The minimalist movement therapy to swim 敬伦 physician

Date of publication:2011-10   Press: Chinese Ancient Books Publishing House   Author:You Jinglun   Pages:240  

Recommended sequence minimalist movement has become familiar with a part of my life and travel physician, began at the National Taiwan University EMBA. In the class, we all belong to the "little brother" level of the younger generation, be of noble character and high prestige among the students, because the age, often have "keep each other warm" get along with the opportunity. Soon, we became a friend talk about anything. Swim physician rich connotation, relaxed and sincere, about issues related to medicine, often pierce to the heart of the matter, at the core, but also in the most simple language, explain profound connotation of professional. While the long-term commitment to the combined Chinese and Western "unified knowledge system", also let him in many classmates very prominent doctor. He is one of my most loving classmates, have apparent "will study" doctor traits in class; but in the communication skills, but also a cheerful self-confidence, humor, enthusiasm, good at the talent show, with a light hearted way not flashy, also share. National Taiwan University in the EMBA group, to be sure we are not easy, everybody has certain knowledge level, relatively rich and everyone in the interpersonal relationship, understanding the doctor no lack of such people, but you always get the most medical students of trust and affirmation. The most important reason, he is professional and caring the coexistence of traits. I have to visit the doctor's office visit, to see him in the The stream never stops flowing. out-patient time, for every patient to listen patiently and description, precise and warm, very touching! "Don't move, of course, will be sick! "This book, I have been very familiar with, because before this, he himself has taught me several strokes. The concept of "minimalist movement" the most helpful to me, now has become a part of my life. Happy swims doctor put him over the past few decades of effort, lend this book to let more people benefit. Although we will feel this may reduce the time and opportunity to swim physician when my "friends" and "family doctor", but to let more people know the good doctor ebullience and clever, is all! Famous music producer and review the butterfly effect of international production company responsible for the minimalist movement therapy Huang Shujun author order from the patient feedback and medical wisdom to hear voices in the clinic patients every day, often can hear such dialogue: "doctor, I heard that you will teach motion, can make the joint bones become more powerful? I want to have a look." "Doctor, I have been with my medicine, gastrointestinal bad, a medicine will be uncomfortable. But my joint really very weak, a walking pain, there is no other method can be improved?" "Many doctors said I should to surgery, but I was really afraid of light, thought can't sleep. I know my older, just want to relieve pain, free is good!" "Doctor, I have a knife, operation is very smooth, but the symptoms but not completely eliminated, could you please do me a favor, think of a way?" "Doctor, how do I care, don't let the pain recurrence?" "Follow you do these exercises is really good, I feel more and more power, more easily!" The patient is said to be the best teacher of medical personnel, each a Bodhisattva's waiting room, all with their own physical pain, let us know their actual needs. This prompted us to ponder the question from the perspective of the patient, but also a profound experience to a sick person, in addition to accept all kinds of inspection, modern medicine drugs, operation, rehabilitation treatment, but also understand why people get sick, why can maintain a healthy sense, so we can really make themselves more vitality, more happy. Because of deeply felt the different needs of patients, I will try all kinds of movement integration method in the clinical treatment, hope to help patients to improve health, reduce pain, strengthening the strength, and to improve the bodyFunction. Very fortunate to have special opportunities, in addition to inherited the orthodox medical education theory, but also exposed to breathing, meditation, yoga, qigong, thousands of years of human health and self discipline knowledge, and experience the acupuncture and traditional medicine in the theory of main and collateral channels Chinese. So the Eastern Health wisdom and modern department of orthopedics, rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine, combined with clinical experience to be adjusted, modified, into a set of simple health movement. These movements are simple to even the most in the pain of the patients were able to operate easily, and do not spend too much time, not too much space constraints; at the same time as the general people's health movement, as long as a little time can obtain a certain effect. Can create such a sports health care law, on one hand to deeply thank from medical school, hospital, as well