• Throw the helve after the hatchet

    "Throw the helve after the hatchet: Modern Sports Anti Doping struggle (for use of doping in sport and Anti Doping Policy)" content brief introduction: against doping in sport is the struggle of belonging to each player battle. Thinking of the dignity, human virtues and fair competition not for the Olympic games,

  • Guide for testing and exercise ACSM exercise prescription

    "ACSM guidelines for exercise testing and exercise prescription (Eighth Edition)" the reader will find the improvement the following four points: describe less; reference less; have more tables, columns and illustrations; it with "ACSM exercise testing and exercise prescription guidelines manual", "resource A (CSM clinical exercise physiology hand,

  • Bee needle therapy

    "Bee needle therapy" is composed of three parts. The basis for the article, introduces the characteristic species, bee stings, some studies on bee needle at present, treatment methods, bee needle acupoint prescription principle, and expatiates the allergic reaction, bee needle control methods, matters needing attention. The classification, commonly used acupoints lord,

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