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Good health is everyone's pursuit, but what kind of body is healthy? This is a lot of people especially the younger generation. Nowadays many young people in the waste of health: gluttony, life is not the law, do not participate in sports...... They have no sense of health, also don't know how to improve your physical health, healthy banks to "their own money". "Huang Di Nei Jing" on it were the words: "women seven years of age, Kidney Qi Sheng, teeth and hair length. Two seven and Tiangui to, Ren Tong, Taichong clock Sheng, regular menstrual cycle, the son of. Three seven Shenqi average, it really dental hygiene long pole. The four seven bones and muscles strong, very long hair, sturdy body. Five seven declining of Yangming Meridian, the face starts to coke, hair starts to fall. Six or seven Sanyang decline in the veins, face all of coke, hair was white. Seven seven Ren Xu, Taichong clock decline less, Tiangui dried up, menostasis, so the worse shape without it. Eight year old husband, Qi is, the more long tooth. Two eight kidney and arrogant, Tiangui to spills, Qi, yin and Yang know, it could be a son. Three eight Shenqi average, bones and muscles strong, it really dental hygiene long pole. The four eight bones Longsheng, full of strong muscle. Five eight kidney failure, hair fall tine withered. Six eight, Yang failure on the surface of coke, hair on the temples banbai. Seven or eight liver failure, tendons not moving, Tiangui dried up, little essence, kidney failure, are very physical.

Always feel tired, poor quality of sleep, neck shoulder waist leg pain; young have fatty liver, hypertension...... Many workers have problems, but also know the importance of exercise, however, too many reasons to prevent workers fitness steps -- "too busy, no time" "work too tired, no strength" "gym too far from their home, really do not have the guts"...... To fitness, must spend a lot of time to go to the gym Perspiration came down like raindrops.? On the way to work, the office, a rubber band, a dumbbell, don't even need any equipment, only use your own body, can seize every opportunity to exercise. Fitness expert Zhao Zhixin specifically tailored for the office workers the exercise book, which has rich concept of health, also have to exercise effective, each action is also equipped with a clear action figure, easy to use, easy to work with health.
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Zhao Xin, Beijing science and fitness expert instructors secretary general, the State Sports General Administration section chief lecturer of cross-country walking motion, "health strode" founder, the all China Women's Federation and the Ministry of health "China women's health forum" Health Ambassador, "blog forum" distinguished lecturer.
in 1976 graduated from the Beijing Sport University Department of sports track and field, formerly the Beijing Sport University teacher, in 2000 by the national body
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Order love physique, love yourself first chapter concerned about their physical health, work is their own, health is his 1 health is more important than work 2 to understand their own health status of two, our health vulnerability is? Three fire health problems 1 workers 2 alert the danger signal, let three the constitution drops come a little later, a little slower 1 our physique why down? 2 physical decline is the source of diseases of second chapters to eat is very important, oxygen -- your muscles do not starve two, water -- water multi time drinking the science three, protein -- a moderate intake of resistance four, carbohydrate -- workers the need for five, fat -- the body absorb vitamin media six, vitamins and minerals -- maintain enzyme activity in 1 vitamin 2 minerals third chapter effective rest is the best tonic a, what is "tired", so that the most effective two rest 1 General rest 2 active rest the fourth chapter health from physical exercise, pay attention to a physical health in the "use and disuse," the phenomenon of 1 re "Physical decline" 2 move and stop the results in two, "health" of the three elements of the 1 body 2 body 3 body quality of the fifth chapter of the house into a personality, use dumbbell exercise gym muscle 1 dumbbell bench press 2 horizontal 3 birds dumbbell shoulder 4 side 5 birds dumbbell curl 6 neck after a single hand (hands) dumbbell arm flexion and extension of 7 positive grip wrist flexion extension 8 reverse grip wrist flexion and extension of 9 bent over row 10 and 11 vertical birds hard pull 12 squat 13 lunges 14 standing heel raise two, the rubber band exercises in shaping the perfect figure 1 bench press 2 chest 3 Fu Li bird 4 rowing 5 sit side lift 6 curl 7 sit neck arm flexion and extension 8 sit three, kick unarmed can effectively exercise 1 push ups in 2 row 3.10 point 10. 4 hands body support flexion 5 dead 6 sit ups 7 slow crouch a 8 kneeling leg 9 lateral leg 10 static push up sixth chapter who said the office just places of work, sitting 1 wall overlooking the 2 holding a lotus 3 double Hand back about 4 waist 5 turn wrist 6 leg abdomen 7 Alice toes two, movement 1 big trees stand 2 shoulder circling 3 single leg back 4 characters stand in 5 place with 6 reach seventh chapters go on the road building, walking two, big step three, twisted, with five four step walk, postscript mover boundless