as all good teachers and helpful friends taught me knowledge; on the other hand is the patient back to my wisdom and experience. However, the karma can blossom fruit, it must be mentioned from more than 40 years ago that allergy I. I was allergic constitution from "don't run, you may cough or night!" More than forty years, I still clearly remember when in the lane running, you will hear her voice. But love love run jump kids, how can withstand the playmate invitation? So that night really can not stop coughing, and gasped, then have to please their parents to buy medicine, little also of course not a good one. It's also not clear what is allergic, only know the wind is my taboo; and old books, old blanket...... As long as the contact to the object the dusty, will can not stop coughing, gasped, plus a stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, a blink of an eye half a pack of toilet paper was gone! But the story is not over, itchy nose. I couldn't help to rub, rub the nosebleeds, frighten family also scare myself. Recurrent symptoms let me become the clinic regulars, usually of a door, the nurse aunt know my old trouble again. Take medicine, medicine and medicine burns are unable to improve the. Since no good hospital, relatives and friends will provide many folk remedies, parents are also hard to everywhere. Like the Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs, "gourd must cook the red flesh", "frog boil ginger" and so on every kind of medicine, I have tried. Sunday the whole family up early, go to the mountains to play? Yes, but there is a supplementary task, is to help me herbs to. I still remember a fern underground bulb, cute with brown spots, called "young egg", the family to help dig better home stew to eat. Effective? Yes, you can add protein, as for other effects are less clear. In the material is deficient, can have these folk sacrifice roasted, also become an unexpected "privilege". Unsuspectingly grew up, some people say that puberty constitution will gradually improve, but my situation is not at all obvious. The high school of the winter, even to just lie down to sleep, will be blocked to be unable to breathe. Then I remembered when an elder to teach my Qigong, they try to do it. Did not think even through the nose, can lie down and sleep. Since then, for the sake of sleeping stability sleep, every night I seriously do a basic and simple Qigong breathing, and God is the reward and punishment: a practice, can sleep; no practice, on the night cannot sleep stuffy nose. After rigorous training a winter and spring, when summer comes, I no longer for nasal allergies are bitter, and breathing exercise has also become a "conditioning" indispensable in life. Catalytic personal experience with the chivalric fiction novel, method of breathing, meditation, exercise more, and become an indelible sought the way in my brain. Wonderful modern medicine and traditional health preserving method complement each other in life is when you have a dream, time seems to arise. In the years ahead, many teachers lead I imperceptibly into the breathing, qigong and self training deeper realm. Medical college career, because the school community activities, let me touch the acupuncture and moxibustion with traditional theory of main and collateral channels of the world. This is a "gas" as the theoretical basis of the category, there is different from western medicine course I training, but with my personal experience can be combined with. And because the month after month and year after year of exercise, your body has become the best teacher, let me in the learning process can not be confused, because the body will tell me: what is true, what are the questions; what is the effect, which must be preserved. While the Department of orthopedics physician training process, make me on structure and function of the human body have a more profound understanding of. Different areas have learnt in the past, including Qigong, acupuncture and modern medicine was gradually together, not only run parallel, but also complement each other. This is a very interesting experience, from different backgrounds of wisdom, unexpectedly can cooperate fully. For example, in modern sports perspective, heart and lung function training, should reach the maximum heart rate of sixty percent to eighty, and continued for some time, can produce better results. However, in the traditional "gas" exercise, but in the breath and heartbeat slower rate, significantly improve the function of heart and lung. In fact, this is not good at sports, not suitable for intense exercise, time and space arrangements are not easy to people, is a simple and effective choice. Most people have heard the great effect of exercise on health, but to the movement to promote health, may not be a simple "exercise" can solve. More and more people might say: "I know it's important, but I really don't have time." Or said: "I do, but still no effect." Therefore, my biggest challenge is how fast, simple to achieve curative effect, at the same time and were the basic concept of