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Date of publication:2011-3   Press: People's Sports Press   Author:(United States) Kahn, (United States) Biss Conti Ni   Pages:205  

If you choose the book is hoping to get some new ideas to improve the existing cardiovascular exercise, then, welcome to -- you found the book, you will embark on a new journey, in this journey, you will get everything you need, and even more! For those seeking a way out for the morning cardio faithful fitness enthusiasts, this book is designed to meet their needs, but it is more than this. We are Joan and Laurence -- faithful lovers is cardiovascular exercise, we two people to guide the professional bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts of the time, and have been together for more than 50 years. We understand that for different ways to change the conventional need. We understand the joys and challenges, but also understand the need that for innovative, exciting and changes in cardiovascular exercise. The running water from Hollywood to jogging, hiking to push the pram around, from deep water running into the interior of the indoor cycling sprint, what we have tried. We hiked up a mountain, taught step aerobics course, yes, all that we have done. We have separate training, group training, and sports team trained together, and peer trained together (and find some far no other exercise so exciting). The two of us had appeared together on the "CNN" good morning "headlines" America "with Regis and Kelly live" program, in QVC (USA largest QVC Company) television network; worked as a fitness consultant for the soap opera "general hospital"; in a variety of fitness refers to a mirror guide training video; the experience of the world's most cutting-edge teaching fitness skills -- we are training coaches professionals; and, as a cardiovascular exercise program experience and success of the wealth, we will offer you the book. We know how to exercise, and know how to do the exercise! The cardiovascular exercise into your morning routine activities there are a lot of reasons. If you have been engaged in regular heartVascular exercise, then, you may be seeking for cross training, and add variety to your exercise. If your goal is to lose weight, then, you might choose to such activities, because you must have heard that, it can burn calories. Perhaps, doctors have advised that you begin to cardiovascular exercise program to improve health. Or, you choose your cardiovascular exercise, because you think it can relieve stress. No matter what your reason or personal goals, "cardiovascular exercises" will provide all the tools, mental preparation and the information you need for you (the latest information including advanced fitness research), let your exercise play the biggest role. Regular cardiovascular morning exercise benefits. First of all, or in a day early in the morning, you can finish a lot of fitness work. If the cardiovascular exercise until the end of the day, often means you in the afternoon or evening feel tired, then, simply not to cardiovascular exercise; and the morning of cardiovascular exercise can help you to avoid this situation. Secondly, once you give the heart pressure exceeds its normal function, will bring many benefits to the body, at least for the rest of the time in one day bring energy to increase the feeling. The morning of cardiovascular exercise can also improve the day's digestive function, improve alertness, help the body to become more efficient in dealing with daily affairs, therefore, only requires less energy, will be able to complete the same amount of work, help improve the overall function of daily life, improve cardiac pressure feed efficiency (stroke volume) and cardiac output (output per minute), to enhance the capacity of the body from the intake of oxygen in the blood, reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, early weight loss, reducing body fat, improve bone density, improve blood sugar control, improve the physical and mental health, improve the quality of sleep, or even extend the average life expectancy (1998 USA Sports Medicine Institute,). However, the morning exercise benefits not only the. Cardiovascular exercise can not only for the body to bring real benefits; and it can make people comprehensive benefit -- whether physical, mental or spiritual, at this point, the book become an independent school. "Cardiovascular exercise" tell you, how to find the most suitable for cardiovascular exercise your. Learn to how to exercise by using our brain to body breathing method, you will learn how to input the exercise, and you allow yourself to become more involved, this exercise can not only bring the greatest benefits to the body, will also be involved in all aspects of life. In fact, you are from the inside and the outside training, so as to improve the external yourself! We also use a motto to strengthen our exercise and concept, that is: grasp today, which in Latin means "seize the day". This maxim will enable you to focus on now, let every day and every exercise is valuable. "Cardiovascular exercise" is divided into two parts. The first part is about the morning preparation, namely you are fully prepared to exercise various links, including the energy requirements, rest and sleep. We also on the physical and mental consciousness of the development, the combination of brain body breath into all of our fitness method. You will find the complete information and description for the cardiovascular activities, outdoor and indoor have, and group exercises choice. In addition, we will also take you to experience the body muscles to respond, and the development of cardiovascular exercise provides training and overload training, including the right skills warm-up and prevent injuries. The second part applies to everyone. This part focuses on selected from easy exercise to high intensity exercise intensity, divided the specific time, so you can choose the most suitable for your morning time. We also include a variety of rehabilitation exercise. About to improve and balance exercise and daily training, and more information, you can find some like things in the exercise. We have the confidence, regardless of your body type, level of fitness or exercise preference, as you read this book, you have choice and a large amount of information. Now is the time, success stories can begin to create your own personal. Seize the day!

