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Date of publication:2011-4   Press: The Forbidden City Publishing House   Author:Assane Lou  

The copyright page: illustration: this art had been secretly passed down for thousands of years, is not only a way of lifeAlso, a natural healing potions, as long as the practice of several simple action, will try to increase energy and mind body clarity. Only two or three square meters of space, you can practice these basic and entertaining skills, and to improve their own life. Any pressure will reduce your performance and disease resistant ability, which hinder the happiness and shortens life. We are constructing perfect creature, both healing ability, also has a self destruct capability, unfortunately, most people tend to the latter development. However, if we can start to play the healing ability, can step by step forward towards the direction of youth. If you can neutralize all the negative effects, can be reasonably extended life. We introduce the sport that focus on this -- through relaxation to self treatment, through the leading energy from beyond. But careful readers may ask: "not any movement has these functions?" Well, yes! In theory, any exercise is beneficial for the body, but the general games, overuse of certain muscles, lead to physical fatigue can not get real rest. For example, every day you like being chased by tigers, fight old life is running, I think your harvest will only pull a muscle, spine and knee is hurt because the ground rebound, even breath method and lead to chest pain. Walking is a mode of motion more healthy, natural. If you do is step movement, even if not boring, will also likely knee injury. Dumbbell worse, this movement will cause terrible damage to the body. However, everyone has the right to choose what kind of sport has the advantage to own. "One of the advantages is 扎沙尼 SA Wu", can let the motion generated by the reaction force is evenly distributed in the whole body, head, neck, legs, vision, and finger etc.. It was also in line with the proper breathing techniques and the necessary changes to action, so that you can remove the negative energy, the whole people feel take on an altogether new aspect. Finally, in addition to that, according to our teaching way to breathe and coordination of body and mind, does not mean that you convert to a religion or belief. Even now, even though everyone is to oneself have entered a "new era", there are still some ignorant people feel afraid or rejection of the new things. I suggest that these people should be open, fear can cause nervous, but if you want to enjoy and to prolong life, be always on tenterhooks all day to live is not good. Always use the negative way of thinking in the face of things, will only make his early youth prematurely senile, to say goodbye. Fear and negative thoughts will make nervous contraction, it will burn some energy, and killed a large number of brain cells. Exclusion of others is a dangerous habit, don't forget, bad habits will harm the soul. We must bear in mind is the key to young or old, not in how many wrinkles on the face, really is a state of mind.
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The benefits of it be too numerous to enumerate, including the body, mind, emotion and will. These physical and breathing techniques to the deepest consciousness of, let our body and mind to achieve the best balance, thus affecting the whole life. Lene Bollone, a clinical psychologist in Brazil -- the course is applicable to any person, regardless of age and gender, also can be used as a rehabilitation training and physical therapy. To the development of motor skills through a series of coordinated action of simple, from the neural perception and then extended to our physical ability, so as to strengthen our will, let the human body can be improved and optimized, improving perspiration system, nervous system, circulatory system and muscular system. Philips -- Senna, Chilean football national championship team, single oar rowing pair national champion these courses really improved my nervous system, ease the long-term I work desk lead to shoulder pain, and let me sleep better than before. -- and magazine editor after learning this relaxation, my body, soul and life has changed dramatically, and became more agile many before, attention, memory and stamina is greatly improved. The teacher @##@ -- Benjamin Kelly "Tibet release: 58 amnesty enjoy beautiful moment": from Tibet, Wu 扎沙尼, is an ancient sport to relax the body, is also a very effective natural self healing method, can effectively improve the quality of sleep, will strengthen, improve concentration, memory, enhance coordination and balance of the circulatory system and muscular system the nervous system, the function of human body, achieve the optimization. Follow a chase. You will find a new self! The vibrational relaxation exercise. The combination of special breathing techniques, meditation and body coordination action, with the development of inner potential effect. For many of today's "diseases of civilization" offbeat therapy. More simple than yoga, is more effective than meditation, let you quickly enhance memory, attention, creativity and confidence.