communication. Because the basic training many training methods require a certain degree of, but modern people are too busy, the physical fitness of patients can not load too much or complex motion patterns. You must begin from fountainhead, the various kinds of sports, greatly simplified, as everyone can do, the method can also be widely used. "Don't move, of course, will be sick! "A book described the" minimalist movement therapy ", is based on the health care law of the developed. "The minimalist movement therapy" make you healthier with the development of science and technology, entertainment and shape change, the way we live with the past is not the same. Previous Richuerzuo, sunset, people may work more than twelve hours, every night. The previous "one step one footPrint ", in each step are" stone ", regardless of is the asphalt road, floor tile, or the high stone, we foot, ankle, knee are under different pressure. The computer has become an indispensable tool in the work, the game is an important entertainment for many people, sedentary become the norm, and disease of neck shoulder also grow with each passing day. The tension pressure and overtime work as health killer, and sports often in "spelling economy" was sacrificed, become unattainable "luxury". "Don't move, of course, will be sick! "A book from the physiological point of view of the importance of exercise, but also provides a few simple evaluation method, help readers quickly understand their own physical condition. For the "minimalist movement therapy" of the five basic elements -- heart and lung function, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, balance, and visceral motor -- will be one one in detail, and introduce the dominance of respiration and rhythm in healthy movement in the. Of course, the most important is to introduce a very simple, feasible motion at any time can practice, divided into "overall health", "shoulder neck on the back", "the waist back", "upper", "lower" in five parts, readers visual human condition and needs to practice. Exercise book has been designed to simplify, perhaps some people can not help asking: "so simple?" Yes, it is so simple. Read martial arts novels people may remember, internal force deep expert draw a simple circle, can resist many tricks. It is important to do, but also is the "heart" to do, so that we have the opportunity to obtain health. In front of this book the three chapter is about the concept of sport and minimalist movement, four back to Yabumi Nori to tell you how to use the minimalist movement to the maintenance of the body and relieve pain, readers can according to their own personal problems or interested in reading. However, here special emphasis, the fourth chapter "breathing master key" part, is indispensable, in accordance with the traditional martial arts, this is called the "heart" or "no secret", worth a careful experience and discussion. This book is issued, also will open up "health physician network", hope to do more interaction and communication with everybody together, struggling for health.

Traditional Chinese medical doctor visit 敬伦 physician, long-term exposure to a lot of back muscle weakness in patients, that lack of exercise caused by illness, reason can also understand the modern people do not exercise. He combines modern department of orthopedics, rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine and Oriental Health wisdom theory, clinical experience and rich, exploring a suit of a busy life "minimalist movement therapy", successfully for many patients to reduce pain and recovery, strengthen the power of. In addition to correctly model, also pointed out the common mistake actions, let you avoid harm, safe movement. And with the muscle bone and main and collateral channels acupoints, let you accurately strengthen muscle, main and collateral channels acupoint stimulation. With clear and easy to understand guide maps and a fast detection, let you in accordance with the physical status and needs, choose the most suitable for their own sports therapy. Whatever you want to care, health, or have chronic disease, pain, can through this "minimalist movement therapy", effectively recover health, away from the pain!
Author brief introduction

You Jinglun, the dragon, Department of orthopedics clinic, National Taiwan University hospital master of business in hospital department of orthopedics attending doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine teaching part-time, doctor of medicine, National Taiwan University School of management (EMBA), Bachelor of Medical Department of Taipei medical university. You Jinglun worked for the Taiwan Department of orthopedics specialist, Chinese Medical Association of acupuncture moxibustion specialist, Taiwan Society for surgery of the hand specialist, Taiwan medical ultrasound medicine specialist, Taiwan Spine Surgery Medical Association member, Taiwan Osteoporosis Society member, Taiwan Medical Association member, Taiwan regeneration elderly medical association member, Taiwan Association for the study of obesity and other members.