Chapter excerpt

Illustration: the first chapter is concerned about their physical health, work is their own, health is his 1 health is more important than work important? Believe not important or otherworldly, work without any concept to them; or to achieve success and win recognition, is enjoying the life. While the vast majority of people stillHowever, only by working to maintain personal and family life, no job means no life source. Therefore, from a personal point of view, the work is very important. There is a word "man", not "do" where there are "people"? So a person to live in this world, first of all is to "do", to become "the person". The importance of the work lies in, it is not only the maintenance of means of survival, but also health and capacity performance. The work is earnest, have thought of individual ingredients, and also closely related to personal health. A healthy person will be generous and open-minded, optimistic, positive, reflected in the work is responsible earnestly, high work efficiency. When a person is not so good, it will lower the efficiency, always feel is not busy living, have also piled up a lot of work, finally formed a "vicious spiral". From this point of view, a person can work efficiently, but also the embodiment of health. Now some people put forward this view, called "enjoy work", they will work completely into life, life is work, work is life. They enjoy the pleasure brought by work, and have fun with friends to share. Everything has two sides, although the job is very important for our life, however, we have more important things, it is health. "The body is the capital of revolution", if not a healthy body, the work is not a carrier, you will not work. Sometimes working for others, but for their own health is absolutely. You have only yourself to enjoy health, people only envy, cannot take a tiny bit. From this point of view, health is the only belongs to own. Without health, work may be lost, around us there are many such examples. In the unit, mid-level workers is the most busy, "there are large, there are small, there is a back home". I have contacted a because healthy people who have lost their jobs, he is a well-known enterprise middle managers, more than 30 years old, is at a peak period of life. Also like most people, he was getting up at the crack of dawn of busy work, but also at home on the run, the body slowly appear some bad symptoms. His wife advised him to go to the hospital to check, and rest for a few days. But he said: "I rest, who is to finish the work?" Finally one day, he completely collapsed, only lying in hospital. His work on the second day he lies down by others succeeded. He finally understand, his work can be replaced, but health is no one can replace! So, no matter when, no matter how busy, we must always pay attention to own health, for the family, but for themselves. Health is not only the good work efficiency of security, it has a better life. If you can only lie in bed by others to take care of, this way of life is suffering! No problem in our health, to save. 2 know their own health is below a report August 4, 2008 "Wen Wei Po", the title is "survey data show that 70% of white-collar workers by the neck shoulder waist leg pain": Ms. Zhang just over thirty years of age, two days before the wake up found his neck and shoulder pain. In desperation, she came to the nearest pain department of a hospital. Unexpectedly, the waiting time and she has encountered a lot of the same symptoms in young patients. Vice president of the Institute of Lou surname points out, long habit of meditation, Hushang many white-collar workers joined the chronic pain "Legion", let the original mainly elderly people the disease appeared young tendency. This hospital is approved as the city the first establishment of the pain department recently made a statistical analysis of the patient, in total 18595 patients, white-collar workers accounted for 50 percent, while the neck shoulder waist leg pain, ankylosing spondylitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine incidence of these four kinds of difficult pain of neck and shoulder pain was the highest, which accounted for more than 80%. Social survey and clinical data also shows that, 70% of the workplace by the neck shoulder waist leg pain and distress, the incidence increased year by year, the incidence was younger trend. "The crowd because of long time keep the desk in front of the computer work, often in a bad posture, lack the necessary exercise. The pain