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The morning is very busy, but time is precious. If you want to have a high efficiency in the morning, then the effective training in your busy morning schedule, can bring about good effect on you, "power" is a book like this morning. Since I entered the fitness industry since 1983, I have helped tens of thousands of people to achieve their goals through training. This set of books including your own plans and customized training schedule, also according to you can use time and concrete strength training goal to provide training a lot of choice. Personal trainer will for you to design some of your lifestyle and goal really counts, this book includes such fitness plan. In addition, this book also provides training and support in other areas, rest, such as nutrition and hydration,, how to choose the right equipment to achieve your goals, to create a training space to complete your morning schedule. The book is divided into three parts. Based the first part fitness program to help you, it is realized by providing preferred your morning training in different aspects of information. Chapter l details to your daily life bring sufficient energy way of life. Have enough sleep, recommended recommended nutrition and hydration (some may surprise you), and you seem to have trouble in the morning, to encourage some of you. This chapter will provide to make smart choices required knowledge and insight to you, prepare and arrange -- all day be full of go into your morning. The second chapter is about the morning when place -- home, gymnasium, outdoor or. If you are at home, or you can put it into the stadium, can completely solve the training problem, find a space in the dwelling place, can save you valuable time in the busy morning. This chapter describes how to create a comfortable and efficient training space. It includes the benefits from a breath of fresh air in which to store your instrument. A set of established family stadium required equipment list, and, if necessary, how to make simple changes to the daily work guidance. It also introduces on the sports field, how do you make a lot of training, skill in your training. You can use the cable, free weights, equipment, or your own body weight to challenge your muscles? These choices and what is the difference? They will have any effect on your training? The third chapter covers a variety of equipment for your morning strength training. The advantages and disadvantages of this chapter on the equipment of each type and how to use them safely and effectively explained. If you need equipment is not available, you should learn how to use other materials to replace, so you can always well trained. The fourth chapter is about the use of comprehensive training techniques to help your body exercises, some of the contents of the book is that other books and the market on the same types of different. It is important to talk about the appropriate correction and correct posture. On the whole the muscles and joints, and how to make your joints to maintain balance. Stretch, relax muscles and corrective training to help your body functions best. After you slept all night, one important thing to consider is the stretch in your joints healthy range within the morning. Relax the muscles with the same purpose. StraighteningAre training to strengthen the muscles in the right order, so you don't strain damage other parts of the body. The morning training also requires the full and effective warm-up preparations, this chapter gives you and you could still do a tradition now warming up four different. The traditional preparation of cardiovascular training -- repeated many times, as if to slow speed and a very bad posture riding a stationary bike. Coordination in preparation for the fourth chapter to all parts of your body to work together to improve your body, this will make your weight training more efficient. They can really make your blood flow, provide for your morning schedule required energy. They also ensure that you get a safety training, articulation, challenge different exercise to prepare for comprehensive strength training. The fifth chapter in order to not waste time and effort can determine the training purpose and provide basic information for you. A lot of people strength training program is not successful, because they forget to plan. When your morning training, time is very important. You are to the goal, need to understand exactly what to do to achieve goals. This chapter will provide information to help you plan your training, for example, you should give much weight to your target, how to set the training intensity. You want to know how to do simple changes will make the training more or less challenging, but there are often ignored fitness components, such as balance. The second part of the book focus on the training itself. The sixth chapter to the ninth chapter introduces the practical training places, for your morning schedule offers a variety of options. This part according to the training time to packet. The sixth chapter lists 20 minutes of activity, the seventh chapter lists 30 minutes of activity, the eighth chapter lists 45 minutes of activity, the ninth chapter lists 60 minutes of activity. Each chapter contains five kinds of training -- each training according to the size, strength, endurance, energy and general health and fitness expansion. In the chapter S, to choose the type of training according to your training target, on the basis of your time is abundant and you feel in the morning to select the training time. The third part of a detailed description of the second part is composed of individual exercises training. The tenth chapter is the upper part of the training, the eleventh chapter is the core of training, the twelfth chapter of LBNP training. In these verses, a considerable number of content is also training the upper body and the lower body muscles. The use of different equipment training has several different versions. For example, use dumbbell, pipe, cable or equipment. What kind of equipment you choose depends on your personal goals and you can use the equipment. Selection of different equipment training, may need to change the training in you, easily replace another with a kind of equipment. In addition, in addition to a clear explanation for each exercise, these chapters also with photos, to make diagrams for each step, in order to determine your posture is correct. Whether you are an arrangement of looking for new ideas for morning experienced campaigner, or want to do guidance for your strength training objectives of the new, this book provides training programs to suit your needs. If you want to look for a reference book to help you develop comprehensive own strength training program, and highly efficient training in the morning, then "morning" power will be your good reference book.