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> lower limb exercise therapy guide
exercise 1: leg ankle stretching movement -- to strengthen the thigh and calf muscle strength, promote the blood circulation of lower limbs of 2
movement: hip incentive strengthen movement -- restoration of hip joint activity, boost energy, delay the aging
exercise 3: lower limb movement -- to promote integration balance balance, strengthen the muscles of lower limb endurance, harmonic
4 channels of the whole body movement: hip back kick movement -- avoid sedentary, tight buttocks muscle pain after
exercise 5: tiptoe exercise -- plantar fasciitis and tendonitis rehabilitation, adjustable leg six pulse
6 movement: hip extension added movement -- relaxation relax the hip
appendix a physical condition assessment, help you find the motion
appendix diet for two, sleep and exercise, healthy three basic
. Health is the most no risk investment
Chapter excerpt

The first chapter is not moving, will certainly go wrong "ouch, my waist good acid! Doctor, I am not defective lumbar?" "How strange, I slept for a long time, how to still feel tired? Physical examination revealed what also not ah!" In clinic, more and more people because of backache or aching muscles to see examination, some people may want to move, some people may be a pain here where pain, some people are don't love moving but the whole body pain, anyway is wrong for thousands of species, but in fact, in my eyes, there is considerable large scale can be attributed to the same cause, that is -- not movement! Don't exercise really such a big impact? You're right. In this section, I will tell you, exercise is very important to us, no more than the sun, air, water and food less! A, are you tired?...... "Are you tired? A bottle of......" Everyone for having heard it many times, believe that this is the advertising language, why so red, and memorable? Because tired, almost can be said to be a common problem of modern man! Grandpa and grandma always complained of neck shoulder lumbodorsal uncomfortable, systemic joint weakness, slow response of the body; the young workers, is just a little attention, will twist to the feet, flash to the waist, even if be prompted by a sudden impulse occasionally move, but the results of a rapid heartbeat, pant for breath; miss, too too small change, not only the butterfly sleeve ran out, coxal prolapse, belly bulge, the calf muscles begin to soft and weak; and over forty middle-aged man is spiritual, physical strength than before, even after the break, or tired, muscle became less force, and even began to atrophy. More seriously, and because of ill health and lead to a bad mood, in addition to affect the work efficiency, but also easily irritable angry, interpersonal relationship, maybe even appeared a variety of metabolic diseases. You know, the modern culture of three generation common to these problems, are in fact physical decline caused, in the final analysis, is the lack of exercise. There is a commonplace talk of an old scholar said well -- "activities, to live is to move." Because modern living habits, leading to the majority of people have ignored such a basic health road. You want to thoroughly solve the back pain, fatigue and pain? Please start from the basic start, that is engaged in the correct motion, maybe we can get ad put it this way: "are you tired? A 'breathing exercise'!" Two, your health bright red light? The media has been more and more science and technology industry elite, academic Professor, medical doctor was busy working and die young news, alas. In fact, in addition to these famous people, more do not know how many people to work in urban public life and work overtime, leading to lack of sleep, physical strength and the pressure is too large, causing the "overwork" dead "(karoshi). Although everyone know that health is the essence of life, without health everything will be lost, but most people charge into the enemy ranks in the battlefield, but often put the health on the last line, so the death from overwork problem is becoming more and more serious in modern. "Overfatigue so-called death" is the Japanese word, saying, when people relatively young overwork death. The majority of death from overwork people often because of long-term high intensity of labor, overload, but the lack of rest, nutrition and exercise enough, cause lesions induced cardiac, vascular and cerebral vascular. From Japan's study, we can find that, long time work, night shift, lack of sleep, self expectations Gao Qie nervous, and almost no leisure habits of the people, is the most important risk in high-risk population. In fact, the body go wrong before, there will be more alert, but often overlooked. Now have a look the detection results (see below), your body is red? Some people may say, will be death from overwork people don't know how to take care of themselves, and that he is a nine to five ordinary workers, although earn is not much, but also happy to leisure, work pressure, time, time to go to work on time, so "death from overwork" did not threaten him. But the full health based view, I have to warn, because modern people's health warning, not just the death from overwork. Three, modernPeople really live longer, happier? Modern people are more and more long, from the news reports, we found that the average people live longer, one hundred and fifty years ago, the average life expectancy of America white at about the age of forty, to two hundred five years, it has already reached seventy-seven point eight years of age. According to the Department of health released data, the average life expectancy of seven years for two hundred Taiwanese has reached seventy-eight point two five years old, seventy-five point one male, eighty-one point nine female; and according to the statistics, one nine, the average life expectancy of six years in Taiwan men and