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Why the most evil thing often exhibit good side." "But if they understand our art, can't original twisted way of life to improve?" The students asked. "First of all, look back have a look yourself, and in your own as judgment standard. Our art is complex, it needs to have the self-discipline ability, perseverance, and most importantly, to study and the pursuit of the perfect idea. For ordinary people, this is a prohibition, they only spend time listening to negative things, spend your life a mess in the smoke, the lives of others, and even worse, negative things. In addition, repeat word for word what others say than you think our art is simply more comfortable; make other people's mistakes, than to overcome their mistakes easily. People always think about the past, or like you, think about the future, but forgot the most important is to put yourself now to do better." "You're quite right." "The problem is not the right and wrong, it is important, we all understand the truth in life. But truth is unacceptable." "However, if people know, or people who want to learn more, they will be able to see out of the ordinary this knowledge, this will make their life more rich and colorful." The students gave a new answer. "To, is not only that, they can live forever." "But this is not possible!" The students seemed to be hardly worthy of belief. The master smiled, paused for a moment, then spoke again. "The focus is not on what might be or what not, the idea of limiting your. What really matters is that, if you can use positive thinking to face everything, without what impossible." "But I can rely on this art to prolong life?" "To learn it, you will find the answer. As you know from the exercise, everyone's soul contains two different parts, or two kinds of magnetic elements, they are extremely sensitive, the energy can be transferred to other parts of the body, and emits a magnetic field around the body. If these two energies lying idle, it would be a great pity. People aware of inner energy this hidden is very difficult, but, slowly they will realize -- this is inevitable. But, at least for now, the traditional thoughts so that they can not step in the. When they saw a mouse, don't think that is like people have feelings, they see only can be an object used to do experiments. And this kind of thinking mode, can't let them get completely accurate answers to find. Only when they understand the mind contains energy, was able to understand not just by chemical composition, it is a complete field. All the things in the world are in constant movement, they depend on each other, hand vibration, and we are constantly divergence and receive energy." "When we learn the first movement and breathing techniques, we can break the day-to-day affairs of the shackles of the mind. These routines will produce some static links in our minds, will leave the ripples, as we walk the fields, with the left. People in the city, the morning is usually wake up in the night of the poor quality of sleep, because did not get sufficient rest, thus the energy shortage. In order to improve the strength and eliminate fatigue, early in the morning to start the day Coffee. What is worse, some people still smoke, want to nerve to more garbage anesthesia, cover up a mental state, weak energy and thus more dispirited. At work, and will meet of every hue, with a variety of negative emotions and negative energy. All the negative energy collisions, negative wavelength produced more will weaken further around the positive energy around the body, making it easier to penetrate. Add between person and person mocking words, abusive, mutual see not pleasing to the eye, all the negative energy as much as spring water poured into already weak body. See, the field this man's already weak, coupled with poor sleep, smoking, body toxin, and exposure to cold, competition is intense, the surrounding people continue to send out negative energy working environment, nervous system, the poor will soon fully stretched body, energy flow is blocked, only negative energy surrounding influx from left." "You may think this example is a bit of an exaggeration," she continued, "but such things happen to everyone. Even if you not like this, ten of the eight or nine people are so. If you are out of the ordinary, always honest, too forward thinking, then, you will be expelled last." Here, the master and the students laughed. "To return to a previous topic, one day in the past, we just say that poor energy, as he had everything but increasingly weak. Accumulated all the negative energy, night falls, he only want to do, is in a variety of ways to ease the pressure on the family, friends: Torture growling, said neighbors gossip, talk a lot of nonsense and prejudice. Imagine, he in order to release negative energy, provoked much heated dispute. Apparently, even so, also cannot achieve the purpose, to finally, is to put the negative energy transmitted to the people around, and the people around him in a negative energy, then go round and begin again to vicious spiral. We must keep fighting with other people is bad enough, what is worse, it will let the human whole body pain, depression and prematurely senile." At this time, the warmth of the sun has been shining on the earth, announced that a good day begins. The student asked curiously: "let the art and how to break this vicious spiral?" "Be quiet, listen and learn." The master half make fun of half seriously, "this art contains a set of limb movement, and as you learn, every action will produce reaction. Therefore, if one has the problem of people could have the opportunity to come into contact with this art, and know the trick, physical field his weak, and therefore the various physical and mental problems caused by it can greatly ease: his inner energy will be strengthened, immutable and frozen Jiao Lvsheng live pain and failure is also expected to reversal. Through this art, life can follow the natural path and operation, learning and constantly reviewing it, get moisture from the internal, because each action