seems acute onset, is actually the days and months multiplying a concentrated outbreak." Lou Yuan Long analysis. Despite the pain, the hospital department of internal medicine, Department of Neurosurgery, integration of the neural spine surgery, anesthesia, rehabilitation, psychological science disciplines advantages, however, Lou president said: "for this kind of patients, if not completely change their behavior, even if is the most effective means of treatment, its long-term effect will be discounted." There are many similar reports, show such as southern city of a survey, the age of onset of hypertension than it was 10 years before age 10, from the previous 80 years of the twentieth Century, more than 60 years, to the 90's more than 40 years, to the current more than 30 years old. These data show that, at present our health condition is not optimistic, especially young workers. As white-collar workers, your physical health, Is it right? Small test, complete the following can have a general understanding: heart function test is bent forward 20 times, when pitch expiratory, erect when inspiratory. Do before exercise was measured and recorded his pulse, this is the data I; done immediately after exercise measured again one time pulse, as data II; 1 minutes after the test, the data of. The three items of data add, subtract 200, divided by 10, namely (I ten II ten III 200) divided by 10. If the result is 0 - 3 showed that cardiac function is excellent; 3 ~ 6 is good; 6 ~ 9; 9 ~ 12 is poor; 12, should immediately seek medical treatment. Manual testing can step by step two steps, quickly boarded the five floor, the health is good; if the pant for breath, shortness of breath, that poor health; boarded the three floor was both tired and panting, the frail. Sit up test 1 minutes, record the number of times. The best situation is: 20, 45 ~ 50 times; 30, 40-45; 40, 35 ~ 40 times; 50, 25 ~ 30 times; 60, 15 ~ 20 times. The breath test normal at rest, breathing, to record the breath frequency per minute (breath 2 times). The frequency of the best value of every age, more or less than the numerical belong to the poor: 20 years old, 35 ~ 40 times; 30, 30 ~ 35; 40, 20 ~ 30 times; 50, 15, 20; 60, 10 ~ 20 times. Breath holding test took a deep breath, and breath, and the longer the better, then slowly exhale, expiration time is 3 seconds the most ideal; the maximum breath holding, a 20 year old health is very good young man, sustainable 90 ~ 120 seconds, 50 year olds, about 30 seconds. When we are healthy when problems occur, the body will betray us, make us lose a lot, such as work, family life, etc.. So, no matter how important the work, the body is always the first one, have a healthy body is the most valuable wealth. Two, the health gap in our where? The three major health problems while commuters walls have holes, Water Leakage house will be seamed, if our health problems, must be "A thing for it". Then the "cause" is what? Many surveys show, white-collar workers reflect the most health problems is the poor quality of sleep, fatigue and chronic neck and back pain. Sleep problems are "initiative", for example, stay up late, sleep disorders, black and white, there are "passive", such as the great pressure of work caused insomnia, dreaminess, lack of sleep. Sleep is part of a necessary of life, not a waste of time, can be said that the "one minute less", especially the meridian sensation (23:00-01:o0 at night and noon between 11:00-13:00), most people because of work reasons, can not take a nap, then we must ensure high quality of sleep. The human body needs to do a lot of work in sleep, restores the physical strength is not to say, also includes other repair, visceral body detoxification, blood redistribution. Our bodies are in "the use of" state during the day, will inevitably produce a variety of damage, such as the number of cell membrane damage, the damage has not been repaired in the daytime, only at the body in to deep sleep. We all have a The new supersedes the old. can produce very much waste, these wastes are needed in a deep sleep from our liver, kidney detoxification organs from in vitro. This process has a fixed schedule, missed this time, can only wait until the next time. Therefore, to develop regular sleep habits, especially at night 11 pm to 3 points. Without this process, then the human tissue is in a dirty environment work one day, to produce a variety of waste, until one day when the body cannot bear, through this form to force the excretion of the sick! In addition, the body will in and only in the dark, deep sleep state secretes a hormone called "melatonin", this is one of the most important hormones to promote growth, aging, when this hormone secretes inadequacy, will accelerate all the organs of the human body aging speed. Therefore, sleep is particularly important for the beauty of women. You can look at, usually get up early for the first time from the urine color is deep, but after a