women were twenty-eight and twenty-nine years old. In more than 100 years, the average human life span has made great progress, but it is said that modern people are less likely to be old? In fact, is not so simple, because we have to from the "life expectancy" (Life Expectancy) concept to analysis. The average life expectancy of the so-called, expressed in different age groups, the expected future survival time. For example, "life expectancy" hundred years old, is the child born, he is expected to survive the average number of years, this also is equivalent to our general said the average life; and "the sixty year old life expectancy", it is a person lived sixty years later, estimates can be several years to survive the. To American white men as an example, one hundred and fifty years ago, life expectancy in white is about forty years old, to two hundred three years is seventy-five years old; but if the average life expectancy of various ages, we can find that one hundred and fifty years ago was seventy years old, the average can live for ten years; but in the two hundred three years, a seventy year old man, you can then live about thirteen point five years. One hundred and fifty years ago is the ten, after one hundred and fifty years is thirteen point five, indicating that the past one hundred and fifty years, in the life of human effort, the greatest achievement lies in reducing the number of infant and child mortality, but for aging after whether can live much longer, with several years increased, it seems not help. Therefore, modern medicine has given, the human infant mortality has declined dramatically, but we can reduce the number of probability at a young age because of illness or injury and death, there are more and more people are able to survive must face long-term aging and chronic disease age. Chronic disease and aging problems in modern society, there are more and more people will become old, but when we have become old, and life on the aging itself continues, but no more than a hundred years ago people more clever. In other words, there are more and more people, must endure aging or chronic disease caused by torture. Two hundred five years, American at cause of death is still dominated by cardiovascular diseases, malignant tumor, cerebrovascular disease, chronic lower respiratory diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease (Alzheimer's disease) also play an important role. The same ten major causes of death in Taiwan for seven years two hundred and two hundred six years, which is still the most malignant tumors accounted for twenty-eight point nine percent; followed by heart disease and cerebrovascular disease, accounted for nine point three percent and nine point two percent. No matter from the USA is Taiwan's leading cause of death, we can find a fact, that is before death, most patients have these diseases together for quite a long period of time. According to statistics, Taiwan forty years old adult, for every one hundred people, about twenty-five people have high blood pressure, for every one hundred people, about ten people have diabetes, even prior to the onset of malignant tumors, have lie dormant in the body for a long time. In addition to these may eventually fatal diseases, modern people have to suffer from chronic arthritis, chronic back pain, neck and shoulder stiffness and pain, headache, weakness, chronic gastrointestinal diseases, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, social atrophy suffered non fatal disease. According to statistics WHO, modern people about seventy-five percent of sub-health state, another twenty percent people have the disease, thus, a truly healthy people only about five percent. Annoying modern bones as the shadow follows the form not only face the problems human aging and chronic disease threats, aching muscles is also quite common. I often hear people shouting back stiff back pain, joint weakness, seem to be some minor ailments, but these annoying little problems, but greatly affected the daily life quality. The skeletal muscle joint system of human body, every day to keep faithful and true to support our body structure, on the one hand to defy gravity, hand also provide we idle away in seeking pleasure after the kinetic run jump touch, can be said that the burden is quite heavy. From clinical experience, and issue more than more than 3/4, and the habits of everyday life. With modern office workers for example, most people are at their desks busy all day. The ancients said "rid yourself of all your daily cares", meaning that sit at a desk all day by the brain's hard work. In this age of information explosion, many people working on the computer almost become indispensable partners, but also increase the body burden. Long time using computer, hand injury and brain injury by computer are long time head work, work with quiet hard application, even One's pupils do not turn., concentrate one's attention on, plus the job pressure, often will be the direct result of the shoulder and neck burden. Like long-term tight muscle fascia in addition because of fatigue and pain, cause local blood circulation, let a person feel tingling pain, activity limitation; at the same time will have a joint stiffness, neck rotation rattled up. But the work is not just the shoulder and neck pain, they will transfer to the brain or even on both sides of the temple of the temple, as well as the forehead, the head seemed to be hooped, this phenomenon has a very close relationship with "tension headache". You know, if this situation does not improve, then will lead to degeneration and cervical neck intervertebral disc, the arrangement on the dislocation slip or spur; serious when still can nerve compression structure, the upper limb nerve conduction of pain, paralysis, muscle weakness and atrophy. It sounds terrible! But this series of body physique and nerve