books, can refer to formulate their own fitness program.
  •   Pretty good Ting detailed fitness book
  •   LG as a fitness enthusiasts say this book very useful, good.
  •   Very practical exercise book, it is worth recommending
  •   When I buy a fitness book not only bought the book and other books, compared with other books on the very good, give a praise! Great
  •   Supplementary from muscle nutrients in the diet of science, to understand the equipment, are explained in detail, bought this book can save a lot of private education spending, a word very good
  •   Classic match and muscle building graphic
  •   The gym equipment and attention has its own dumbbell exercise, also, very suitable for modern people to use, very modern.
  •   As he said above practice, hope to achieve the model figure
  •   Full page color with CD-ROM is really good
  •   Writing a more comprehensive, not only exercise methods, matters needing attention, and nutrition knowledge. The author is Chinese, more in line with the Chinese situation than imported books
  •   A very good book, but little action.
  •   Learn the right to practice is the hard truth
  •   The disc is not how awesome
  •   Methods are many, then look at his stick
  •   It is a useful book, although the CD also did not see, but the book above all speak very comprehensive, is according to practice, I believe they will exercise good
  •   Well, thank you very much!
  •   It is helpful to exercise abdominal muscles!
  •   The summer vacation reading, practice, fun drop.
  •   Full page color printing paper is also very good content is also very good recommendation
  •   Well written, exquisite color printing, a legend. Very good
  •   Good things! In the bookstore to buy a good
  •   The book is good, very detailed
  •   For a friend, can also be looked at, are illustrated
  •   Introduced in detail and illustrated
  •   Very good, better than imagined,
  •   Very good, each book has a new knowledge, but also good
  •   Very good, the quality of the book is very good, worthy of the price, can understand the picture, each part of the muscle has!
  •   The paper is of good quality, content is also good!
  •   Hope I insist to see whether the effect Oh
  •   Very good, very helpful to me
  •   The book is very good, look at.
  •   Sorry. To comment until now...... A good book...... I like it,too. It is very practical
  •   Some of the very detailed, very good paper
  •   The book is in practice
  •   According to effect of practice.
  •   To help students to buy, he said to have the help very much, the book is also very good. Thanks.
  •   Yes, quite helpful
  •   Very awesome good!
  •   Very awesome, very comprehensive introduction, logistics is a bit slow, but customer service attitude is very good, to 5 points..
  •   Overall OK, I think this book is a little expensive, generally content.
  •   No practice, hoping to help, you look good
  •   8 minutes have mighty ABS, start that is only exercise abdominal book, is actually the abdominal muscle exercise, the book introduces many methods, good.
  •   Book binding is more beautiful, the picture is also good, in fact, a lot of fitness book are similar, personal love. But with just the DVD dumbbell training, not the demonstration, you dear to watch.
  •   Still have certain effect, to 8 minutes a day to get the king word ABS is not possible.
  •   Tell the ABS content have some, but not specific enough, the overall feeling of the general
  •   Very good fitness book ah, just like with CD and [heart of Zhao dumbbell most fitness] is the same.
  •   Like, see come to this book to buy some simple fitness equipment Caixing ah
  •   Like the contents of the book, but why didn't the book says the disc? But be it so, overall it is good
  •   Study hard, early practice forming male
  •   Book printing is really good, content is also good, but must have the support devices. Difficult to do at home

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