night of "concentrated" process, in which all kinds of wastes containing are also the important reasons. Even our blood, also can be in after sleep, re allocation when people will awake, be ready for a new day's work. So, we must get rid of "active" bad sleep, to develop good sleep habits. For due to other causes poor sleep, we first need to resolve these reasons, but also to take the initiative to create can obtain deep sleep conditions, such as in the 2 hours before going to bed, do some exercises to promote sleep, try to let the body to have enough sleep time, let us with full mental state into the in second days. Fatigue is also troubled by a very big problem to our. Most of the people have such feeling: one day down, did not do what live, how so tired? Now our physical expenditure should be much less than before, why will appear "tired" of the situation? In fact, most people now are all tired of "pseudo fatigue", is a manifestation of tissues and organs in the body hypoxia. The reasons leading to this phenomenon are as follows: first, the static mode or a single repeated body movements, the whole body movement decrease, the blood flow pattern of the human body is in a low state, the three state of the circulatory system (oxygen blood vessels open volume, blood flow, blood in the lower body, induced) no physical expenditure "fatigue" phenomenon, so called "pseudo fatigue". This is more of in vivo tissue hypoxia caused by fatigue, the fatigue and not through the rest can be improved, but will be more rest more tired.

In the traditional medical theory, there is a classic sentence with "Yin Yang sheng". In the traditional theory of "Yin", is the tangible things, can be understood as a visible, tangible material, such as land, water, trees, reflected in the body is the various tissues and organs, including muscle, bone, blood, nerve, internal organs. And "Yang" is intangible, is invisible but do exist, such as electromagnetic wave, electricity and so on, reflect to the human body, is a variety of functions, such as our strength, heart and lung function, only has effect on the outside in these things, we can feel them there. In the body, so we can understand the "Yin with Yang Sheng": when we need a function, body will produce and development of a substance, to finish the function. When the child was born, is not looked up, that is to say his neck muscle strength is very poor, but he wants to see the outside world, or the body lying down, need to raise his head to breathe, so he pushed up, once two times, slowly neck muscles get exercise the strength, improve, can lift your head up. After seeing some of the things, he want to see more, so he tried to lift the body, slowly can sit up, stand up, and then complete a variety of actions. In this process, his Yin (the body) growth process is to satisfy his Yang (functions) need.
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"Workers, the health point": the job is busy, time, pressure...... Let health workers are becoming more and more prominent, everyone knows the importance of fitness, but never seem to find the right time, place for exercise, "the body is the capital of revolution"Also became a slogan. Not the workers do not want to exercise, exercise methods of the past too much: to site, to equipment, to coach, especially to leisure time, these workers are very difficult to do! Fitness expert Zhao Zhixin teacher according to the workers work, life, for this group body easy problems to design the fitness method, using a simple instrument or unarmed can practice, in the office, at home or on the way to work can exercise whenever and wherever possible. Our body to achieve growth peak, any physical exercise in healthy banks are saving money in our constitution, to create "peak", so when the body begins to decline. Although the indicators you are declining, but the level of physical fitness will always "regard oneself head and shoulders above others". Constitution is a characteristic of "use and disuse": when we don't have it, it will rapidly decline, people's health will soon appear problem; when we use it reasonably and effectively, it will slow down the pace of decline, or even to have a "progressive" phenomenon. A sport only can improve a little health. Only the comprehensive improvement of constitution, will be healthy and harvest a full range of. The best, most simple movement will insist to do to have effect, effectively exercise does not care about the action of the simple or complex, more or less, if you don't go out, say more is empty. His fitness philosophy, affected millions of people. Beijing TV "happy", "On your marks! Fitness a lot", "scientific" charm "guest speaker CCTV road to health", "Happy Dictionary", "real live it", Liaoning TV "health a light", "Jiangsu TV" lamps and candles of a myriad families invited guests, along with the heart of Zhao to exercise, everywhere is the gym.
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