changes, may be ignored for a long time when the action that are accumulated. Moreover, besides the mentioned problems, the same, posture, symptoms may also extend to the upper back, including both sides below the shoulder bone, muscle and between the shoulder blades, and become a chronic problem. Because human scapula scapula muscle between the supports stable on both sides and the activities of the function, therefore, a long timeThe fatigue can be on tenterhooks, significantly affect the ability to work. The pain is in the Chinese main and collateral channels on the bladder "gaohuang acupuncture point" in the vicinity, so often people called "gaohuang pain", this and Western chiropractic Science said "the fourth thoracic vertebrae syndrome" is also consistent with the. The posture is not correct, just a pile of don't think that's the end of the story, in fact long time fixed position work, especially the posture is not correct or oblique, still can make the activity of shoulder joint -- joint capsule contraction, decreased muscle endurance decreased, and the joint synovial bursa continue to produce inflammation or adhesion, causing shoulder joint pain and movement disorder, especially often leads to spin and spin difficult -- it with traditional said "Fifty shoulder" symptoms are similar, but age layer is decreasing in, more and more young. In addition, the work is not limited to the neck and shoulder pain, may also occur in the elbow, resulting in external humeral epicondylitis, commonly known as the so-called "tennis elbow". Tennis elbow often appear at tennis when force is applied improperly, similar to other sports such as badminton, table tennis also occurs, and the housewife washing pots, the window also occurs. In addition, the long-term use of the computer, the mouse people are often suffer from the disease, so many people will also have this problem called "computer elbow" or "mouse elbow", is often the most common computer engineers and computer graphics. Caused by the use of computer elbow pain, sometimes also can appear in the hands of the medial (the so-called "golf elbow"), or of two tendon elbow pocket near the attachment. This kind of pain may also be because of repeated muscle tension, and appear in the forearm muscles. Long time in the wrist force and dorsiflexion state, it may cause the wrist to the transverse carpal ligament thickening, compression of the median nerve, resulting in the palm, finger numbness and weakness, this is a common "carpal tunnel syndrome". If the pressure is concentrated in the tendon, it may cause the thumb tendonitis, because often occur in young mothers, and was known as the "mother hand". If have finger flexor side tendon sheath inflammation, cause not free to flex, even stuck and sound, is the formation of the so-called "trigger finger.". From the above a series of bones habits, we can find that the long time, those who work in the office, if plus the computer for a long time, so he could face from neck to tension headaches, shoulder joint movement disorder, elbow, wrist, finger tendon problems, but to the cervical spine degeneration and protrusion of cervical intervertebral disc, cervical neuropathy, peripheral nerve and upper limb, are likely to follow. In addition to the office of a friend, long time surfing the Internet, love online games, the college entrance examination for senior high school entrance examination or the young students...... Have similar symptoms. Now many children like to play computer games, usually the parents will often be limited, but in the winter and summer vacations is "open", cause cold summer vacation a bunch of children shoulder elbow pain, ask under just see light suddenly -- before children summer vacation often play injury, children today summer is easy to "playing electric injury". Long time poor posture, and also ache in addition, usually long time use of computer office workers or students, Internet cafes and hurt not only stop at the upper part of the body, even the lower body also bear considerable pressure. Long time sedentary often cause lower back pressure increase, abdominal muscle relaxation, lower back muscle fasciitis occurred due to lower back pain. Disease often can cause lumbar intervertebral disc degeneration, lumbar stenosis degenerative spondylitis, serious when nerve compression or sciatica. In addition, the lack of adequate movement will make the degenerative muscular weakness, if long time sedentary, often in excessive bending knee position, kneecap (patella) and below the thigh bone (femur) between the pressure will increase, resulting in knee joint even without doing heavy work conditions, may also be an early degradation. Sitting up knee pain was the first symptom, move it better; when the disease, pain is worse. In addition to the bones problems, long time sedentary also makes the gastrointestinal peristalsis less slowly, like many young people suffering from constipation is bitter; reports have even pointed out, after sitting for a long time and lack of exercise, will lead to gastroesophageal reflux disease increases, causing chest tightness, chest fever, chronic cough and chronic sore throat problems. In addition, long time sedentary and also cause the lower limb blood circulation bad. There have been reported cases adolescent sedentary long time Internet cafes, resulting in lower limb cellulitis. Lack of activities at the same time, can cause the body metabolism rate. I remember years ago winter very cold, just to see the young people in several cases of teenage because sedentary online, and cause frostbite finger, toe, which is rare in the past phenomenon. Apart from work, daily living habits is also a problem closely related to and bones. For example, likes to sleep on the sofa, lying to read a book, watch TV people, should pay special attention to the shoulder and neck injuries; soft sofa sitting