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11 see figure is very important since I joined the track team, although it was only a "shark", see his thin, but small abdominal muscle, is still quite envious, started their own line shape not satisfied. Then I, 11 years old, the first grade of junior high school, but that figure would be cool is one thing, they want to exercise is another. Because at that time for the game continued to exercise every day, always unable to control his appetite, stomach never out of round shape. At puberty, body began to smoke, the muscles can only use "partly hidden and partly visible" to describe, is not what "". To institute study, to contact more kinematics theory, begin to know muscle exercise and the corresponding effect, however, I was always maintain "do it yourself" mentality, do not see the necessity of any exercise. Quit the sports, the swing between once in the lawyer and the fitness coach, the two contrast is very big occupation. Determined to choose the former, I will abandon the diet restrictions, the flavor of the Food is super support, so the 82 kg, shoulder width was an inverted triangle shaped "edema shark", is this a period of reflection. However still not aware of their own to the weight loss! Maybe it is providence, finally MM proposed say: "Zhang Zhi, you seem to have a tendency to put on weight!" Is this sentence, let me as a body blow! So the fitness in swing prevailed, because I really can not imagine a few years after their potbellied image. Pain and happiness "eat less" is the principle I hold. I began to strictly enforce the breakfast must eat, but eating law after 8 pm do not eat the food, but also dominated by white meat and milk. Mushrooms chicken noodle, I ate one and a half months!
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CHAPTER ONE muscular man spring era
and charismatic man, from the health body and
the ultimate man aerobics standard
Fashion muscle movement limit is lured
the success of
CHAPTER TWO. Dynamic strength metrosexual man -
dumbbell correct grip
respiration is an important
stretching warm-up exercises
> auxiliary warm-up warm-up type
CHAPTER THREE perfect cooling body magic plastic muscle real
healthy beautiful chest
dumbbell bench press
dumbbell chest
Advanced pushups
expert prone support
incline pushups
oblique push support body
perfect "back"
dumbbell row
twisting crunches
after expansion
barbell tuibei motion put

before tilt for
suit henceforth not shoulder pads
dumbbell shoulders moving
dumbbell lateral raises
dumbbell lateral lift
MODEL QUESTION appendix @##@ metrosexual man canteen Dumbbell, barbell, hand movement, not by the time limit of field resistance of DIY motion, sculpture BODY perfect curve, easy practice charm muscle 6. 5 minutes to be full of go, strong sunlight sports beauty metrosexual man!
strength and beauty of the fine arts, sculpture program Mr. personally demonstration, perfect analysis of six parts of the muscles, want to practice where the practice where! Super popular coach
anticipated leads everyone to exercise a good body of men rose!
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Dumbbell, barbell, hand movement, "metrosexual man" site: time is not restricted by the shaping fitness DIY "in the DIY BODY resistance movement, sculpture perfect curve, easy to practice the charm of the 6 muscle.
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  •   And of great help to the fitness of the people, only the dumbbell can practice, very convenient
  •   Content can also, pictures and simple words to explain, help to understand the action essentials.
  •   The book is good, the content is good, however, the CD is actually bad!!!!!
  •   Most of the dumbbell, introduced a lot of action, and the matters needing attention and eating things, feel very suitable for begin to exercise.
  •   This brother so narcissistic. I didn't like trousers and unzipped man
  •   Very practical, not a bit difficult, it is recommended!
  •   Fitness time reference, in the specific content, more is better.
  •   Well, the content of many, is also very useful
  •   Don't speak too fine, if you can speak to a fine, such as what to eat, how much to eat, more good.
  •   General, still have to adhere to exercise
  •   Practise perseverance and the mind, not on a good master is not a
  •   Optical quality is not very good, read the disk card
  •   Model good figure, really want to have such a figure.
  •   The book is very simple action rarely suitable for beginners. In general, the price is just like this
  •   Content is empty, but not suitable for practicing at home, or go to the gym. Some of the methods and the last read the book not consistent, do not know who is right and who is wrong.. Ha-ha.
  •   With the contents of a Book practice, found the body better! Ha-ha
  •   The book feeling good, graphics and video have
  •   The first time shopping, praise!
  •   Fast metrosexual man since: shaping fitness DIY (with VCD disk
  •   Reference fitness

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