This is a suitable for cardiovascular exercise every morning schedule! You know, in the morning exercise is regular exercise, weight control and let the best way to one day be full of go. "Cardiovascular exercise" teach you how to make the morning routine exercise to achieve the maximization.
have all sorts of exercise, you can establish their own needs and schedule plan. A variety of indoor and outdoor activities including walking, running, choice -- step climbing machine, elliptical and swimming, so you can make my exercise routine diversification, eliminate fatigue, undivided attention on your fitness goals.
you will understand how to restore the activity, prevent injury and cross training together. Nutrition advice to you how to eat breakfast and supplement moisture content is the most effective, so just get the energy to achieve the maximization. Cardiovascular exercise is "tired", you will never again on the morning routine exercise. Book editor for the international fitness coach Joan Kahn and Lawrence Viscontini.
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Author: (USA) Joan E Kahn (USA) Laurence J · M · Thebes of translator: Ren Qing Yao Bin, Joan Kahn, army captain, international fitness coach, founder of the Colorado Boulder, Joan Kahn fitness studio limited liability company, occupation health and Pilates training center. She also served as the sunlight fitness Resource Center's chief adviser and creative director, SCW Fitness Education Center staff, director Pilates also served as the lake Sporting Club Hotel. Kahn in many fitness DVD and videos are a mirror, a magazine columnist, including "shaping" "Life Fitness" "fitness" "health" and "health" pregnant. Kahn was "self" magazine as the America 20 private coach, also appeared in the OVC (American largest QVC Company) and Colorado television network. As a master trainer Reebok, bridges Kahn has been to help build the tradition of Pilates and the fitness industry. Kahn is America Fitness Association (AFAA) Master of the experts and coaches, the USA Campaign Committee (ACE) certified fitness instructor, also won the America University Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified fitness instructor. As a coach Pilates, she also passed the physical psychological society certification. Kahn now lives in Colorado, the city of broomfield. Lawrence Viscontini, master of Arts, computer digital control, physical and mental exercise personal trainer, nutrition consultant in Puerto Rico, pull the Scarth Kinmen spa resort. He made the diversity of fitness and health education is very specific, and in "CNN headline news" program in a mirror. In 2003, Biss Conti Ni was "fitness" magazine as one of the America ten coach, and he was invited to edit the Advisory committee. Due to the development of "Yu" (body plan is the synthesis of yoga and Tai Chi in the land, the water and the stability ball in the plan of Thebes), winner of the 2005 ECA award from the ECA world fitness center, ECA is one of the most important of the Puerto Rico health and fitness association. He also won the 2004 "the Canadian Association of occupation health professional of the year award", 2004 IDEA group fitness instructor award and in 2002, ACE group fitness instructor award. He is a won American Campaign Committee (ACE), USA Fitness Association (AFAA), America National Sports Medicine Institute, America Sports Medicine University (ACSM), Water Sports Association (AEA), SCW Fitness Center for education and occupation in Canada Fitness Association certified personal trainer and land and water bodies fitness instructor. Biss Conti Ni is now living in Puerto Rico fajado port.
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The copyright page: as the saying goes, "people rely on clothes horse saddle", select the appropriate dress really can exercise Zengguang luster. That is to say, select the appropriate combination of fabrics and accessories can improve the efficiency of the body. After breakfast and added water, must spend some time to choose clothing. Start with your feet -- start -- the foundation, choice of sports shoes are suitable for specific sports. Bring the right ankle support cross training shoes can improve security. Those who run in the outdoor uneven terrain on the road, it is necessary to choose a pair of friction force can strengthen the sole shoes. If running is the way you choose, so choose a pair of lightweight shoes very helpful. On time to carefully, from the most close to the toe of the parts wear tight shoelace, finally tie the laces. Many people take off their shoes in the shoe or, do not take the time to tie and untie the shoelace, the shoe upper stretched out the tongue during exercise almost no support to the foot. In short, a side support and sole buffer enough, is essential for a pair of comfortable shoes. In the selection of fitness clothing, to take into account the cold, altitude, temperature and humidity. Has proved, that new fiber material, can be immediately made to sweat from the body away from the clothes has the quite high comfort, so that the body can work effectively in hot and humid conditions. If the wind is a factor, then a light coat may be necessary, can an extra warm layer is provided between your body and the wind. If you were cardiovascular exercise at high altitude, may have to wear layers of clothes, because you will feel fatigue, slow down, and then became colder, then need to add a layer of warm clothing. According to the geographic area where you are and the morning temperature, several layers of clothing can change during exercise intensity with the warm-up, movement and excessive stage, help the body temperature regulation. A lightweight jacket is good, can be easily removed, tied at the waist, give your closet to add a comfortable clothes. In the exercise, put on it to keep still, and can let you freely clothes is the most comfortable. The bookLi, we emphasize the brain body breathing with breath. Because breathing is to exercise, must avoid bound waist clothes, because that will affect the respiration. During exercise, when you start more labored breathing, tighten their belts (even if the elastic is too tight) would limit the movement of the diaphragm.
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"For Lawrence Viscontini in" cardiovascular exercise "a Book spread knowledge, experience and methods -- especially when it comes to exercise the harvest, I think you will like me and leave a deep impression. Read and enjoy...... I have done!" -- Emmy Award winner Nancy Lee grant "I have never seen such a book, so organic way let the mind, body and breath act with united strength in cardiovascular training. I want to talk to anyone who seek health every day even the healthy life "cardiovascular exercise recommended" it? A good book." -- International Master coach, Reebok University Lisa Weller "this book really is my morning cardiovascular exercise to add a lot of fun. Each workout plan in a minute by minute training let me focus to meet the challenges." -- "the lion king" Broadway performer Dennis Johnston
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"Morning exercises series 3: cardiovascular exercise": strengthening cardiovascular exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke loss improves bone density control of blood glucose to promote physical and mental health and improve the quality of sleep routine exercises prolong life for healthy life every day to inject vitality into the weight.
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  •   This book is based on the life in a foreign country, from diet to sports are not suitable for Chinese, feel readability poor. Guidance is not specific enough, after the basic no gain.

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