• The complete guide to fitness equipment

    "I am the private coach" to provide fitness equipment training plan, the world's most outstanding champion deduction, gold course! The gym 36 Catch-22, detailed teaching solution modern fitness knowledge and gym equipment usage, 30 minute self forging operation, simple to learn, step by step fitness plan, 100% muscles,

  • Tibet relaxation

    "Tibet release: 58 amnesty enjoy beautiful now" content brief introduction: Tibet originated in the Seamm Jasani -- 扎沙尼 SA Wu, the meaning is "through the smooth movement of great wisdom and art" -- gentle, strong, elegant, natural, inexhaustible, but the myriads of changes and consistent,

  • The minimalist movement therapy to swim 敬伦 physician

    "Minimalism" swim exercise therapy 敬伦 physician content abstract: Traditional Chinese medical doctor visit 敬伦 physician, long-term exposure to a lot of back muscle weakness in patients, that lack of exercise caused by illness, reason can also understand the modern people do not exercise. He combines modern department of orthopedics, rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine and Oriental health wisdom,

  • Wiseman Survival Handbook 2

    Related manuals, this book is a very practical self-help body-building training manuals, content involves the strength, endurance, agility, nutrient uptake, psychological endurance, self defence. A complete scientific training plans listed in the book, through a set of training program, starting from the three meals a day, meet the daily body purpose. In this book, in primary,

  • Schwarzenegger fitness book

    "Schwarzenegger book" contains all the knowledge of fitness exercise all aspects, from the basic theory, fitness, training analysis on various factors for the various stages of the training program, to analyze, to various parts of the body a variety of exercises in detail and improve the body weak regional recommendations, and finally a,

  • Exercise is better than a good prescription

    Aerobic exercise for six weeks practical handbook, "exercise is better than a good prescription: aerobic exercise for six weeks practical manual" content brief introduction: whether you are white-collar workers or entrepreneurs, or old people, as long as you are working walking, stress and negative mood every hour and moment not tangled and sneak attack you. May, today, you still in the trouble for the pressure,

  • Strength exercise

    "Introduction" strength exercise content: This is a day to exercise power standard! You can through regular exercise, weight control, strong start to know the best way to fitness. "Morning" power with tells you how to according to the best effect of level and duration of physical adequacy adjust your morning. Power.

  • Metrosexual man "

    I type my plastic, Perfect Shape Body Building, this book describes the dumbbell, barbell, hand movement, not by the time limit of field resistance of DIY motion, sculpture BODY perfect curve, easy practice charm muscle 6. 5 minutes to be full of go, strong sunlight sports beauty metrosexual man! Strength and beauty of the fine arts, Mr. personally demonstration, the perfect solution,

  • Fitness first bone health

    "Fitness to health of bone." content: in recent years, scapulohumeral periarthritis, cervical vertebra disease, osteoporosis and other bone diseases so that more and more people suffer. Perhaps people are not aware of, is the usual mode of bad habits and behavior in life, eventually leading to his ailing. The bones are the backbone of the body,,

  • Office workers, the health point

    "Workers, health points" tells the story: always feel tired, poor quality of sleep, neck shoulder waist leg pain; young have fatty liver, hypertension...... Many workers have problems, but also know the importance of exercise, however, too many reasons to prevent workers fitness steps -- "too busy, no,

  • Cardiovascular exercise

    "Introduction to morning exercises series 3: cardiovascular exercise" content: This is a suitable for cardiovascular exercise every morning schedule! You know, in the morning exercise is regular exercise, weight control and let the best way to one day be full of go. "Cardiovascular exercise" teach you how to make the morning routine movement,

  • 8 minutes have Wang word.

    "Han bamboo • health loving home series: 8 minute ABS" tells the story of King word trained men can't have looks no abdominal muscle! In order to improve the body curve, ABS lines, light by dead weight training is not enough, the reasonable diet, aerobic training and regular abdominal training. The three harmonious combination, you can,

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