This is a daily exercise standard power! Can you through regular exercise, weight control, strong start to know the best way to fitness.
"force" exercises with tells you how to according to the best effect of level and duration of physical adequacy adjust your morning.
"morning" force according to different population fitness goals and time condition, from endurance, muscle size, power level, the exercise program 720, 30, 45 minutes. Whether you are unarmed or use of training equipment, whether at home or in training venues, this book will give you a good guide. A knowledge of nutrition, disease defense, fitness plan, believe that you can find the corresponding solution.
"force" that you no longer exercise for fitness and trouble.
"strength" is the morning exercise series four, this book will help you achieve physical and mental Shuangxiu, vigorous exercise effect.
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Author: (American) Annette Ron (Annette Lang) translator: a Book Zhang Xiaoli Annette Ron (Annette Lang), since 1996 in the Reed Burke (Reedbok) University, committed to the fitness experts and consumer education project. She is also the New York games, Kerun holding (Crunch) fitness association and many fitness club executive consultant. In the international health conference and the world the concept of health conference she is also a charismatic orator. Her teaching and online courses through the website. Since the beginning of 2000, she served as health magazine for health club health NOVA Award Fund committee. Annette Ron and "NBC today show" travel editor Peter Greenberg (Peter Greenberg) work together in the movement and Food program. Annette Ron also wrote "prenatal and postnatal training game" (Benefit Health Media, 2006). Annette Ron also passed the International Sports College of physicians (NSCA), international strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and America Training Council (ACE) Personal Trainer Certification, at the same time, she also received a masters degree in health education, she lives in New York Brooklyn, engaged in a private coach in New York city.
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the first part
open your new day energy
training environment
you choose your sports equipment
let the muscles start to move
gradually improve your training plan.
second daily training programme
30 minutes training
45 minutes of training
third minutes of training exercises
upper body core strength training exercises

lower body training
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The copyright page: illustration: although sometimes we made great efforts, but still can't sleep at night. Fortunately, we can do the following things to relax our body and mind, ready for our sleep. Careful selection of food and beverage. If you eat too much, your stomach will too bulging and let you feel very uncomfortable, resulting in difficulty falling asleep. Eating too much will also reduce the quality of your sleep, because your body must work to digest the food. Caffeine and alcohol use may also affect the quality of your sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, check your records may find that you are probably in the afternoon or after dinner drink Coffee (or other caffeinated drinks, like coke or Black Tea). If this is the case, the dinner drink decaffeinated beverages may be helpful. Some herbal tea does not contain caffeine, such as Chamomile, can let you feel relaxed in bed. Many people also like Hot Milk, because it can Weishu, but also contain tryptophan, which is a kind of can make us be sleepy straws. of amino acids. Alcohol can make people fall asleep more easily, but also due to the elimination of the effects of alcohol and make you wake up in the night, and it is difficult to fall asleep again. Wake up in the night to break your natural sleep rhythm, the morning also won't let you have the feeling of be full of go. Therefore, a renewed emphasis on the habit of recording so you can find suitable for their own best way. To avoid the pressure source. Watch the strong sensory at bedtime don't stimulate the TV programs or movies, they will activate your mental activity, make your blood pressure heart rate. Similarly, bedtime engaged in a difficult task is not conducive to sleep. Before going to bed can not be strenuous exercise, it can speed up the metabolism activity you rather than let you feel relaxed. Instead, you can try some of these techniques, such as deep breathing, meditation and the fourth methods mentioned in chapter 2. Relax your senses. You may find a busy day wash a hot bath can make you relaxed. You can also try some incense or candles can make you feel calm or be sleepy straws. Some people like to use lavender aromatherapy oil or essential oil fragrance diffusion to relax. To create a quiet environment. You sleep the room also can affect your sleep at night. Try to keep your bedroom only for sleep, don't watch TV or work. If you are in the bedroom, office, you may not see e-mail again before going to sleep at night. From a psychological point of view, make the room and quiet and bed formation rather than with the pressure of work can make you feel more relaxed. If the lights on the avenue can pass through in the windows, the use of some dark curtains will help you. These curtains should be very easy to open, so that you can let some light through the window in the morning. Adjust your sleeping habits to adapt to the natural light dark alternate will make it easier for you to do morning exercises in the morning.
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"Annette. The importance of Lang's experience makes us aware of strength training. "Morning" power provides a practical body-building plan! She is a great incentive, we should thank her."-- Peter Greenberg NBC today show travel editor whether you charge or not, "" strength exercise can provide to you a most perfect home or gym fitness program effectively. -- Dennis Braune bodybuilding magazine editor in chief
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"Power" is the morning exercise fitness series 4.
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