or reclining in a chair person, is to pay attention to the waist; love to wear high heels fashion, often appear the heel inflammation and lower back pain. Because of wearing high heels, as if walking on the downhill road, the center of gravity of the body is forced to move, but the excessive waist very after come back, in order to maintain the balance of the body. Thus, the radian increased, improve lumbar hip, chest, although can obtain a high visual effect, but the lower back can be hard. In time, the spine will bear too much burden, and because the foot pressure, cause crus muscle shortening, come down for a long time, calf and Achilles squeeze, caused by chronic tendinitis. If you add love to wear shoes with pointed toes, also easy to cause the hallux valgus deformation, resulting in pain and difficulty walking. In addition, too hard to safety work shoes, may increase the plantar pressure, causing inflammation and metatarsal plantar fasciitis. Therefore, when we are faced with various bone diseases, thinking life bit by bit may be caused by factors of physical discomfort, is a very important step. Only in this way, it can be a fundamental solution, from the fundamental solution to the problem, on one hand, accelerated the recovery of health, on one hand can prevent the same story again. Four, exercise, keep healthy fountain of youth aged since it is a natural phenomenon of irresistible, chronic disease again in the side look at fiercely as a tiger does threat to us, aching muscles and modern "stay", in order to get rid of the pain of entanglement, more and more people pay attention to "health", in the hope that after the age of grew still healthy, happy, happyQuality of life. In recent years, whether it is medicine, sports experts, nutrition professionals, have proposed health related theories or methods, hoping to help people live healthier, these methods such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like emerge, even a GIDDY UP, don't believe what a good. I think the disease prevention should be more than drug treatment, the disease is to prevent trouble before it happens before the formation, but also what the ancients called "on the doctors before illness", before the disease has not yet produced, would be to eliminate the invisible, it is the fundamental way to health. The report USA index 1996 centers for disease control points out, more than sixty percent of adults are not reach the recommended medicine physical activity, and even twenty-five percent of them hardly activities. And American every year more than two hundred and fifty thousand deaths related to lack of regular physical activity, health threats such as activity caused by insufficient, known as the "sedentary death syndrome" (Sedentary Death Syndrome) (Frank Booth, 2001). Visible body if not enough, it is easy to state. A survey and a growing number of medical studies confirm, regular physical activity and good living habits can prevent the premature deaths (premature death) and unnecessary illness and disability. For the majority of people who do not exercise, moderate physical activity (moderate physical activity) can achieve the health promoting benefits; to have moderate physical activity of people, if can add some amount of exercise, can further obtain health benefits. You know, the amount of physical activity more people live longer than people who do not exercise much, even if you get started late in life movement, also can get very good results. People often say that older to have "capital", "wife", "old friends", but do not forget the "one ring the old health" is also very important. Want to old to health, do not rely on elixir, but when you can, whether can properly prepare. Why would I say, motion as the forgotten the fountain of youth? We can simply from the physiological point of view this problem two. The kinematic hardening strain the external from the evolutionary point of view, we can find that requires an organism structure, almost all depend on the survival and life of humanity, of course no exception. Although in two million years ago, human beings may be due to the brain structure produced a breakthrough development, thus gradually part company each going his own way and other animal in evolution, but until a hundred years ago, physical strength is still in the history plays a decisive key, both in productivity and the ability of war. Therefore, we can say that the human body in order to achieve the "activities" purposes, rather than for the "rest". Therefore, in the process of movement, the human brain, cerebellum, applied to the nerve, spinal cord, to skeletal muscle joint system, as well as the surrounding feedback control system. At the same time, motion energy required is through the heart and lung vascular system, digestive system, endocrine system to provide. Therefore, we should always accept human exercise load different challenges, in order to maintain the best functional status. When we exercise, the body of nerve, endocrine, heart and lung, skeletal and muscular systems, will remain in the most active, the most vigorous stage, let us foreign while maintaining the high degree of flexibility, it is the basic ability of human survival, but the modern people gradually ignored. So, the movement was not cause physical burden, but is too little or lack of exercise, has become our distress. For example, many people have had a similar experience, if the body has been a long time did not move, but because be prompted by a sudden impulse suddenly go hiking or running, the result is sore for days. If after proper rest and then engaged in the same activities, the body will gradually adapt to, and will be also more light energy, physical fitness also progress; but if it is interrupted, and the long time does not move, then the next go mountain climbing or running, the same situation will repeat itself. Therefore, regular