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Date of publication:2010-5   Press: Peking Union Medical College press   Author:By Chen Siyi   Pages´╝Ü157  

"A smile to tobacco farewell" is funded by the Beijing Union Medical College School of global tobacco control research institute China center, new research centre for health development is responsible for planning a propaganda smoking comics. The editor has collected more than half a century, Chinese 100 pictures that smoking is hazardous to health, smoking habits at comic book, many of them from the famous cartoonist hand, for example, Mr. Zhang Leping in early 1946 as "The atmosphere was foul.", highlights the dangers of second-hand smoke on others; Hua Jun Wu's "mother Meng four moved" and "two no matter", reveals the adolescent smoking environment; "science hero" of Mr. Ding Cong, show the adverse effects of smoking in the movies and TV shows for teenagers; and satire Chinese tobacco enterprises against the "Framework Convention on tobacco control" of the "dot, dot" and "Fox: my protection you", etc.. The famous essayist Mr. Chen Siyi presided at the comic book collection and selection and editing, and for each comic with a profound explanation. The harm we use various forms including cartoons, to reveal the smoking, because smoking control Chinese facing a very grim situation. Since 50's of the twentieth Century, the global scope has a large number of scientific research confirms, smoking and passive smoking is a risk factor including cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease and other 20 kinds of diseases. The whole world has clearly recognized, tobacco use is the largest cause of preventable deaths in the world. Health hazards to effectively curb tobacco, WHO led the "Framework Convention on tobacco control", and has come into force in 168 countries. Since January 9, 2006, the Convention on the China effect.

The concentration of the comic, the time span of over 60 years, the famous old generation cartoonists, also have young cartoonists, covering all aspects of tobacco control, regardless of the harm of smoking of smokers complaint, or humorous advice, regardless of official corruption and not as cruel whips, or to the tobacco industry is exposed and satirized, Miao Wei wei. Shaw, hit the mark, with a distinctive position, profound philosophy and rich language of painting. These cartoons, some send people a kind advice, and some to give a blow and a shout, some are encouraging tobacco control force along the official accusation; with essays concise, and painting complement each other, each having the effect that make the finishing point.
Catalogue of books

A, primer two, hundred years tobacco The atmosphere was foul. office new story, the harm tobacco smoking three essential "girl a heap of grass, no" Untitled Meng four moved "save me, Daddy" consultation forecast: cloudy...... Chien yin...... The heavy rain Dong Gun sounds doctor: fetal cough...... Makeup look root in the picture "secondhand smoke, harmless" four smoke or not absorbing choice who walked in the suction air to fulminate with anger meeting who persist in one's old ways is not good scenery line ring a crossfire five, banning smoking in public places (a set of) a few people fun few melancholy deep know surrounded her rights where I don't smoke......
Chapter excerpt

Tobacco into China, only three hundred years, but today, smokers have 300000000 people, a "dominate all life, unify the whole country". Tobacco is also fully satisfied or contented, aspiring, not to hate China become forever "tobacco kingdom". However, when, the boom bust. Along with the people to deepen understanding of the harm of tobacco, and smoking is a cause for concern, as the voices of tobacco control is more and more high. Today, tobacco control has become a worldwide trend, go forward with great strength and vigour, can't be held back. Cartoons also such as essays, is the attack and defense limbs, the neural induction. Smoking history of comics, is a part of the harm of smoking cognition history, with its unique comic humor, harm of smoking and smoking is revealed, necessary, ridiculous and futile for tobacco defense, leading people to smile to tobacco farewell. A song "song" stop smoking, may be the earliest today to see the smoking propaganda, to the beginning of 1912 published by the commercial press "set" of national singing.
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101 pieces of comic, from the hands of everyone, nearly a hundred essays also is the work of a master. In 60 years time span, interpretation of the fate of tobacco in the Chinese: popular, obsession, harming, dependence, ignorance, awakening, struggle, helpless...... In the scientific guidance, China usher in a smile to bid farewell to the era of tobacco!
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