can guide our field organ operation, as patience repair rusty oldThe old doors and windows, to help them on the lubricating oil, can let them open again. See, the body organ recovery function, these actions to restart the heart, let the positive magnetic field again, also let the body and mind to once again coordinated operation." "Everyone will walk, and there is no need to walk through thinking, that is a kind of unconscious behavior. So it is clean or play, but some people can hand cleaning, while the other hand play? This is very difficult. But somehow, we this art is forcing us to connect heart, respiration, imagination and body; a person through the old ancestor this gate of eternal life education, can restore the lost vitality; because the magnetic field or energy field will human source in the organs have been strengthened, as a personal "aura" will growing. If a person can learn in a positive way to use his body and imagination, you will find everything around him began to improve; he began to fully rest, can be refreshed, thinking positive start a happy day; he needs for nicotine will be greatly reduced, finally in the case of imperceptibly completely quit smoking. His energy will be updated and strengthened, which is from the new way is more calm, more strong to face every day. He is or will be confronted with a lot of negative people, but now their negative energy can quickly escape from him. Therefore, the spirit of a major injury 'intrinsic nervous contraction' will be greatly reduced, he will step by step into youth and vitality into infinite life." "Imagine, from a certain point of view," the master said, "the art of teaching body movement, grounding current is all we need, we can release all the negative energy, so that we can fully self promotion. Otherwise, we will be like is overloaded or continuous Water Leakage ship, not doomed to sink, or spend too long time to reach the destination, just be in a nice hobble on the voyage. But this art can bring us healthy, stable, and promote our youth and vigor, it is installed in the pump at the bottom, can eliminate excess load, so that we can put all the energy and time for self-improvement, self treatment and intrinsic repair." "Master, I hope one day to be the art of writing a book, so people can recognize it and get help from." This student says. "If you really wrote, most people do not really understand, rather than personal experience, they are more willing to slander and criticism, because most of the people were full of inner energy, negative, negative. Jealousy, tattle and prate and read without thorough understanding practice is in their body, suffering from the impact of modern people like patients, so as to find healing prescription; prejudice, fear of alien dominated their. Mankind is still followed for thousands of years, with personal and imposed on the persecution, war, oppression, especially fear and prejudice against heresy." "In retrospect, the human history has many ancient sages misunderstood and persecuted in Athens, Socrates (Sugeladi) is a vivid example; he is obviously wise men, has been accused of 'bad to teach young people worship' and not popular at the time God, finally was killed. The same charges appear constantly in the history of mankind, ignorance, bigotry and power is both frightening and dangerous." "Eight hundred years after Socrates, or no progress, but the victims into the known to science and academic achievement astronomer and physicist Cipa Tia (Hypatia), she is the city of Alexander in Egypt, the renowned library last curator. Knowledge is a dangerous thing, rulers to understand this point, but Hypatia wanted to preserve knowledge, including science, her knowledge of art and technology of ancient books and documents preserved, it is no wonder that the ruling class will want to get rid of. The foolish and the dark era, Hypatia unable to save lives, because she had made the two most serious mistakes: one is born a woman, two is to protect the knowledge. Confuse truth and falsehood did not end, because even after one thousand two hundred years, we will see like Galileo, Jia Li Lei (Galileo Galilei) who are persecuted. He is but argued that the earth around the sun rotates, but is to put the others out from ignorance to save, but so tried, tortured, and nearly died   human bear too much suffering, so much so that dangerous. Like a hit too many battles, seen too much blood and gore soldier, he was carrying a heavy burden. Similarly, the world is burdened with a heavy burden. If this burden not unloaded, science and wisdom is like a secret sealed up, otherwise it will be misused, and spread them, also will be persecuted and misunderstanding." "However, there will always be people who understand, value and enjoy this knowledge, and have great benefits from, not?" "Yes, there will always be people value this art, or at least without prejudice to accept. It is beyond doubt. As for the others, also is the narrow-minded people, those who persecute Socrates, Hypatia and Galileo's people, is always the mysterious and Nothing is right. today, as the case." Morning class time to. She stood up, and they follow, together toward a are already arranged venue. It is a piece of grass, stone surrounded by a circle; a few root with hay tied branches circle in front, forming a unique symbolic totem. We use smooth gesture cheer each other gifts, the master began to dictate. His loud, speak in measured tones of voice, as if from deep in the mountains, like from another Universe music melody. Many of the students with master demonstration dance with joy, arm effectively through air, split light sound. This is an ancient and smooth movement, one of the oldest almost forgotten art, now it has on these people come alive. Your mind open, free and at ease. But the students are still uneasy, he was thinking one thing - if you want to learn this esoteric knowledge to write and teach out, what to do, how is correct? How to explain how to concentrate on the main points, to simplify, to let everybody understand?
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