and persevere movement, good for the body, far more than the occasional be prompted by a sudden impulse movement. Sports challenge inherent balance organism body homeostatic maintenance, is the basic condition for the whole organism function to play, which can be used as is a lot of biological control system (Biological Control System) complete the joint efforts. Both disorders which system, interfere with the body's balance system stability. Such as diabetes, is because the human body in high in carbohydrates, the body can not release the amount of insulin, glucose can not be successfully delivered to the cells of the body, caused by high blood glucose value. When the body begins to move, we began to challenge the balance in the body. Intense exercise causes the release of oxygen demand and carbon dioxide in the muscles are greatly increased, in order to cope with this change, the body must be a substantial increase in frequency and depth of breathing, to improve ventilation of the lung. Then we will heartbeat, strengthen, increase blood circulation, and make the muscle vasodilatation, increase the oxygen supply is transported to the muscles, and will produce waste (carbon dioxide) rapidly. In addition, our body temperature will increase, the system now is to regulate body temperature fast action. Exercise also intense skeletal muscle to produce lactic acid, so that increased intracellular acidity, acid-base balance disturbance in the body. At the same time, there are blood pressure adjustment, sugar and carbohydrate distribution and conversion, the endocrine system, and is nervous, skeletal muscle joint system adaptation etc.. Need to know in order to adapt to the thirty minutes of aerobic exercise, the respiratory rate will be increased to three times the resting, amount of air in the lungs is about twenty times, heart rate is two to three times, and the cardiac output is four to six times, the oxygen consumption reached ten times the resting muscle when our body is to cope with the situation, so busy! Strictly speaking, want in high intensity and long time exercise, maintain body balance is impossible, so the body will produce fatigue phenomenon, will eventually stop motion, through the appropriate time, the internal balance of human body to be able to re-establish. By moving such challenge, the internal balance of our body will be repeatedlyBy training and correction, so that we can meet the daily needs, also has a "spare capacity" to deal with the emergency, and increase the stability of the equilibrium of the system. With this capability, we will keep the body in health status. From the physiological point of view, we can understand the movement in health maintenance, is the key to the indispensable. Exercise what benefits? Many people are doing sports, mostly because exercise can improve personal appearance, let the body feel comfortable, feel the interest of sports, even with social and interpersonal function. Of course, health is another very important reason. But the benefits of exercise has many kinds, in order to let you pay attention to the importance of exercise, I generally summarizes the list several key. Although here earnestly preaching the benefits of exercise, but many people still believe that there are many excuses, excuses for their own do not exercise, or think that they have been in motion, but the result is not the wrong one pile. So the next chapter, I will talk about, why don't you go? Believe that you read in the next chapter, will begin to challenge the new minimalist movement!

Health is the most complete book without risk investment, as the global financial tsunami, the investor is suffered huge losses, while the common people are suffering more life unemployment recession brought about difficulties. But according to media reports, in this life, rich red times, achieve success and win recognition is no longer the people aspirations, "safety and health", has become the first wish to most people. This surprising? Not at all, it is the people in the busy fall after the real heart reflection. Yes! Safety and health is how valuable ah! Without it, everything will fall down in value; but this hope is so ordinary, so we tend to overlook the necessity of it. How much investment is full of "risk", so the wind; eternal investment and health is the no risk, investment in health, you have every chance. In the book "the minimalist movement therapy", hoped that can let you healthy every day accumulated a little investment, such investment is only a little time and perseverance. In order to meet the modern people busy and play small is big, we will form of movement was simplified, hope everyone have the ability to engage in some degree of effort. However, such a simple action, how I wish it could play a certain effect? This requires each action will be as far as possible correctly, can we grasp the "strength training", "flexibility", "the function of heart and lung", "balance of power" and "visceral" the five health basic elements, and practice "breathing", into the "rhythm" and "visualize" ability, can the human body self repair, self healing and self strong efficacy developed. Hope that "one door minimalist movement therapy" can help more people to open the self health investment, not too much, not reluctantly, every day as long as every little bit, the power of time will your efforts into the source of health, make you look back on life feel warm and satisfying, let oneself really practice for healthy living reaffirms the value of life, and. The contents of the book only express personal views and suggestions on some kind of angle, if there are omissions and incomplete, pray that the improvement of their advanced predecessors. The pursuit of health, is the eternal human dream; present sunshine to a king, the book is a small step in.
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